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7 Clear Reasons for “Why Does My Dog Hate Me?”

7 Clear Reasons For “Why Does My Dog Hate Me?”

Are you having a really hard time with your dog because you think he probably doesn’t like you? Needless to worry, BestLifeTips is here to help you answer: “Why does my dog hate me?”

Has your dog ever ignored you when you call him, or even bark when you approach? As much as you might love your dog, sometimes they might not reciprocate this affection. Although it seems that your dog hates you, in fact, they may develop some fear and mistrust towards you.

Here’s a BestLifeTips specific guide to applying to your dog to answer to the question: “Why does my dog hate me?”.

Can dogs hate their owners?

There is no evidence that dogs can hate their owners.

In any case, a dog is a loyal animal and very clingy no matter how far or how long they will always remember you as a sincere friend.

Dogs are one of the most loyal and closest animals to us because long ago, it was the first animal to be domesticated.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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So with their characteristics, it’s really rare for an owner to be hated by his dog.

So, why does my dog hate me?

How do you tell if your dog hates you?

If you read this far, you must be wondering: “If your dog doesn’t hate me, why does he bark all the time when I’m at home? Why does he always ignore me every time I call? Even peeing in the house, biting the furniture around, and always growling when I come near?”

Here’s some information on “why does your dog hate me” and what to do if your pet doesn’t like you.

Why does my dog hate me?

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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There are many factors that cause your pet to avoid you, make them feel scared, and distrust you.

This cause may have been on your pet’s mind for a long time before, or it may be accidentally caused by yourself recently.

Here are common causes for “why does my dog hate me?”:

You hug them too tight

Hugging is probably the best way to show affection with humans, but maybe not with dogs.

Sometimes a tight hug makes your dog uncomfortable.

If your dog doesn’t like it when you hug him, but you try to hug him a lot. This makes your pet feel scared and always avoids you.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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You force them to be social

People who are dog people understand the importance of socializing a dog. We all want our dog to be well-behaved in public.

However, did you do it the right way? Socializing your dog takes time as well as patience. If you are in a hurry and yelling at the dog, that will only make it worse.

Dog socialization involves making your dog comfortable with a variety of people and situations.

So If the dog is uncomfortable, stay calm and try to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible.

Calm the dog and stay calm and confident. So don’t force your dog to be social, yelling at him when he’s scared.

So, “why does my dog hate me?” You force them to be social!

You’re leaving them alone for long periods of time

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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Since dogs are companion animals, most dogs do best when they can spend most of their time with humans.

This also makes them overly attached to you, and thus any kind of separation from them is like a massive heartbreak to them and they must struggle when being left alone for long periods of time.

Seriously, lonely times will make them depressed, stressed, and prone to behave in a destructive manner.

So if you have to leave your dog for long periods of time, make sure you can pay enough attention to him before you go and provide some new toys for him to play with when he’s home alone for long periods of time.

However, limiting leaving your dog home alone for extended periods is the best way.

Your house has scents they hate

Dogs are very sensitive creatures and can be affected by odors you can’t even smell.

Every dog is different, so your dog’s reaction may be different from others.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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You should learn about your dog’s likes and dislikes. When you find something that your dog hates, you should limit its use so that your pet can be more comfortable.

So, “why does my dog hate me?” Your house has scents they hate!

You don’t play with them enough

The reason it seems to hate you might actually be that he’s bored.

This will be more likely if your dog is a breed that gets a lot of daily exercises but doesn’t get much exercise.

It can cause them to develop behavior problems and that could be why your dog seems to hate you.

So make sure your dog can get appropriate daily exercise by walking it yourself or having a dog walker when you can’t.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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Dogs hate you since their previous owners

If a dog doesn’t seem to like you, this may be the result of their history.

Dogs with a difficult past may have been abused or simply not exposed to enough people when they were young.

In this case, he may gradually improve over several weeks as he feels more comfortable in his new environment.

If your pet doesn’t start to improve, consider the help of a dog behaviorist in your area.

So, “why does my dog hate me?” Dogs hate you since their previous owners!

You used to hit it

Maybe in the past, you have accidentally hit your dog. This may have directly haunted your dog and made them fall into scare every time you approach.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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So give it time. Dogs, like humans, are emotional creatures. Sometimes they also need a little time to forgive and forget the obsession.

What do I do when my dog hates me?

As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. But sometimes your dog bites you, ignores you or acts like that as if he hates you.

Don’t worry, because it’s usually not your fault that your pet doesn’t like you.

Dogs have an amazing ability to give humans a second chance. You just need to know how to form a relationship with a dog that doesn’t feel warm to you yet.

Here’s something you should do!

  • Do not worry. Find out what scares your dog. Is it because of your large stature or maybe you speak loudly? Are you uncomfortable with something?
  • Give Him Time: Sometimes he just needs a little time to adjust to a new person or environment.
  • Give Him Space: Don’t suddenly approach him and make him scared, give him a private space and softly talk to him.
  • Give Him Treats: Feed him foods he likes and talk to him often so he can get used to your scent and voice.

Why Does My Dog Hate Me

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Please note: Do not put yourself in danger! If a dog shows any signs of physical aggression, hire a professional.

How do I get my dog to love me more?

As the dog gets used to your presence and gradually accepts you as a friend. In order for your dog to be closer and more loving to you, you should:

  • Give him tasks and make the food as a reward
  • Give him lots of exercises and go for walks regularly
  • Respect his space
  • Let him sleep with you if he wants
  • Do things and play together
  • Pay attention to his health
  • Avoid punishing him strictly
  • Get expert help if you cannot figure out why your dog seems to hate you

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