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Knowing Productive Things to Do While Listening to Audiobooks Can Change Your Routine

Knowing Productive Things To Do While Listening To Audiobooks Can Change Your Routine

Don’t know what to do while listening to audiobook? There are many benefits to listening to audiobooks, and it can be so much interesting to have someone read them to you! BestLifeTips will recommend some activities for you to do it well.

In the moments when you cannot sit down and physically read a book, you can listen to audiobook instead. What to do while listening to audiobook? Find out with BestLifeTips here.

Is It Cheating If I Listen To An Audiobook?

Daniel Willingham, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, said the answer No. Listening to audiobooks isn’t cheating.

“Once you’ve identified the words (whether by listening or reading), the same mental process comprehends the sentences and paragraphs they form,” Willingham wrote in the Times.

Cheating implies an unfair advantage, same as you are receiving a benefit while skirting some work. Meanwhile, audio books seem to be decoded by a reader before it’s transfer your ears.

Listening to an audiobooks is not the same like your own reading. This action might be considered cheating only if the act of decoding were the focal point.

what to do while listening to audiobook

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Besides, you can even do more while listening to audio. So what to do while listening to audiobook?

Benefits Of Listening To Audiobook

We are preoccupied with what to do while listening to audiobook, but forget to learn how both adults and kids can benefit from listening to audiobooks.

In other words, when you listen to an audiobook, your brain creates meaning from the audio input just like it would with visual input when you read a physical book. Many studies suggest that listening to an audiobook even has more benefits than reading an actual book.

As per IMHO, here are what’s outstanding benefits of audiobooks that can improve your life:

  • Improving literacy skills and expanding your vocabulary

For starters, they can be incredibly beneficial for people learning a language. Anyway, it’s hard to pick up native pronunciation just from words on the page.

Also, listening or absorbing information from audiobooks also responds to your active listening skills, your focus, and memory. So you might need to know what to do while listening to audiobook to further its benefits.

  • Helping kids learn to speak, write and read

Listening to a book being read helps children learn to associate words with mental pictures, which boosts comprehension. When children first start to read, the voices and sound effects in audiobooks make reading into an adventure and get kids excited about books.

what to do while listening to audiobook

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  • Good for people with special needs and dyslexia

Many have special needs which make reading printed books difficult or impossible. Audiobooks can be helpful for those with visual impediments or people with attention disorders.

Besides, audiobooks are a splendid solution for this and can help people with dyslexia or other learning disorders to succeed.

The benefits don’t end. When you ask about what to do while listening to audiobook, it’s sleeping. It can help you sleep more soundly or make it easier to fall asleep.

  • Helps to stop wasting time on social media

Social media or TV rarely communicate much meaningful information and can be real time-wasters. This means all the incredible benefits of audiobooks are right at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for?

Keep reading and see what to do while listening to audiobook.

What To Do While Listening To Audiobook?

Listening To Audiobook While Reading

The first answer for what to do while listening to audiobook is reading.

Sometimes our comprehension suffers when we pair them with multitasking. Of course, it’s understandable. Maybe it is hard to ask everyone what to do while listening to audiobook.

what to do while listening to audiobook

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You can read along with a physical copy of the book. This option can help you keep the focal points and is useful if you are struggling with multitasking. If you are reading a book in another language, well, this might also be a great learning tool.

That is really a great idea. If you are distracted easily by noise while reading, listening to audiobooks while reading can actually be really helpful!

Listening To Audiobook While Playing Games

Playing games is also one of the most interesting activities of what to do while listening to audiobook.

In 2018, a study of the University of Arkansas has proven that just one hour of playing video games can boost your brain’s ability to focus. Also, a Harvard’s study from 2019 discovered how games can improve memory and concentration, even in older adults.

Similar studies have tied positive effects of gaming on the brain to keep factual knowledge and improving working memory. Therefore, the answer to games will definitely suit your question about what to do while listening to audiobook.

Playing games while listening to an audiobook is a relaxing and creative way to not get bored or zone out while reading. In this case, the key is choosing the proper game to play while listening to audiobook so as not to cause any side effects.

Games To Play While Listening To Audiobook

Just choose games that you can play for long periods of time without thinking. You should avoid some intense games like word games and games with lots of numbers.

what to do while listening to audiobook

Source: Griffith News

Here is the list of recommended games to play while listening to audiobook:

  • Temple Run: A fast-paced game, but it doesn’t take a lot of brain energy
  • Colorfy: Just colour when you were a kid
  • Hay Day: A light farm management game
  • Flow/1010!: Just match shapes and connect lines
  • Tetris: Arrange various shapes of tiles into solid horizontal lines

These aren’t games you should choose for what to do while listening to audiobook. With this case, a lighthearted plot would work well for games.

Listening To Audiobook While Studying or Working

Listening to audiobooks while studying or working is another activity that can work for you, depending on the nature of your work. If you’re doing something art or design related, it’s great to have something interesting to listen to.

what to do while listening to audiobook

Source: Penguin Books

If your job gives you a lot of time without thinking too much, it might be an ideal time to listen to classic audiobooks on skills. Nevertheless, listening to audiobooks is not a good choice for everyone, especially those who are easily distracted.

Listening To Audiobook While Walking

“Far from wanting to “listen to our breathing” to achieve an optimum split time, we’d rather drown it out with something more interesting that will distract our minds from the miles of unrun road ahead.” – Lucy Ward, The Guardian

It’s like a clue of what to do while listening to audiobook. Indeed, lots of people listen to audiobooks when they do exercise, especially walking.

what to do while listening to audiobook

Source: Coach Mag

The beauty about walking or even running is that they don’t require much brain power. Moreover, out on a walk, audiobooks can provide entertainment, information.

Hence, if you combine them, you can pass the target miles quickly while stimulating your mind. Nothing feels better than to end a good walk feeling physically and mentally refreshed.

Best Device To Listen To Audiobooks While Walking

what to do while listening to audiobook

Source: Obeki

  • SanDisk Clip Sport Go
  • Amazon Echo Smart Speakers
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  • Sony Walkman NW-E394
  • Jensen Stereo Cassette Player
  • Sony NW-WS623/B
  • Mibao MP3 Player

Listening To Audiobook While Sleeping

What to do while listening to audiobooks for a relaxed brain? Surely sleep.

Instead of eyes working to read, sleeping is a super alternative to still take in a book and help you sleep, and many experts, like those on Sleep Advisor, suggest it. Not only can it help lull you to sleep, but it also takes your mind off worries and stress from the day.

what to do while listening to audiobook

Source: Goodreads

Some effective apps like Audible and Overdrive have a specific feature for this exact time to read.

Just use the sleep timer setting, you can set your audiobook to stop playing automatically after a certain time. That way you can fall asleep and not worry about losing track of your progress.

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Audiobooks can easily be incorporated into your day. BestLifeTips believes that whether you choose what to do while listening to audiobook, it always helps you multitask to be more productive.