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Cat Facts: Why Do Cats Sit on Your Chest When You Sleep?

Cat Facts: Why Do Cats Sit On Your Chest When You Sleep?

When you are learning why do cats sit on your chest, you may find out both good and bad points about sharing your sleeping space with your feline companion. Here, BestLifeTips weigh in on what you should consider.

You might have wondered why do cats sit on your chest while you are sleeping. There are a lot of assumptions behind this particular behavior. Let’s find out with BestLifeTips the mystery behind this right now.

Is It True Cats Purr On Your Chest To Heal You?

Before diving into understanding the truth behind why do cats sit on your chest, let’s find out whether its purr on your chest is good to heal you.

So, theoretically, yes, it’s true. A cat’s purr can help to heal you.

Your furry friend’s purr may play a hand in reducing the risk of heart disease. Some cat parents even have acknowledged that there is a 40% less risk of having a heart attack.

This kind of vibrations help to heal infections, swelling, bone healing and growth, pain relief, muscle growth and repair, tendon repair and joint mobility.

why do cats sit on your chest

Source: PawMaw

Do you wonder if they developed its bone stimulator based on the studies of a cat’s purr.

In reality, some confessed that there is a bone stimulator to help with bone growth. It sounds quite weird but it’s proven by the truth.

Why Do Cats Sit On Your Chest?

Want Your Warmth

If you are wondering why do cats sit on your chest, you can think of a case where they seek your warmth.

Commonly, a cold cats are even more likely to seek your body for getting some extra warmth.

It’s understandable that’s why do cats sit on your chest more at night during the winter.

If you’re running a fever, you might also notice your cat seeking you out more because your body heat is a little higher, you know.

Cat’s normal body temperatures can range from 99.5°F to 102.5°F. Its temperature keeps it from working. They often seek sunny places and even warm vents to stay extra toasty.

Of course, there’s no reason for the phenomenon that your cat will be drawn to your body heat.

Have you ever wondered why do cats sit on your chest or even lay on your face? Well, warmth can play a big role in this too.

There is a truth that the warmest parts of your body are your head, armpits, and chest. Not only that, those might be the parts your cat seeks out.

why do cats sit on your chest

Source: BeChewy

Also, your cat might also just love the sound of your beating heart.

Claim You

Why do cats sit on your chest? Do they have effort to claim their owners for themselves?

That’s right, the more you let your cat sit on your chest, the more you are in their possession.

By sitting on any parts of body like your chest, your leg or even your face, cats are covering them with their scent. It refers to claiming them as their own.

Your cat is really trying to claim you in a cute way.

They are known to lie on everything from their cat toys, beds, and even your clothes. Simply because they are very much territorial creatures.

In other words, you can assume they’ve said the equivalent of “mine”.

Show Its Affection Towards You

For bonding between you and your best pet, if you are wondering why do cats sit on your chest, it turns out that it may be a sign of showing affection and love for you.

why do cats sit on your chest

Source: PetsGuided

Of course, when your cat loves you, she may want to show her care for you, and it shows by giving a purr and sitting on your chest.

Hence, when your cat sleeps on your chest, it might be a sign of adoration. Don’t think of any other reasons for why do cats sit on your chest.

Looking For Safety And Security

Cats, being predators, are robust and agile and always ready to hunt down the prey.

However, one strange thing is that cats are still the most vulnerable when they are sleeping. So, it’s a reason they seek protection or why do cats sit on your chest.

When they were young, they would sleep near their mother to feel safe and secure.

Not only that, this behavior of your furry pet continues throughout adulthood.

Since cats perceive their owners as parents, the cat would sleep close to you.

Indeed, a recent study found that cats are emotionally attached to their owners in ways that mirror how babies are attached to their parents.

why do cats sit on your chest

Source: The Catnip Times

The kittens felt distress when their owners were gone, and more security when their owners came back.

When it comes to that kind of relationship, it’s likely that why do cats sit on your chest is that she considers you as a parent she wants to snuggle up with.

Things To Consider About Letting Your Cat Sleep In Your Bed

  • Disrupted Sleep

You know, cats are a kind of champion sleepers.

They can clock around 15 hours a day or sleep all day with no bad affection for her.

Nevertheless, their sleep cycles aren’t the same as ours. So, it’s also understandable if a cat sleeps the day away. It might race around the room and leaping off furniture at 2 a.m.

“Some cats will sleep soundly at night, but others are more alert and active while you are trying to sleep,” explains Dr. Geoff DeWire, Vet-in-Chief for cat litter company PrettyLitter.

why do cats sit on your chest

Source: Animalpath

Besides, an active cat can disturb your sleep cycles, which can cause unrestful sleep by snoring, scratching, or simply prodding you for attention during your sleeping hours.

Hence, while learning why do cats sit on your chest, let’s find out more about cats’ sleep patterns and how much they really keep your sleep not to be disturbed.

  • Hygiene Problems

Cats remain mostly outdoors, so they may litter into your bed and can be potential carriers of the disease.

You know, even if they are indoor cats, they still harbor any hygiene problems for your bed with any parasites.

“If your cat goes outdoors, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites pose a risk to you when your cat returns home and cuddles up with you at night,” Dr. DeWire warns.

  • Discomfortable Feeling

You may ask why do cats sit on your chest when you feel annoyed sometimes.

However, there is a risk of inhaling cat fur with each breath when a cat continues to sit on your chest too many times.

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Through this post of BestLifeTips, you might have already known why do cats sit on your chest. While cats are a type of social furry animal,they may have many ways of expressing their love for you by sitting on your chest.