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3 Minutes to Know What to Do While Unemployed

3 Minutes To Know What To Do While Unemployed

“I don’t know what to do while unemployed”. If you have the same concern, find out now with BestLifeTips!

Maybe you are a recent college graduate, you were recently laid off, or perhaps you’re unemployed by choice. Whatever the case, if you don’t know what to do while unemployed, read on this post of BestLifeTips!

Why being unemployed is bad?

In the United States, each percentage increase in unemployment leads to 6000 deaths.

What to Do While Unemployed

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In fact, an increasing number of papers suggest unemployment can lead to a host of serious both physical and mental illnesses. According to a survey was conducted from 2006 to 2010 by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, one out of 10 people in the United States is depressed, and one of the primary factors was unemployment.

The influence of job loss goes far beyond mental health. Extreme pressure can make people vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses, headaches, and heart attacks are two common examples. For most of us, losing a job is especially depressing and stressful. Conflict happens more often, money starts to run out, and social networks fall apart. Uncertainty, grief, self-doubt, depression are textbook responses to unemployment. It’s also a recipe for a breakdown of our health, both mental and physical.

A temporary solution while unemployment is needed. So, how to avoid depression when unemployed? What to do while unemployed?

5 ways to avoid unemployment depression

For many people, long-term unemployment is one of the most frightening prospects, and unfortunately, often goes hand-in-hand with depression and unemployment anxiety. So, how to avoid them?

What to Do While Unemployed

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Here are 7 ways to do while unemployed to avoid unemployment depression:

  1. Don’t look at temporary unemployment as a failure. Use those days to take relax
  2. Set your daily goals and long-term goals
  3. Learn to identify risk factors
  4. Start an exercise regimen to get in shape
  5. Clean your house
  6. Participate in local community events
  7. Maintain a positive attitude, be patient and kind to yourself, don’t give up!

Do everything you want during the unemployment period. Never think too much about your failure.

So, what to do while unemployed?

How do I enjoy being unemployed?

Negative feelings of fear, unworthiness, and stress are unavoidable emotions during your unemployment. However, you should put all that stress aside and enjoy being unemployed. Take this as an opportunity to recharge your energy.

What to Do While Unemployed

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Here are 11 suggestions for you to enjoy being unemployed:

  1. Get to know more about yourself
  2. Take care of yourself, both mental health and physical health
  3. Do exercise
  4. Pick up a hobby
  5. Discover your passion and dream job
  6. Improved your own skills
  7. Hang out with your friends
  8. Spend time with your family
  9. Read books
  10. Play game
  11. Do some soul-searching

Keeping a good mood these days is very important.

So, what to do while unemployed to be motivated?

How do you spend your time while unemployed?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made things worse these days. Regardless of qualification or age, increases in unemployment have affected us so hard all in recent years. However, while we might not be able to decide our unemployed, we can control how we react to it.

What to Do While Unemployed

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Here are 9 things you should spend your time while unemployed:

  1. Keeping a schedule to stay productive and focused.
  2. Find temporary work. Or become a freelance is not a bad idea.
  3. Work online (make sure that the site you’re working for is reliable and reputable).
  4. Get organize. Embark on some cleaning, go through old boxes, and get rid of the things you don’t need are great things you can do to streamlining your life.
  5. Letting yourself rest. It will maximize your productivity during the hours you search for a job.
  6. Do exercise to keep yourself healthy and enthusiastic.
  7. Be a volunteer is an excellent way to use the extra time when you’re unemployed.
  8. Look for courses, certifications, or training you could take, especially those offered for free.
  9. Find what you can sell, especially unused possessions. It is a good way to earn money quickly and easily while figuring out a permanent solution.

Even though unemployment numbers are still high, there are many effective things you can do to better yourself and move forward. Do not stop or become discouraged. Life is full of surprises.

Besides, what else to do while unemployed?

Smart things to do while unemployed

You have nothing to do while unemployed? Don’t worry, here are 10 smart things for you to do to enhance yourself while looking for a new job. Read on!

What to Do While Unemployed

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  1. Become a freelancer to earn income.
  2. Perfect your presentation and interview skills.
  3. Put effort into developing a great CV, portfolio, and even cover letter.
  4. Spend time to take a course. It is a good way to keep yourself sharp and may even help you learn some new, relevant job skills.
  5. Gaining your confidence back.
  6. Practice your professional skills as often as possible.
  7. Keeping looking for a suitable job and new opportunities.

Besides, what to do while unemployed to enhance ourselves?

Skills should learn while unemployed

Most of the personal skills are important to decide whether you get a job or not. So, consider these skills below, pick some that are relevant to your career, and work on improving.

What to Do While Unemployed

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  1. Foreign language
  2. Basic coding
  3. Data analysis and statistics
  4. Digital literacy
  5. Web development
  6. Writing skills
  7. Typing skill
  8. Video and audio production
  9. Social media and digital marketing
  10. Time management
  11. Critical thinking
  12. Social welfare
  13. Public speaking
  14. Self-management
  15. Photoshop

How do you keep yourself motivated when unemployed?

You’re probably bored with hearing this, but the right opportunity is just around the corner, so be patient.

What to Do While Unemployed

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  • Treat the job search like your workday

Set yourself some daily goals like applying for four jobs a day, then keep track of your progress.

For example, find out some positions you think are suitable, apply them, write down how many job applications you’ve sent, check mail, if you had a response, any interviews, etc. Getting into a routine will set you up for when you finally do get a job.

  • Talk to friends

If it feels like you’ve been searching for a job forever and you don’t know what to do next, you can talk with your friends or even your family members to ask for advice. Maybe they went through the same phase as you and have a bit of experience with it. Don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Go outside

Don’t just stare at your email inbox for hours just waiting for any sort of reply. Go out to get some fresh air instead to reset your mood.

Which website is best for searching for jobs?

What to do while unemployed? Definitely looking for a job!

What to Do While Unemployed

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The 10 best job search websites include:

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Glassdoor
  4. CareerBuilder
  5. Monster
  6. FlexJobs
  7. LinkUp
  8. SimplyHired
  9. ZipRecruiter
  10. U.S. News job search site

If you still know any reliable and reputable job search websites, feel free to leave a comment below!

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