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Power of charisma: This is what you desire for
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Power Of Charisma: This Is What You Desire For

Nowadays, charismatic people tend to have more advantages in their job and their daily life. They attract other people’s attention. So what is charisma? And why is charisma attractive? Follow BestLifeTips to find out the answer.

Charisma is the unique property of someone who possesses a charm and is irresistibly attractive to others. The question is why is charisma attractive? Follow BestLifeTips to have a deeper look at charisma.

What is charisma?

The word charisma refers to a rare trait found in certain human personalities, usually including extreme charm and a magnetic quality of personality or appearance, along with innate and powerfully sophisticated personal communicability and persuasiveness. In short, charisma is often used to describe a seemingly uncanny ability to charm or influence people.

Charisma is the quality of being able to attract, charm and influence people around you. It is easy to identify when someone is charismatic. However, it’s much harder to say exactly what skills or qualities those people have that other people lack.

There are different charismatic people. Some may be quieter. They may rely more on their charm than their words to influence others. Others are passionate communicators, sweeping everyone along with their enthusiasm.

Personal charisma

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Personal charisma is when someone has very high amounts of sophisticated social and emotional skill. This allows charismatic individuals to influence others on a deeper emotional level and form strong social bonds.

Here are the elements of personal charisma:

  • Emotional expressiveness: The ability to express one’s feelings both spontaneously and genuinely. This allows you to affect the mood and emotions of others. This is because of the ability to emotionally inspire or arouse by transmitting their own emotional states.
  • Emotional sensitivity: This is the ability to read and decode to other’s non-verbal communication. This skill is necessary to create strong emotional bonds with others by responding to their emotional state.
  • Emotional control: The ability to regulate their emotional displays. This is a key ability of charismatic individuals.
  • Social control: This can be seen as high-level role playing. The ability to fit in and connect with all sorts of people is a key ability of charismatic people. Persons skilled in social control have the ability to play various social roles and can easily take a particular stance or orientation in a discussion. They can adjust their personal behavior to fit what they consider being appropriate in any given social situation.
  • Social expressiveness: Verbal communication skill is key to engage others in social interaction. Charismatic people are skilled in public speaking.
  • Social sensitivity: How to read and interpret social situations and how to listen to others is an important ability to create social and emotional bonds.

Charismatic personality

4 Zodiac signs that have a powerful and charismatic personality

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What is a charismatic personality?

Charismatic personality is a certain quality of an individual personality by virtue of which he/she is set apart from ordinary men/women. It’s considered as specifically exceptional powers or qualities.

Tips to have a charismatic personality

  • Have boundless energy: Charismatic people keep themselves in great shape and exude exceptional energy when entering a room.
  • Have goals and vision: Charismatic people have goals. They have a clear vision and specific goals to achieve that vision. They plan their work and work their plan. They work every day to make their goals a reality.
  • Develop self-confidence: Charismatic people have an intense belief in themselves. They have an unshakeable belief in their ability to rise above circumstances. They let their dreams give them the power to face fear and uncertainty.
  • Be positive: Charismatic people are positive in outlook and co-operation. They tend to provide solutions and suggestions rather than objections or negativity.
  • Have fun: Charismatic people are fun to be around. Their enthusiasm for projects is contagious and rubs off on everyone.
  • Be proactive: Charismatic people take the lead. They assume direct responsibility for their own life and actions.
  • Become knowledgeable: Many charismatic people are avid readers. This enables them to stimulate the intellect of others and to start a good conversation and keep it going.

Charismatic leadership

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What is charismatic leadership?

Charismatic leadership is defined by a leader who uses his or her communication skills, persuasiveness, and charm to influence others. Charismatic leaders, given their ability to connect with people on a deep level, are especially valuable within organizations that are facing a crisis or are struggling to move forward.

Characteristics of charismatic leadership

  • Strong communicator: Charismatic leaders have extraordinary skills in communication. This helps to motivate employees through tough times and also helps them stay grounded when things are good.
  • Good listening skill: Charismatic leaders are extremely good listeners. When they listen to you, they don’t fidget or look distracted. A charismatic leader pays attention to what is being said and listens with interest. They are engaged in the conversation and act with empathy.
  • Confident: Charismatic leaders are truly confident. They are the glass half full kind of people, and are comfortable with who they are. They understand themselves well and do not try to be anyone else.
  • Optimistic: One of the first things that you’d notice about a charismatic leader is their warm, open, and positive body language. They make eye contact with were that they are talking to, smile, and introduce themselves to strangers with the genuine joy of making a new contact. They always have an optimistic outlook about their life as well as their work.
  • Engaging and charming: Charismatic leadership keep themselves in great shape and exude exceptional energy when entering a room. They have a natural charming that attracts others.
  • They’re passionate and show it: Charismatic people tend to be quite passionate about what they believe in. This passion motivates people around them to act.
  • Approachable: Charismatic people are often seen as warm and approachable. Most people would rather get to trust and get closer to you if they perceive you to be warm.
  • They encourage self disclosure: Charismatic people ask insightful questions which make others share things about themselves. Being charismatic is less about you and more about how you make others feel.
  • They are generous: According to Professor Grant at the Wharton school of business, there are three types of people: the taker, the matcher and the giver. Charismatic people are givers and altruistic.

Why is charisma attractive?

As we mentioned above, charismatic people somehow usually attract other people’s attention. It’s like a psychology of attraction. A person who is confident, optimistic, approachable and understanding always gains love and respect from others. People tend to admire and are attracted by someone smart and has sense of humour.

Words and opinions of those who are charismatic people can encourage, persuade other people and can gain their approval easily. Because they are reliable and they always do well in their works.

All their characteristics and habits make them become attractive to other people. There is an indescribable charm that radiates from them.

Cultivating charisma

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Here are 9 ways to cultivate charisma:

1. Go deep

It may feel more comfortable to keep conversation topics light when talking with someone you don’t know very well, but it’s difficult to know who they really are while discussing mundane subjects such as weather or traffic. By sharing personal information, you can show your true self and making the other person feel comfortable enough to do the same.

2. Express your feelings

Don’t hide from your feelings and don’t be afraid to express them. By expressing how you feel, you’re acknowledging that you are imperfect, making you appear more authentic and real. Also, you shouldn’t wallow in your emotions either.

3. Regulate your feelings

Emotions can have both a positive and negative effect on others, which is why charismatic people are careful in how they express and manage their own emotions. You need to understand the importance of appropriately and adequately expressing your emotions so as not to make others feel uncomfortable.

4. Call people by name

When you remember and repeat someone’s name in conversation, you are conveying to him or her that he or she is important. Charismatic people do this often when communicating with others, as they want to make them feel special.

5. Listen to others

By practicing active listening, you can make yourself and others feel better about the conversation. Active listening uses both body language and verbal cues to signal genuine interest and concern to the person speaking.

6. Be present

Being present is key for cultivating charisma, which means putting away the cell phone and other distractions that pull you out of the moment.

Being present is a skill we can all gain. Learning to be more present when we communicate with others will not only make us appear more charismatic but also strengthen our relationships.

7. Be self-confident

Believing in yourself more, loving yourself more are they keys to gain self-confidence. Don’t care too much about what people say. Just prove yourself in the way you are.

8. Be positive

Having a positive look at everything makes you have a good mood. You’ll always full of energy, love your life more. That leads to good motivation and attitude. And you may come up with lots of good ideas thanks to that.

9. Take care of yourself

You are the most important thing in your life. To do anything, have a good health first. Don’t ignore your health as well as your body’s needs. Spend time with your family and friends, on skincare and eating. Learn to love yourself more, then you can do anything.

In conclusion, people are tend to be attracted by charismatic people. They have their own charming in their appearance, thoughts; the way they talk, persuade other people and the way they express themselves. We should improve ourself and learn to have charisma to gain better things in our life as well as our work.

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