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Here Are Warning Signs You Need to Stop Being Friends with Someone

Here Are Warning Signs You Need To Stop Being Friends With Someone

Friendships certainly aren’t always like they are portrayed in movies. You might not feel it is possible to remain close with your friend anymore. When to stop being friends with someone? Find out with BestLifeTips.

When you make a new friend, you probably aren’t thinking that your friends will no longer be in your life. it is inevitable. People grow apart for various reasons. When to stop being friends with someone? BestLifeTips show you below.

Should I Stop Being Friends With Someone?

This seems like a difficult answer. The answer will quite depend.

If you are confused with complicated thoughts when to stop being friends with someone, it’s time to do so. You are here because you want to do something that will make you happy and reach your goals.

Some people you consider as friends but are not meant to be in your lives. Of course, not everyone will stay. When you find some clear sign of unworthy friends, stop being friends with them.

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A friend is not someone you should cry over. Sometimes, letting go of those who push you back, those who distract you in life. You can’t continue being friends with someone who betrays your trust.

Signs Of Toxic Friends

Most of the time, toxic friendships result in chronic negative feelings. But the question is when did you find out it was a toxic friend? When to stop being friends with someone?

When it comes to something toxic, you may find yourself making excuses to avoid spending time with that person you call a friend. But you should not.

It’s not a form of emotional support. The longer you let it last, the more negative emotions you have to face.

Here are red flags that find out that your friend is toxic as well as supporting for you to know when to stop being friends with someone:

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  • They Peer Pressure You Into Doing Things You Don’t Want To

A toxic friend to make friends with you from the start. Then they ask you for something on a regular basis.

Until they take your help for granted, they will thrive on influencing you to stoop down to their level.

  • They Disrespect Your Boundaries

Any relationship will have a boundary to build a healthy foundation. It can also be a challenge.

Someone who is a supportive friend will work hard to be respected. Meanwhile, toxic friends, however, often believe they’re exempt from your boundaries, especially when they need your support.

As a result, you may feel conflicted about setting boundaries. You may feel like you’re the bad guy for creating such rules.

Why don’t don’t you think of when to stop being friends with someone to end these bad feeling?

  • They Often Insult You

Try asking yourself again why you need a friend? If that friend not only lifts you up but also insults you, do they deserve to stay?

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While their jokes may be harmless, chronic put-downs are a red flag. You shouldn’t feel like you’re being constantly insulted in a believable relationship.

To some extent, when you feel upset by a negative attitude, a toxic friend will likely accuse you of being sensitive or overreacting, or say that it’s just a joke.

When To End A Friendship?

When To Stop Being Friends With Someone?

Different from the signs to identify a toxic friend, identifying when to stop being friends with someone will rely more on how you feel.

Although that friend may have some unacceptable behavior, at some point, if you can’t take it anymore.

As you realize in that friendship, you are subject to many unwanted negative emotions. That is the time to act.

Here are some signs you should look out for when to stop being friends with someone

  • The Conversation Is All About Them

When you start to feel like you have a different feeling about hanging out with them. Instead of expecting to see them, it’s often a sign that it’s your responsibility to go with them or that you “should” go with them.

Not only that, the conversations every time the two of you meet will be in their favor. They show little interest in what’s going on in your life.

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If this happens continuously, you will definitely feel worse after meeting them. So don’t worry too much about other scenarios, that’s really when you should consider when to stop being friends with someone.

  • You Get Scared When You See Their Name Pop Up On Your Phone

This sign applies to so many situations in your life.

If you see an incoming text or call from a friend, instead of feeling normal or even happy, you feel annoyed, annoyed, or even scared.

Once you fall into this unhealthy state, there is an implicit truth that you are in an emotional state that is not good for you.

Anxiety and avoidance when you have an unhealthy friendship are often accompanied by negative thoughts about the person.

It’s not a lack of experience for socializing, it’s a typical sign if you want to know when to stop being friends with someone.

  • You Have Terrible Energy After Hanging Out With Them

This is a clear sign that the friendship is no longer interesting. You may feel exhausted after contacting them for a variety of reasons.

This happens when a friend regularly complains about their job, their status, something strange or even what you have compared to theirs. This still takes place in circles, all the time.

During a period like that, of course, you find you tire of repeating the same conversations over and over to steer your friend towards more positive things.

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However, it is alarming when you are emotionally drained by someone. This is certainly a sign that your friendship is no longer a source of joy or when to stop being friends with someone.

  • You Have Nothing To Say

Geography aside, if you have too little in common or your life circumstances have changed. If you or even that friend have nothing or nothing left to say, it could be a sign of friendship when you know it’s over.

If you want to save your friendship, try suggesting or talking to yourself about how your life has changed, or focusing on an activity you both still love.

How To Get Rid Of Toxic Friends?

How To End A Friendship By Text?

After knowing when to stop being friends with someone, let’s do it over text. It’s always easier to write than to speak. If you want to talk with your friend directly in person, use these phrases you have prepared.

Keep in mind make sure your friend understands why you are ending the relationship, but don’t start an argument in order to end things.

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Here are some suggest:

  • “Based on the things that have been passed, I can no longer continue with our friendship. It makes me sad to say goodbye, but I feel our friendship has changed quite a lot and we aren’t close anymore.”
  • “We’ve both grown, just not together.”
  • “I will remember the great times we have had, and I wish you the best. I will always care about you as a friend but we can no longer hang out together.”
  • “You’re really important to me, but I think we’ve apart, honestly.”

Broken Friendship Quotes

It’s really hard if you want to find any answer for when to stop being friends with someone. Below are some quotes of broken friendship:

when to stop being friends with someone

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“Lovers have a right to betray you,… friends don’t.” — Judy Holliday

“The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain one can feel. It is the betrayal of a friend.” — Heather Brewer, Ninth Grade Slays

“True friendship is like a rose: we don’t realize its beauty until it fades.” — Evelyn Loeb

“Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn’t seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces.” — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“Friendship requires truth, and there is no truth in her.” ― Julie Eshbaugh, Ivory and Bone

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BestLifeTips hopes that you’ve known when to stop being friends with someone. Breaking up can be just as stressful and emotionally draining. Anyway, be sure to be good to yourself afterward.