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Are you an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend? How much you understand her silence says it all

Are You An Ideal Boyfriend/girlfriend? How Much You Understand Her Silence Says It All

Can’t stand her silence anymore and don’t know how to break? But first, let’s join BestLifeTips getting to know what’s really going on her behavior and what to do when a woman is silent.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than sound, especially when it comes to women. Trying to understand when a woman is silent? BestLifeTips is about to show what’s really going on her mind right below.

Understanding the silence of a woman

We often hear something like silence is always a woman’s loudest sound, and it means way more than you think. These are most common truths behind her silence that you may not be able to see.

  • It probably isn’t worth her explanation.

She may strongly disagree with what you said or think a joke you made was inappropriate. Trying to get the other person to see her point of view isn’t always worthwhile, particularly if they’re set in their ways.

  • She’s deeply diving into her thoughts.

She requires silence to ensure that all is in order before proceeding with her business. She may be pondering how to refute an argument you just made, planning her next breath, or simply pondering what to cook for dinner. Only because she doesn’t say what she’s thinking doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a million ideas racing through her head.

  • She’s hurt.

She may be too distressed to seek help from friends or family, preferring to process her feelings on her own.

Understanding the silence of a woman

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  • It’s enough for her.

In case you are in an argument with her and she is suddenly silent, it probably means she gets enough of it and has no motivation to continue. Sometimes silence is the only option to show her genuine emotion.

  • It’s simply her choice.

It is unnecessary to make any noise for her choices, actions or problems. A woman should actually be content with the way her life is unfolding and choose to keep her excitement contained.

What to do when a woman is silent

It really depends on the stage of your relationship that her silence means different things. Let’s check on several scenarios and see what you are supposed to do.

  • You are not in any official relationship with her: Say that she has been silent on you because she is preoccupied with other matters. You are not in a relationship with her, and just because you talk every day doesn’t mean you have to continue in that manner every day. Maybe she’s going through something she doesn’t want to share with you for whatever reason. If that’s the case, don’t worry about it; do something else to fill the time you’d usually be talking to/spending time with her.
  • You guys have a crush on each other: You may feel something special from her and maybe she has planned about getting close to you. Chances are she’s been hurt in the last relationship and doesn’t want to take anything to another level that soon. So, rather than discussing it, her defensive system sets in and she withdraws. That isn’t the right way to do it, but it is a probability. In that scenario, telling her what’s wrong and similar questions would be futile. You’ll only come off as desperate. The amount of space available is ideal. But not to the point where you desert her absolutely. That is going to work against you.
What to do when a woman is silent

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  • You guys are in romantic relationship: You often receive her silence in the middle of a debate or even fighting? When you take her words and attitude for granted, she knows, and she finds a different way to express her love and concern. It’s not a sign of vulnerability, but of bravery, because remaining silent in a situation where words are arrows requires courage, particularly when she has a lot to say. Give both of you time and space to resilient, don’t force her to say anything at her worst even because you care. Allow her feelings to flow naturally. Let her know you respect and acknowledge her feelings and when both of you are ready to talk, face it with positivity.

What is silent treatment

What is silent treatment

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When the silence is way more serious and affects your relationship negatively, you’d better get used to with a new term, silent treatment.

When one person in a relationship rejects the other person, refusing to recognize them verbally or in some other way, this is known as the silent treatment. This normally occurs following a conflict, but it may also occur when the silent partner is upset and the other party is unaware of the reason.

Being on the other end is excruciatingly uncomfortable and irritating. It’s a kind of ostracism, and it may sound like revenge or even pressure to respond to criticism or react to a request.

The silent treatment is a typical pattern of tension for engaged, intimate partners, and it can be harmful if ignored. It is critical to break this contact habit, and there are positive ways to answer and, ideally, find a path forward on which you will all agree.

Why do people give the silent treatment?

People give the silent treatment for a variety of purposes. There are few examples:

  • Avoidance: Certain people remain quiet during talking whether they are unsure whether to say or wish to avoid confrontation.
  • Communication: If a person does not know how to articulate their emotions but wants their spouse to know they are unhappy, they may use the silent treatment.
  • Punishment: Emotional bullying occurs when someone uses silence to punish or influence or leverage over another person.

How to deal with the silent treatment

when a woman is silent

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Be thoughtful when it comes to silent treatment, as this can be either good or bad for your relationship. Take these recommendations for your reference and choose the ones that fit you most.

  • Calm down and make time for later talking.

When a person is too upset, hurt, or overwhelmed to talk, they can give others the silent treatment. They might be fearful of doing something that would aggravate the situation.
In these situations, it might be beneficial for each individual to take some time to cool down before returning to address the problem peacefully. Counselors refer to this as “having a time-out.”

  • Acknowledge other’s feelings.

Make space and time so the other party can express their feelings. This communicates to them that their thoughts are significant and true, and it opens the door to an open dialogue. Avoid getting on the defensive or into problem-solving mode. Try to be conscious and empathically listen.

If the individual reacts in a hostile or offensive manner, it is critical to distance yourself from the situation before they cool down. Get advice from a psychiatrist, mentor, or trustworthy friend.

How to deal with the silent treatment

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  • Recognize the silent treatment.

Realize that someone is using the silent treatment. For instance, a person might say, “I notice you aren’t responding to me.” This sets the groundwork for two people to interact more efficiently with one another.

  • Make a sincere apology for your mistakes.

An individual does not apologise or excuse themselves for another person’s use of the silent treatment because their spouse has chosen to act in this manner. They should, however, be required to apologise if they have said or done something that has caused the other party distress.

  • Avoid negative responses.

Try not to aggravate the situation by prodding the person who is silent to speak. This will lead to yet more tension.

Benefits of silent treatment

when a woman silent 9 scaled

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Though communication is essential for a healthy marriage, silence may also be used to reveal a message.

  • Silence can help to relieve stress.

Silent treatment in marriage is considered to be a form of punishment, similar to passive aggressive behavior. However, it is not necessarily as cruel as it is shown to be. When there is heightened stress and one person is incredibly upset and threatening, the other person’s silence will help to dispel the tension.

  • You can understand your partner more.

Perhaps an apology or a tight bear hug will persuade them to change their minds. Perhaps silence tells you more of your partner’s emotions than crying and yelling and them showing you how hurt they are. This is the most significant advantage of silent treatment. You have a greater understanding of your mate.

  • Examine your own emotions.

Going quiet will also help you process your own emotions. Instead of blaming your mate for your frustration, consider why you are being so upset. Discussions do not always improve, but quiet treatment of oneself can have a more beneficial impact.

  • Silence will help you let go of negative feelings.

When you have bad feelings towards others, instead of reacting by yelling back or making counter-claims, you use your silence to reflect on the positive. While your companion will want to drag you back into negativity, if you remain quiet, you may be able to reflect on better stuff. This is safer for your mental health, and you will learn from the silent treatment.

When a woman is silent quotes

When a woman is silent quotes

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There are plenty of quotes that describe when a woman is silent. Sometimes it helps you more than any studies or researches. Followings are some of the best quotes:

  • Feminine power is silent, dark, mysterious, healing, nurturing. A woman can walk into a room and control it. She doesn’t even have to open her mouth if she knows where her power is. – Author: Iyanla Vanzant.
When a woman is silent quotes

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  • To be happy a woman had to think hard, during long silent hours, about how to make each small step forward. – Author: Fatema Mernissi.
  • Dumb jewels often, in their silent kind, more than quick words, do move a woman’s mind. – Author: William Shakespeare.
  • A woman named Helen Keller fought her way through long, silent darkness.
    Though she could not see or hear;
    she taught us to look at and listen to each other.
    Never waiting for life to get easier,
    She gave others courage to face their challenges. – Author: Barack Obama.
When a woman is silent quotes

Source: Internet

  • Just because a woman is silent does not mean she agrees. – Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
  • A wise woman knows when to stay silent. However, a wiser woman of faith knows that sometimes words can win the battle when all odds stand against her. – Author: Shannon L. Alder.
  • When your woman gives you the silent treatment, say you’re sorry, or you’ll find out how truly sorry you are when her monologue resumes. – Author: Wes Fesler.
  • The woman stayed on her stool, silent, concentrating, watching the man’s movements with an air of declining sadness. Watching him as a lamp about to go out might have looked at a man. – Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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That’s all you need to know when a woman is silent. Actually, it’s not that hard to understand when she chose to be quiet. Be patient and mentally mature to go through this state of your relationship and it’s worth your effort to know her better. But stay consciously aware of what’s really going on and recommend for professional help if silent treatment becomes abusive. Give BestLifeTips a thumb up if this helps and return for more relationship useful tips.