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Which Is Better: Mindfulness or Multitasking? Is It True to Choose One over the Other?

Which Is Better: Mindfulness Or Multitasking? Is It True To Choose One Over The Other?

Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking? If this is what you are concerning about. Read and find answer on your own with BestLifeTips.

If this question jumps out of your head today, it’s probably time for you to reconsider your thinking style. Here at BestLifeTips, there is no judgement of your choices. It’s not about choose which is better mindfulness or multitasking but about your perception of life quality.

Is it best to multitask?

Actually, most people go for the latter, multitasking, when we ask the question. The more they completed tasks, the more efficient they feel. It’s so true for modern life, we are supposed to do more and more, more jobs, more activities, more social interaction. Then they think that their life would be way more fulfilled and that what life supposed to be.

Which is better mindfulness or multitasking? Is it true to choose one over the other?

That could be true to some extent. Especially, in a working environment, you need to be more active and able to do multitasks. However, dividing up your attention among different tasks is not equivalent to higher productivity. In the other hand, it reduces productivity.

Should you choose mindfulness over?

Which is better mindfulness or multitasking? Is it true to choose one over the other?

On average, we tend to make about 35,000 decisions on daily basic. It’s just exaggerated, you think? We have been given more choices than we imagine.

  • What to eat
  • What to wear for work
  • What to wear to hang out
  • What jobs choices we should make
  • Who to eat out with
  • Which direction we should turn
  • What to believe
  • Who we want to date
  • etc

Each of these choices lead to different consequences – both good and bad. And somehow they relate and affect to each other. You probably experience a slowdowns because it takes you time to recall the details and the process so far for every single task. According to American Psychological Association, multitasking take you down 40% of accuracy overall. In contrast, people focusing on a single task spend less time overall and finish all the tasks.

Keep your concentration on each task and save more time. Is it easier for you to choose?

Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking?

We have defined multitasking and mindfulness previously. Each of them bring different benefits to us. It really depends on your goals and job requirement to choose which is better: mindfulness or multitasking?

Which is better mindfulness or multitasking? Is it true to choose one over the other?

Multitasking needs a full concentration on your duty and when it comes to finish quickly all tasks, your mental focus and flexibility of the mind would be strengthened. That also means you will face with a huge pressure of finishing all things quickly. On the other hand, multitasking take you away from significant tasks because all tasks seem to be on the same level of priority.

Multitasking may enhance your productivity but not your quality of work while mindfulness can give you both. There is no need to rush and suffer the pressure of finishing all tasks. Mindfulness helps you create room for what is really important and should be on the top list.

How could we practice mindfulness?

That’s a big question to find out an exact answer on this scale. However, let’s make it simple and easy. Here are some ways that you can make an approach to mindfulness.

  • Make your list
Which is better mindfulness or multitasking? Is it true to choose one over the other?

Our mind tends to work well when it’s focused on one thing at a time. Easy said than done, you think? It’s true that we cannot leave all behind and just pick one task randomly and focus on that. It’s not what we are talking about. In fact, it’s required skill for making priority. Make your top list at the beginning and then choose what to do first.

  • Be aware and conscious
Which is better mindfulness or multitasking? Is it true to choose one over the other?

Paying full attention to your duty, and you realize that it’s way more effective than trying to complete everything at the same time. Furthermore, mindfulness gives you chance to truly experience the present moment. Have you ever genuinely felt the moment of washing dishes at home? You notice about the stain on your grandma’s favorite dish or just get irritated why your partner forgot to do the laundry. The more you focus, the better results are.

  • Don’t make it too hard on yourself

Mindfulness is a journey, in which you will slowly to change your perception, belief and truly commit with you choose. You cannot expect everything to change after night. Every time you find yourself about to do more at a time, be aware of that and acknowledge that feeling. Stop judging yourself, be patient and start over again. That how you can change your life little by little.

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After all, it’s you to choose which is better: mindfulness or multitasking. There is no answer that fits for all because it depends much on your mindset of living and working style. However, no matter what you choose, take a proactive approach and create your own plan for a healthy lifestyle.