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Introverts career direction: Why these 16 jobs are not for you

Introverts Career Direction: Why These 16 Jobs Are Not For You

What are the worst jobs for introverts to avoid? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips right below.

Does “faking it until you make it” sound right to you, introverts? Of course you can do everything extroverts do, but is it worth forcing yourself to be another person? If we are on the same page, BestLifeTips will reveal a list of the worst jobs for introverts right below. So you can make peace with yourself in choosing a career path.

What is an introverted person like?

In the 1920s, psychologist Carl Jung described these two personality extremes. Introverts and extraverts can be distinguished depending on how they recover energy, he noted. (The term “extrovert” is now more widely used than “extravert.”) Introverts, according to his basic description, prefer low-stimulation surroundings and require alone time to recharge. Extroverts get their energy from being around other people.

What is an introverted person like

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However, we now understand that these personality traits are not binary. Introverts might have extroverted traits in their personalities, such as a desire to act on stage or arrange parties. Extroverts may want a little more privacy now and then, and prefer to work alone when they need to concentrate.

Here are signs that you have personality traits of an introvert.

  • It takes your energy to be around a lot of people.

Do you ever feel drained after socializing with a large group of people? Do you need to retire to a quiet spot and have a long period of time to yourself after a day of engaging with others? Introverts must expend energy in social circumstances, whereas extroverts receive energy from such encounters, which is one of the key characteristics of this personality type.

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What is an introverted person like

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Many introverts love being in the companionship of others, with one important caveat: introverts prefer the company of close friends. While an extrovert may attend a party in order to meet new people, an introvert prefers to spend quality time with old ones.

  • You have a small group of close friends

The idea that introverts don’t like others is a frequent misperception. While introverts dislike large groups of people, they do like having a small circle of friends with whom they are extremely close. Introverts prefer deep, long-term relationships characterised by a great deal of closeness and intimacy over having a vast social circle of people they only know on a superficial basis. So if your social circle is small but close, you are most likely an introvert.

  • People think that you are cold at the beginning.

Introverts are often misunderstood as shy because they are quiet, restrained, and mellow.

People should not confuse an introvert’s reserve for shyness, even though some introverts are shy. People with this personality type often prefer to choose their words carefully rather than waste time or energy on unnecessary chit-chat.

  • You understand deeply about yourself

Introverts are inward-looking people who spend a lot of time reflecting on their own internal experiences. You might be more of an introvert if you feel that you have a solid understanding and insight into yourself, your motivations, and your feelings.

Introverts like merely contemplating and analysing things in their heads. Introverts value self-awareness and self-understanding, thus they often invest a significant amount of effort in learning more about themselves. This could include things like engaging in hobbies they enjoy, reflecting on their lives, and reading books about themes and issues that are significant to them.

  • You prefer working independently.

Jobs that demand a lot of social interaction, as you might expect, don’t appeal to people who are quite introverted. Introverts, on the other hand, often prefer careers that require them to work independently. Working as a writer, accountant, computer programmer, graphic designer, pharmacist, or artist, for example, is a good fit for an introvert.

worst jobs for introverts 2 scaled

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  • You appreciate solitude.

As an introvert, a quiet afternoon to yourself to enjoy your hobbies and interests is your notion of a good time.

A few hours alone with a good book, a tranquil nature stroll, or your favorite television show are all excellent methods to re-energize yourself.

This isn’t to say that the typical introvert prefers to be alone all of the time. Many introverts enjoy social situations where they can spend time with friends and engage with individuals they know. The important thing to remember is that an introvert will want to go to a quiet location to think, reflect, and recuperate after a long day of social activity.

What are the worst jobs for introverts?

It’s a wise move to get to know what is not meant to you beforehand. Here are the worst careers for introverts that will drain you mentally, emotionally and or physically.

Sales executive

For many introverts, working in sales is extremely challenging. Selling is all about talking to people and persuading them that they need whatever it is you’re selling. You must greet your potential customers with warmth and friendliness, and you may be required to engage in a lot of small conversation.

Some salespeople are required to make presentations as well. Someone selling productivity software, for example, may be required to deliver a presentation to the company’s leaders to demonstrate the benefits of the new program over what they now use.

Event planner

Event planners are to organize and arranging a variety of events. They must connect with multiple service suppliers to ensure that the big event goes smoothly.

worst jobs for introverts 3 scaled

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You need to be involved in different parts and different related department for a wedding party. For example, hire photographers, purchase flower arrangements, offer recommendations for renting or purchasing dresses and tuxedos, and book wedding and celebration venues are some of the tasks.

Front desk receptionist

Receptionists at the front desk have a challenging job. Their main responsibility is to communicate and respond to questions. Throughout the day, they must answer the phone and transfer calls to the right individual. They also have to deal with customers face to face.

worst jobs for introverts 5 scaled

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Customer service representative

Customer service representatives are in charge of dealing with a variety of difficulties that customers may have with a company’s service or product. Most customer service professionals work in call centers, where they are sometimes required to answer multiple calls at once throughout the day. It’s not unusual for someone working in this field to handle dozens of calls in a single shift.

Work in customer service is typically high stress. When handling challenging customer service calls, many companies may need you to perform additional activities, such as trying to sell additional products or services that clients may not desire.


Bartenders typically work during the day, evenings, and nights. They may also be required to work weekends and holidays because these are when more people attend bars.

Being a bartender necessitates a thorough understanding of various beverages and how they are prepared. As a result, it may be important to enroll in a bartending school to learn everything there is to know about the industry and to hone your abilities.

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators must communicate with a wide range of stakeholders on a regular basis, including the marketing management team, employees, clients, and suppliers. That’s a lot of talking to strangers!

This position, like many others in marketing, requires you to attend several meetings, make presentations, and collaborate with a large team to plan and implement marketing strategies.

Healthcare Worker

To guarantee good patient care, healthcare staff must communicate with not only patients but also other nurses, doctors, and medical specialists.

worst jobs for introverts 6 scaled

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Because healthcare personnel are responsible for supporting patients and ensuring that their needs are met, they should have great interpersonal skills. Healthcare employees are frequently required to operate in a fast-paced setting while juggling the requirements of several people at the same time. All of these simultaneous encounters might be exhausting for introverts.

Real Estate Agent

Because of the amount of small talk and sales calls required, real estate agent is one of the worst careers for introverts. To land potential clients, you need to be a superb socializer every time you meet them. Even if the house is falling apart, you must use salesman like language and charm in order to sell it.

Another aspect of this job is acting as a middleman between buyers and sellers. You’ll have to strike some difficult bargains while also making sure you don’t enrage anyone to the point of losing their business permanently.


The primary responsibilities of mediators are to resolve conflict outside of the courts, if possible, and to get both sides to cooperate. For all of these conversations and meetings, you’ll need not only conflict resolution skills but also solid interpersonal skills. You’re basically walking a tightrope, which puts a lot of strain on you.

Introverts should avoid this career because it is entirely dependent on your abilities to negotiate and handle difficult social circumstances. Introverts who prefer a more tranquil, isolated work environment may experience burnout as a result of this. As a result, I’d pass on this one.

Taxi Driver

It’s not easy being a cab driver. You are required to know many of the sights, restaurants, and other things in the vicinity, in addition to knowing every street and location in the city or town you serve. Some customers may ask for restaurant recommendations or activity suggestions.

worst jobs for introverts 7 scaled

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To work as a taxi driver, you must be a good driver with a clean driving record, converse well, have a strong memory, and be knowledgeable about the city in which you live. It’s a difficult job that not everyone is suited for.


Being a manager or team leader is not a good choice for introverts because they must communicate frequently with employees, clients, and other members of their companies.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists massage the soft tissues of the body to relieve pain or promote overall relaxation. To work as a massage therapist, you must complete a massage therapy education program and get licensure from the state in which you desire to practice.

Because you must communicate with clients, massage therapy is not a good fit for introverts. You may be asked to direct them during massages, as well as engage in small talk.

Human Resources

To be an excellent HR employee, you must have a passion for people and the capacity to form deep bonds with numerous employees. After all, you’re their go-to person for any questions or concerns they have, whether they’re about the firm or a coworker.

HR departments are extremely important to businesses and employees, and as a result, they have a hard job with a high workload and the need to multitask well.


The majority of teachers interact with their students on a daily basis. They create and deliver lesson plans, mark homework, and evaluate the development of their pupils. Teachers must also attend teacher meetings with other members of the staff, and they may be required to meet with parents on occasion.

worst jobs for introverts 8 scaled

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Bank Teller

Bank teller need to work with customers all day long. Some bank tellers interact with customers one-on-one, while others assist customers through the bank’s drive-through. Small bank tellers may be required to handle both, rotating back and forth between walk-in and drive-through customers.


Working as a counselor is another profession that is probably not the ideal fit for introverts. Counselors talk to people about their concerns and assist them in working through various situations.

Counselors must be excellent communicators as well. They must be able to recognize and analyze problems as they develop, as well as provide effective ways to assist people in dealing with their issues.

What are the best jobs for introverts?

On the flip side, what are the best choices for introverts in career? These jobs enable more independence and one-on-one interaction in the workplace. People who are good at listening and addressing problems are more likely to succeed in these types of jobs. Let’s find out right below.


  • Auditor
  • Actuary
  • Accounting Manager

Content and Creatives

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Writer/Technical Writer
  • Content Manager
  • Filmaker
  • Artist
  • Photographer


  • IT manager
  • Software engineer


  • Landscape Designer
  • Mechanic
  • Researcher/Scientist
  • Translator
  • Veterinarian


  • Librarian
  • B2B Sales
  • Chef
  • Archivist
  • Paralegal or Lawyer

How to avoid the worst jobs for introverts

Introverts probably have some traits of extroverts and vice versa. To avoid the worst jobs for introverts, you might need to identify your personalities and choose the right career for yourself.

How to avoid the worst jobs for introverts

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There are plenty of opportunities for introvert to work from home, self-publishing, SEO calls for quality SEO writing and well-done ads.

Several big brands need employee that can take remote jobs. You might be a potential candidate and work from home without socializing.

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Choosing a career is a significant step in one’s life. It’s not something you want to make a mistake with. If you choose the correct career for your personality, you can enjoy more job satisfaction and happiness in your life. Some of the worst jobs for introverts above are just for your reference. No one can tell what you can or cannot do except yourself. So find what you really love to do and give everything a chance. Return BestLifeTips more often as we will get back with more personal growth tips.