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Don’t Waste Time! 8 Signs When You Should Give up on a Long Distance Relationship

Don’t Waste Time! 8 Signs When You Should Give Up On A Long Distance Relationship

If you’re in a long distant relationship, and your relationship as well as things between the two of you seem not to work for you, maybe it’s time to take a look and stop. Read this article of BestLifeTips to see when to give up on a long distance relationship and how to overcome it.

Long-distance relationships require us a lot of things to maintain it and get to the happy ending. However, sometimes we can do nothing but let it go. In this article, BestLifeTips would like to talk about when to give up on a long distance relationship.

Does distance ruin relationships?

Distance can ruin relationships. A lot of couple have broken up due to long-distance relationships.

Partners need physical time together, especially for ones who have a strong need for physical affection. Those who value physical affection will feel unloved if there is a distance in the relationship. If relationships are not meeting the needs of one or both partners, they can fail quickly.

So it’s best to know when to give up on a long distance relationship if you cannot maintain it.

What’s the percentage of failed long distance relationships?

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is hard and it can lead to the failure of the relationship. However, not all long-distance relationships fail.

According to the New York Post, in a recent study including 1,000 participants, there is about 40% of the relationships resulting in breakup. While there is 60% of long-distance relationships are successful. Those who made it to the eight-month mark in a long-distance relationship were more likely to be successful.

What month is the hardest in a long distance relationship?

The hardest point in a long distance relationship is the four-month mark. If you cannot maintain your relationship through this month, you are most likely to break up. As mentioned above, if you can make it up to eight months, your relationship will become strong enough to be successful.

Why do long distance relationships fail?

Why do long distance relationships fail

There are different causes for a long distance relationship to fail.

  • Lack of sexual intimacy

A relationship will fail if the couple are not being intimate with each other, especially for relationships that partners have strong need for sexual intimacy.

  • High levels of insecurity

You’ll have a lot of insecurities in a long distance relationship. This affects how you view yourself and your partner as a person. You’ll lack the confidence to trust your partner that they will keep their promise and that they’ll stay loyal to you.

  • Impatience and negative thinking

Negative thinking and impatience can greatly damage a long distance relationship, even a normal relationship. These two can easily appear in your thought if you are in that kind of relationship.

  • Lack of effort

Long-distance relationships fail when one or both partners stop putting effort into the relationship. Your phoning or video chatting times is less often than before. This can lead to the relationship failure.

  • Fear towards changes

You’re always stay in your comfort zone and you’re too afraid to get out of it. You fear that changes may make you get hurt. This attitude will affect your relationship, especially if you’re miles away from each other.

So when to give up on a long distance relationship? Keep reading to find out!

Signs your long distance relationship isn’t working

Signs your long distance relationship isn't working

  • Your partner makes excuses to not communicate

Communication is one of the keys to maintain any relationship. A healthy relationship usually consists of a lot of communication. If your partner has too many reasons why they can’t communicate with you, then this may be a red flag.

  • Your relationship feels different

Whether you’ve been dating for short time or a long time, you’ve known some of your partner’s characteristics and personality traits, including how they usually treat you and act toward you. If things aren’t feeling the same, something might have changed and you should notice that.

  • You’ve stopped scheduling time to see each other

Being in a long-distance relationship means that you cannot spend as much time with your partner as you’d like. So if you have stopped trying to make an effort to see one another, things might be coming to an end.

  • They aren’t excited to hear your good news anymore

In relationships, good news for one is good news for both. If your partner is no longer celebrating your accomplishments, your relationship may change.

  • You don’t talk to each other on a daily basic

Daily communication is important in relationships. If the daily communication has decreased to every other day or once a week, it may be time to figure out if this relationship is working for you.

The problem now is that when to give up on a long distance relationship? Can you notice the signs and make your decision? Read on to see the answers.

When to give up on a long distance relationship?

When to give up on a long distance relationship

There are times when things wouldn’t turn out right, and you need to know when to give up on a long distance relationship. It’s not hard to know when, it’s just that will you be able to let it go?

  • No more romance

The romance is gone in your relationship. You no longer get excited when you receive a text from your partner, or your heart no longer skips a beat when you see them.

  • Constant suspicion

Another sign of when to give up on a long distance relationship is having constant suspicion. It is normal to have some suspicion in a long-distance relationship. But if you find yourself constantly feeling suspicious about what your partner is doing, you need to take a hard look at your thoughts.

  • Lack of communication

Both of you talk to each other less often. And you don’t know what to say aside from frequently asked questions.

  • Too many changes

You or your partner have changed in ways that cause the two of you to grow apart. Living and working environment makes us change. If you find that you or your partner have changed since being apart, you may no longer be compatible. Then you know when to give up on a long distance relationship.

  • No efforts

One or both of you are o longer make efforts to make things work or making you a priority. This is also a sign of when to give up on a long distance relationship.

  • No future

If you realize you and your partner do not have a future together. You don’t plan to have the other one on your future plan. You don’t see you two reunite and have a home or family together. Then this relationship is not for you.

  • Feeling stifled

When the relationship is starting to hold you back in a negative way is when to give up on a long distance relationship.

For example, you’re putting less time into your work because you’re spending too much time with your partner. You are letting friendships fizzle out because you are putting all your extra effort into making the relationship work.

If you can’t maintain the relationship and still have your own life, it is time to think about moving on.

  • Temptations

Distance in a relationship can make you easily feel tempted by other people. If you are tempted to engage in a sexual or emotional connection with someone closer to home, it’s when to give up on a long distance relationship.

How to let go of a long distance relationship?

How to let go of a long distance relationship

Here are some tips that may help you overcome a long distance relationship:

Be sure if you want to break up

Your relationship doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should have an overall positive effect on your life. When to give up on a long distance relationship is when your feeling is not the same, and things between the two of you do not turn out right anymore. Make your decision then.

Talk to your partner

If you decided to break up with them, you need to talk to them. Prepare what you need to say, be kind and polite but firm.

Be calm

No matter who offers to break up, you or your partner, you need to keep your head cool and avoid letting your emotions control your speaking.

Take time

Everyone needs time to heal after a breakup. Just take your time to get over the pain.

Practice self-care

If you are the one being dumped, you may be overwhelmed by sadness, confusion, or rejection. Take this time to care for yourself and heal emotionally. Spend more time for yourself, your family and friends. Set up new healthy routine like doing exercises, skincare or start a new hobby.

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Sometimes, letting go is a good thing for us. You should know when to give up on a long distance relationship if things aren’t working for you. Come back to BestLifeTips for more useful tips.