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Being Copied: Little Known Secrets Behind That

Being Copied: Little Known Secrets Behind That

What will you do when someone who copies everything you do appears? Why are they trying to copy you? Join BestLifeTips to find out!

Have you ever face someone who tries to copy you? What does it mean when someone who copies everything you do constantly? No matter what the causes, it’ll make you feel uncomfortable. Read this article of BestLifeTips to learn more about this.

Why do people copy others?

When people copy others, there are different reasons for them to do that.

Positive reasons

  • Culture

Minority cultures often attempt to imitate certain qualities of majority cultures in order to be accepted into that society.

They may just simply follow the old saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and they do so in order to be polite.

  • Personality type

Extroverts are more likely to engage in positive copying than introverts. As they are often more sociable and feel that imitating or mirroring you can help you feel more comfortable around them.

In these cases, they’re just trying to be your friend.

  • Education

Studies show that people who have lower education levels tend to copy those with higher education levels.

This happens because they are trying to learn from those with more knowledge and experience than them.

This kind of copying can also help them to get further in the workplace. They may pick up some valuable skills they had no idea were crucial in your field of work.

  • Mirroring

Mirroring body language is very common when you’re interacting with others. For example, they might yawn shortly after you, or scratch their head right after you do, or imitate your posture when they talk to you.

This person may be attracted to you or may look up to you, causing them to subconsciously watch you too much and be influenced by what you do.

They may also do this without thinking, since they’re likely to focus on what you’re saying.

Mirroring can also happen because they are trying to gain your favor or influence you.

Negative reasons

  • Lacking a sense of self

They don’t know what they want; they don’t know who they are; they don’t know who they’re gonna be. And they find that being you seems awesome.

  • Being jealous

You’re happy with your life and successful in your work, but they aren’t. They want to have what you have. So, they copy you to try to get all of that.

  • Being insecure

A lack of self-esteem or being self-deprecated can make someone to try and elevate themselves by copying everything from the person they admire. It may be the case that they admire you and want to become a person like you when someone who copies everything you do.

  • Being obsessive

Be careful when someone who copies everything you do is obsessive with that. They may have a mental ill, or they admire you too much that they want to mimic every single thing you do every day. They can be anyone who develops an obsession over you.

The most important thing is that make sure they are really copying you. Sometimes someone might actually not be copying you. You both may have the same idea or same gesture at the same time.

If you are 100% sure that there are some serious copying happening, that’s will be a different situation.

when someone who copies everything you do

So, what to do when someone who copies everything you do? Keep reading to find out!

What do you call someone who copies everything you do?

Someone who copies what you do is a copycat. The word “copycat” is a lighthearted, gently derogatory word for a person who imitates someone else.

So, when someone who copies everything you do appears, you can call them a copycat.

What does it mean when someone who copies everything you do?

When someone copies you, it may be a form of flattery. However, that doesn’t always mean it feels good.

If it lasts too long, it can also be a sign that a person doesn’t know who they are, and they are trying to act as if they are someone else in order to feel less empty and vacant emotionally.

when someone who copies everything you do

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Positive copying

Positive copying is fairly common, and it can be quite flattering. You won’t feel harmed or threatened by this copying, though it may get a bit awkward sometimes.

A positive copycat may:

  • Ask you where you got an outfit they love and then buy it.
  • Look up to your work ethic and try to get advice from you.
  • Mirror your body language to be friendly or to get to know you.
  • Try to get on your good side by doing similar things to you.
  • Openly say they are copying a minor aspect of you.
  • Buy a product that you have recommended.

Negative copying

Copying someone else can also be a very negative trait and they’ve become a complete copycat.

A negative copycat may:

  • Study you to take note of all your mannerisms.
  • Copy your accent or vocabulary.
  • Mimic the same thoughtless habits of yours, such as tapping your feet, playing with your hair, or fiddling with your pen.
  • Flirt with your romantic partners.
  • Mimic your sense of style.
  • Get the same haircut as you.
  • Buy the same products as you.
  • Try to break into your friend group or befriend your friends.
  • Claim credit for or steal your ideas.

This type of copying is very creepy. It’s also usually insulting and can rob you of any feeling of individuality that you have.

It can get in the way of your daily life and cause a lot of unnecessary conflict.

Keep reading the article to see how to deal with when someone who copies everything you do appears.

What does it mean when someone copies your body language?

when someone who copies everything you do

Source: Best Health Magazine

When someone who copies everything you do, especially your body language, it can mean a lot of things.

So, it’s important to consider other body language signals they’re showing.

They’re attracted to you

A reason why someone might mirror your body language is that they are attracted to you.

When we begin to develop feelings towards a person, we tend to mimic their body language as it can help to make them feel more comfortable around.

You can notice that they tend to touch you more than others or that they tend to find excuses to touch you.

You may also find that they tend to give lots of glances in your direction. They stand at a close proximity to you and they move closer or reciprocate your touching when you touch them or move closer.

You’ll also likely find that they tend to talk to you more than others.

They want to fit in with your group

When someone copies your body language, they may want to fit into your group.

Copying the body language that you and your friends are showing implies that they are also a part of the group.

This can help to get them to be more welcomed by you and your friends.

If you want to fit in with a certain group of people in the future, it would help you to mirror their body language.

They like you

Someone might be mirroring your body language because they see you as a key part of their own group.

They may see you as being slightly higher in the hierarchy than they are, since people tend to mimic the body language of the leaders in the group.

How to deal with someone who copies everything you do?

when someone who copies everything you do

Here are some tips on how to deal with when someone who copies everything you do:

Consider why they’re copying you

It may be the positive case when someone who copies everything you do. Stay positive and look to lead by example rather than belittle or bemoan.

Try to make sure why they are mimicking you and whether that is a negative copying.

Announce your big ideas to everyone

If you’re worried that a copycat will try to take credit for a new idea of yours, keep it quiet until you’re ready to begin work on it. Then announce it hugely to everyone you know.

By doing this way, the copycat will no longer be able to easily imitate your actions, since everyone knows you thought of it first.

Keep calm

It’s easy to be absolutely furious with a blatant copycat, but hold your tongue and don’t lose your temper at them.

Be careful with your temper, and learn when it’s best to just walk away. Don’t become a bad guy in this situation.

Talk to the copycat in person

First of all, determine what bothers you when someone who copies everything you do constantly. Then organize your thoughts and plan to communicate rather than argument.

It may be an awkward conversation to have, but if you think this copycat isn’t very malicious, sit down and talk to them directly.

Tell them that you’ve noticed some similarities between you two and ask them if everything is alright, or if this was their intention.

Once a copycat knows that you are onto them, they’ll be less inclined to continue their behavior.

In some cases, they may not even notice that they were doing it.

Communication is always the key in everything, so go into the conversation with positive thinking and sort it out.

Compliment unique things about the copycat

When someone who copies everything you do feels insecure, they believe that they must copy others to be worthy of good things. Talk to your copycat and compliment something unique about them.

This can help give them the ego boost they need to work on being their own person instead of copying you.

Cut off those who you can

You can’t always cut off toxic copycats. But for those who you can, go ahead and do so. You are in the right to do so. Let them down and move on.

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