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Fabulous Alternatives to the Classic Wedding

Fabulous Alternatives To The Classic Wedding

When stress and expenses pile up along with the pressure to throw the perfect wedding, couples have their fights during the wedding planning. It’s no surprise that some turn to thinking about what to do instead of a wedding. BestLifeTips will discuss it here.

If you’re the kind of couple looking to deviate from tradition, keep reading these ideas BestLifeTips will share below for what to do instead of a wedding.

Is It OK Not to Want a Wedding?

If it’s a kind of wedding related to the law, you can follow the law there. But if you are talking about a regular wedding ceremony to mark your big day, it’s okay not to have, of course.

It is not necessary to have a stereotypical wedding even though it’s an important ritual. In recent years, couples tend to become legally married or stay together for a long time, but they do not hold a wedding.

Many think that the wedding is not important to their happiness. Some even consider it to spend a lot of money on a long party with high costs and stress.

Wedding or not? What to do instead of a wedding? All of this is completely up to the decision of the bride and groom. There is no ritual can force them if they are free.

what to do instead of a wedding

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According to The Wedding Secret Magazine, if you really do not want to have a wedding or especially a wedding ceremony or reception, don’t invite any guests. By law in the UK, you must have at least two witnesses who could be people at the registry office.

Is It Tacky to Have a Wedding Ceremony without Reception?

Yes, it is. It may be tacky. Do you mind if tens of people dress up for your wedding and travel to your venue with gifts for just half an hour of vows?

In fact, a reception is supposed to be a thank you to your guests as much as respect for attending and supporting your wedding. If you have a wedding ceremony without reception, you’re essentially refusing to thank them.

If you have a small guest list, you can do a short mid-afternoon cake and punch affair with your relatives instead of a real big reception. Or in other words, just elope somewhere romantic.

If you don’t want to bother or break your bank in the first place, would what to do instead of a wedding be right for you?

What is It Called When You Get Married without a Wedding?

There are quite a few terms associated with this case. Can we use them for what to do instead of a wedding we’re about to talk about? Let’s check.

Usually, in modern society, a wedding can have one or two parts. One of them, which is also an almost mandatory procedure under the laws of many countries.

what to do instead of a wedding

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It is a civil ceremony. It refers to when a certain couple gets married but there is no wedding, i.e. the actual wedding ceremony. The couple only appeared in a government office and an official declared them husband and wife.

The couple signs official documents to that effect, and they need some witnesses to sign. And that could be all.

If not related to the above civil procedures, if you get married without a wedding, it is called elope. It is the form of a marriage conducted suddenly and secretly. The couple has a rush to leave their current residence to live together, for various reasons.

Elopement is not the same as kidnapping because it comes from both the bride’s and groom’s willingness.

Similarly, while many call marriage without a wedding as elopement, others also call it self solemnization. Particularly, it’s also known as a self-uniting marriage is one in which the couple are married without the presence of a third-party official.

what to do instead of a wedding

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The couple can essentially perform the legal solemnization of their own marriage, which will be recognized as a legal marriage throughout the US, according to Wildly Collective. It seems these terms have helped us to know what to do instead of a wedding.

What to Do Instead of a Wedding?

Marriage celebration instead of wedding

Courthouse Ceremony

Do you imagine what to do instead of a wedding and saying “I do” in a city hall? Perhaps you’d prefer to fast-forward this period and start your married life adventures together already. Yes. It’s a courthouse ceremony.

what to do instead of a wedding

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“Courthouse weddings are perfectly legitimate and can be a rather cool way to declare your love,” says famous wedding planner Danielle Jeatran. ” As with a larger-scale wedding, you can customize your day to best reflect you as a couple, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind.”

Because town halls might offer spaces that are considerably less expensive compared to normal, that means they don’t come with all available amenities, including waiters, decor and other perks.

Indeed, this method for what to do instead of a wedding we met above. This is one of the most popular alternative ideas.

If we keep messing with high costs of ceremonies or parties or what to do instead of a wedding as traditional, the simplest option. You and your partner just go and get to do whatever you want, anywhere you want.

Maybe a lot of people still don’t get it right. A couple married in the house is also called an elopement.

Destination Wedding

What to do instead of a wedding which is both unique and a trip that without save too much money? It’s a destination wedding. You can hold your small wedding with your loved ones in beautiful destinations like the rocky cliffs of Maine, the hills of upstate New York, etc.

However, you may have to cut costs for the ceremony and set aside money for travel expenses.

what to do instead of a wedding

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Anyway, this is an alternative to what to do instead of a wedding problem that makes you and your partner remember forever.

Combined Wedding & Honeymoon

Have you thought about cutting down fees by some other forms of what to do instead of a wedding yet? This combination is similar to a destination wedding. This way, you will pay a little more to enjoy the resort packages during your honeymoon.

This type of wedding is quite common in recent years.

Backyard Wedding

If you hold a private wedding at home with only your couple or add parents, it is a form of elopement in the wedding, but holding it at home or specifically backyard on a larger scale, it will be an actual backyard wedding.

With this form, your wedding will become more familiar. You or your partner do not have to worry about the money spent in expensive places.

what to do instead of a wedding

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Depending on your style, head count, backyard weddings can get expensive. But you can keep other costs low by doing yourself or enlisting the help of friends and family.

There are plenty of ways to keep your costs down without feeling like you’re compromising on all the things that are important to you.

Anti-Wedding Ideas

For the problem of what to do instead of a wedding, you must have thought of anti-wedding ideas, right?

It’s also true, times change, traditions don’t work well in this day and age. Of course, new couples will constantly think about what to do instead of a wedding that is unique and suitable for them.

Remember that only you and your partner can decide who your wedding or wedding anniversary will include, what clothes and decorations will be conceptualized.

Here are some suggestions for those who are looking for anti-wedding ideas for themselves, including:

Wedding flowers

Instead of bringing traditional flower bouquets, hang pretty lanterns, lighting the way for your arrival down the aisle. This idea is sure to be loved if someone thinks about what to do instead of a wedding.

what to do instead of a wedding

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Usually, the food at the wedding reception is quite hearty. You can turn it into a family meal, like roast pork or even the favorite snacks of beloved ones you invite there.


For those who are anti wedding or have been tired of thinking about what to do instead of a wedding anymore. Make the space smaller and, of course, you won’t need to wear high heels all the time. You can wear active sneakers or flat sandals to avoid muscle pain at the end of the day.

Souvenir photos

Compared to hiring a professional photographer, you can record your own wedding day by bringing in your guests and taking selfies with a tripod.

That way, you’ll not only be gratified instantly, but you’ll also be able to see how authentic all your memorable moments are.

what to do instead of a wedding

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If you love being nostalgic for special anniversaries but have to choose what to do instead of a wedding to save money, this is a great idea.

Wedding dress

Who said the bride has to wear plain white dresses on the wedding day? Switch to a floral print dress with lots of colorful accents for looking pop.


On wedding nights, instead of light dance dances in pairs, why not think of a vibrant song you like and invite your friends to dance together.

what to do instead of a wedding

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You don’t need to worry too much when you don’t have children to lead the way with the petals. You can ask the best people for you who believe in love to help you.

It not only helps to solve the problem of lack of people but also helps someone like a mother or grandmother… to relive youth.

Wedding game

For active couples, having a little something extra for guests to do is a must. Organize fun games to make the atmosphere the most joyful.

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Anything that stresses you out and leaves you broke shouldn’t be part of your wedding. You can think of what to do instead of a wedding. BestLifeTips believe you will choose the right things.