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Here’s how to zoning out like a professional

Here’s How To Zoning Out Like A Professional

Why do I zone out so much? What is zoning out a symptom of? If these question keep spinning around your mind, BestLifeTips will help to answer your question right below.

You may experience spacing out from time to time or catch some friends or family members are doing the same, and this is relatively common. “Why do I zone out so much?”-If this question is disturbing you, find out the answer below with BestLifeTips.

What is zoning out

You are talking to someone, but a few minutes later, you can’t remember what you two were talking about. Or you think you’re paying attention to the book held in your hand, but actually you aren’t reading a word. Yes, you are zoning out.

Why do I zone out so much

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No matter how hard we tried to keep stay focused on our current tasks, like wash dishes, do laundry, we can’t stop our mind wandering. According to Jonathan Smallwood, a psychologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, our minds spend up to 13% of our waking time in offline mode, which is so called zoning out or daydreaming.

The concept of zoning out refers to the process of separating the attention from the sensations outside the world. According to the authors of the study, this process causes the brain to cut the connection between the outside world and the inside world.

Why do I zone out so much

Actually, zoning out means your mind is not here and now and is switched over to autopilot. This stage of mind occurs when your brain recognizes realize that you can complete your tasks without really paying attention to it. However, there are several potential reasons can make you prone to zoning out even when the task requires you a full concentration.

You are overloaded

If you’ve ever had to deal with a lot of new information at once, you might have felt like you were drowning in it all. Your mind starts wandering when you force yourself to absorb as much information as possible. Saying you receive a completely new job and have no experience in the field, you may have felt a little dazed and have no idea where to start.

Why do I zone out so much

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You are facing mental health problems

Anxiety, depression and trauma are probably the potential reasons for your spacing out. General life overload might lead you out of your concentration. Besides, stress is the common distraction that takes you away from your tasks, especially the not very important ones. However, sometimes even if the task is crucial, extreme stress can make it difficult to pay attention to it.

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 You don’t get enough sleep

The lack of sleep might cause you to feel foggy, get distracted or switch over to offline mode. Especially, the condition of sleep called narcolepsy might make you sleep while you seem to be awake. Everyone surrounding you mistakenly assumes that you are spacing out. Moreover, extreme sleepiness will push you into falling asleep while doing your tasks, which is excessively dangerous.

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You aren’t interested

Zoning out might occur when you are not attracted to the current task or find it a bit boring. It’s then easier to catch another feeling or thinking about which is more interesting.

You are dealing with physical health problems

Hypotension, hypoglycemia or migraine might take you away from your concentration. If you experience one of these physical problems, you might feel dizzy or lightheaded and lose your focus or general focus in the present.

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Except for physical health signs, these reasons can be resolved easily. However, don’t ignore the red flag if you get any of these symptoms:

  • Memory loss
  • Weird behaviors
  • Repeat episodes
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • You get injured during an episode

Ask for professional medical help and take some rest if necessary. Zoning out sometimes meant more than just lack of interest or getting bored.

How to stop zoning out

It’s acceptable to rest your mind in a while because zoning out actually boosts your creativity. However, constantly losing attention makes you less productive and negatively effect on your interaction with others and costs you more to finish tasks.

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If you are prone to space out during unexpected moment, these strategies can help you keep your focus.

Tracking your zone out of time

The very first step is to realize your habits, get an insight into any patterns of mind and help you take note of your thoughts before zoning out. You may get your friends or colleagues to help you by giving you a reminder. Don’t let the thinking take control of you, be active to change first.

Learn to ground yourself

There are several steps to ground yourself and it’s not complex as it sounds. Grounding simply means that you are fully aware of the moment. This incredibly helps you stop floating in your inner world.

Draw your attention to the physical body by some of these techniques: running cold or warm water over your hands, doing some stretching or jumping in place, focusing on your breath using fragrance to enhance your focus level or tasting something.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you stay focus on the present moment. You are not necessary to be a meditator or to do Yoga every day to practice mindfulness. Be fully aware of what you are doing is the key. Saying that you are doing laundry, notice about how soft the material is, what color your T-shirts are, how they smell, notice about the feeling when you get everything in the right order.

Breathing exercise is a common practice of mindfulness. Focus on every breath in and breath out, notice how your belly move, how your nose feels in every breath.

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Practice active listening

If you get distracted easily while communicating with others, this might help. Try to use these gestures to show your interest in the stories and be fully present to people you talking to.

  • Using body language such as nodding your head, navigating your body toward them and so on.
  • Restating what they have said and asking for clarification if needed.
  • Adding your own opinions to the story.

Allow yourself to rest

Mental health and lack of sleep are reasons for your zoning out. Our body is so smart in keeping us balance. If you didn’t get enough sleep or overwhelming, it will try to get you back by giving you a chance to recharge yourself. So take best care of yourself by consuming healthy food, getting enough sleep, making time for relaxation and doing exercise. Besides, your mental health matters, don’t ignore when you feel anxious, stress or depressed. Make more time to be around with your loved ones, play with your pets, taking up a new hobby or simply indulge in nature.

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Why do I zone out so much-FAQ

  • Is zoning out a sign of ADHD?

Zoning out is one of the most popular signs of ADHD in both adults and children. Constantly lose attention in conversations with friends, coworkers or even important meeting are the significant sign of attention issue.

  • Why do I zone out while communicating?

When you zone out while someone is talking to you, it means you aren’t paying attention to the conversation. This could be because the subject is boring, you’re preoccupied with something else, or there’s a distraction. It can also be a sign of a variety of diseases, including anxiety, autism, and ADHD.

  • What is good about zoning out?

It boosts your creativity and help you enjoy more on your favourite activities. Have you ever catched a new idea while wandering? Yes, zoning out create a space for you to be creative. Additionally, when you are doing what you love such as drawing, reading books or playing video game, you might not notice about what’s going on outside

  • What is bad about zoning out?

You get distracted easily by other thinkings while doing tasks that require a lot of attention. It’s even worse if you need to concentrate on a crucial project or have a serious discussion with customers or managers.

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After all, zoning out is a normal sign when you find something less interesting in the given time. Don’t panic with the question “Why do I zone out so much” as spacing out could be improved by some simple techniques. If you find this article helpful, give us a thumb up and return BestLifeTips often for more tips.