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5 Obvious Reasons Lead to Fear of Marriage

5 Obvious Reasons Lead To Fear Of Marriage

Fear of marriage is one of the main reason why people don’t want to get married. Join BestLifeTips to talk about why am I scared to get married.

The number of people who never get married is increasing. There are different causes behind this case. Are you or your friends scared of marriage? In this article, BestLifeTips will talk about an issue that is questioned a lot: Why am I scared to get married?

Is it normal to be scared of marriage?

It is totally normal to be scared of marriage, especially when you’re about to getting married. You must have asked yourself why am I scared to get married. Initially, most of us are scared. The thought of adapting suddenly to changes in our habits, routine, choices and yes, the responsibilities that scare us.

Getting marriage is an essential and significant issue to consider. The most important thing is to choose your partner well and consider the requirements of the new life. Marriage means stability and ease of mind, especially if it is built on a reasonable basis.

However, if you are too afraid of getting marriage, you might have Gamophobia. If that’s the case, you may need to see a mental health professional to have a right treatment.

What is fear of marriage?

What is fear of marriage

Before finding out the reason why am I scared to get married, let’s learn about what is fear of marriage.

The fear of marriage can arise when you exposure to negative marriages from your own family or close circle. You see them hurt and miserable in their own marriage. That makes you afraid of getting married.

The fear of marriage can also be defined as a psychological fear of attachment. The idea of being attached and taking responsibility for another person makes some people scared. Marriage also comes with material and spiritual obligations as well as other sorts of sacrifices.

All this can lead to the emergence of emotions such as fear and anxiety in some people. As a result, they turn away from the idea of marriage, even if some are in a happy relationship.

The Census Bureau reported in 2010 that 30% of the U.S. adult population was considered “never married”, which is the highest percent in sixty years.

What is Gamophobia?

Gamosphobia is a Greek word. Gamo means marriage and phobia means fear. So, Gamophobia translates as fear of marriage or fear of commitment.

Gamophobia is an exaggerated or irrational fear of marriage. A person who has gamophobia may have no issues in having a lifelong relation with their partner, but is horrorfied at the thought of getting married.

The phobia of getting married or being married has nothing to do with being committed, but with being in a married relationship.

According to many mental health professionals, Gamophobia may be a result of divorce; a result of not being raised in an environment where parents were married; or they have an underlying anxiety condition that is overstated by their fear of getting married.

Symptoms of Gamophobia

Some physical gamophobia symptoms including:

  • Chest tightness, rapid breathing, feeling short of breath.
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting.
  • Nausea, sweating, clamminess.
  • Shakiness or trembling.

Some psychological Gamophobia symptoms include:

  • Guilt or shame about fearing marriage or commitment.
  • Intense fear or panic about marriage or commitment.
  • Lack of control over the fear of marriage or commitment.
  • Overwhelming sense of dread, doom or worry about the thought of marriage or commitment.
  • Recognition that fear of marriage or commitment is excessive.

If Gammophobia interferes with your ability to have normal relationships, go to see your doctor. Early intervention offers the best chance of resolving the phobia and reclaiming your relationships. Keep reading to find out the answer for why am I scared to get married.

Why am I scared to get married?

A lot of people out there are questioning themselves why am I scared to get married? There are different reasons to answer this.

Why am I scared to get married

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Growing up in an unhappy family, or experiencing such examples

As mentioned above, if you are raised in an unhappy family, or you exposure to unhealthy marriages of those around you, that may lead to fear of marriage.

Living alone for a long time

Another reason why am I scared to get married is that you live alone for so long. Getting into a married life can make you uncomfortable and anxious to sharing the same house with a person.

You’re afraid of divorce

The idea that you will get divorced after living together for a while due to different reasons is another one of the reasons for why am I scared to get married. You fear that your marriage won’t go well and divorce is an inevitable result.

You’ve experienced an unhealthy one

Maybe the reason why am I scared to get married is because I have experienced a bad marriage? That may be the case. You can’t get over your failed marriage and you’re afraid of getting marriage again as you don’t want to repeat your mistake.

You don’t believe in marital fidelity

You don’t have faith in fidelity in marriage. You’re scared that if you get married, you will be betrayed.

Why am I scared to get married again?

As mentioned in the reasons for why am I scared to get married, if the first marriage turned out to be a mistake, then the fear of marriage after divorce is easy to understand.

Most divorce ends with a lot of animosity and hate. If the previous marriage ends up in divorce, and the possibilities are even higher when getting married again ends up the same, who would want to do it?

I am afraid to get married because of cheating

Why am I scared to get married

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Being loyal to your partner is one of the most important things to maintain a marriage. Being afraid of being cheated is very normal.

A sad fact is that the rate at which people cheat in relationships these days is alarming. Many people become more afraid to get married because of cheating. Even some of them cannot make sure to be loyal to their partner.

Common fears about marriage

Here are the most common fear about marriage that you may be experiencing:

  • What if I marry the wrong person and regret it?

We are living in fear of missing out (FOMO) world. With every social event, job promotion, childbirth, and relationship status posted to social media, it would seem that everybody else is living the “good life.” Our tendency to share the highlight reel has created an illusion that we’re missing out on something or someone better.

Watching too much romantic movies or novels can also lead to the illusion of having a perfect marriage with a perfect spouse.

Common fears about marriage

  • Will I lose my personal identity if I get married?

This is a fear mostly from women. Both men and women express fear that married status will result in losing personal choice and control. These are very real concerns.

  • What if I fall out of love or stop feeling attracted to my spouse?

This is a very popular question. “Ideal love” in the media has been portrayed by excitement and lust based on novelty, rather than a safe and lasting commitment. Many people are afraid that a marital relationship will become boring, distant, and unsexy.

  • Will my marriage turn out like my parents did?

When it comes to getting married, this is the number one fear of many couples. We could take this question to mean that they are scared that they’ll fail and get a divorce. But another fear is that their marriages will never live up to their parents’ expectations.

How to overcome the fear of marriage?

How to overcome the fear of marriage

After knowing why am I scared to get married, here are some tips on how to overcome the fear of marriage that you should know:

Look at the positives

Think of all the positive things that would come out of being married. You’ll get to have some great parties, an amazing honeymoon holiday. You’ll have a wonderful love life with your loved one. There are also some other perks to being married, such as cheaper health insurance, lower income taxes, and easier management of financial and legal matters.

Understand what is scaring you

Is it the marriage that is scary? Do you have a fear of the wedding itself? Don’t let fears of minor things get in the way of a lifelong relationship and a good marriage. If you afraid of the marriage itself, you should talk to someone, a therapist for example, to see if they can help.

Gamophobia treatments

When fear of marriage is a phobia that leads to high anxiety and panic attacks, an additional intervention is needed to overcome the fear. There are some treatments that psychologists and psychiatrists can help to improve your real life.

Learn to build trust with your partner

If you really love your partner, you should trust them more. Make sure you and your partner know each other, the good and the bad. Being honest with each other is a golden key in a marriage.

Get married when you’re ready

Don’t get married because your parent want that, or you’re being pushed by other people. If you truly love your partner and your love is strong enough, you’ll be ready when it comes to marriage. So take it easy!

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Above are all about why am I scared to get married that BestLifeTips want to share with you. Hope that through this article, you can understand yourself more and try to overcome the fear of marriage.