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11 best indoor mosquito killers for you to get rid of those unwanted pesky visitors

11 Best Indoor Mosquito Killers For You To Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Pesky Visitors

If you are confused about what is the best indoor mosquito killer, read this article of BestLifeTips. We’ve got the solution for you.

Mosquitoes live in our house making us so annoying, not to mention that they may be the transmission of diseases. So how to get rid of them and what is the best indoor mosquito killer? Follow this article of BestLifeTips to find the answer.

Can mosquitoes nest in your house?

The main reason you have mosquitoes in your house is because you leave your window, doors, and other openings open. They long for the CO2 in our breath. Thus, your home becomes the ideal place to source for this compound.

Female mosquitoes will lay eggs in your home, usually around stagnant water. They find houseplants, garage, shed to nest. You can also find the nest of a mosquito in your kitchen or bathroom.

The mosquitoes in your house can live for a very long time, from around four days to a month. But not all species of mosquitoes can live that long.

During the daytime, mosquitoes hide in the dark corners of your house, and also in moist places. They love to hide in the coolest corners of your house.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in your house?

How to get rid of mosquitoes in your house

Source: Essential Home and Garden

  • Fix your screens and doors

You can solve many bug and insect issues by patching obvious gaps in your window screens and doors. If you do not have window screens, get some.

Doors are the other place where mosquitoes and bugs can get inside. Provide a good and sealed barrier to the outside with a door strip or weather stripping. A good, basic door strip is not expensive and will keep bugs out. It will also keep cold and hot air out.

  • Natural indoor mosquito solutions
  1. Ultrasonic bug/pest repeller: This device can emote a radio frequency that will be very unpleasant for pests like mosquitos, bugs, and mice. This radio frequency doesn’t effect on people and pets. Best of all, there is no chemical to be released.
  2. Tulsi: Tulsi is really helpful in killing mosquito larvae and keeping mosquitoes away. Plant a Tulsi shrub near your window, as the shrub has properties which prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. It is also useful in treating mosquito bites when applied directly to the bite area.
  3. Garlic: With a strong pungent smell and mosquito larvicidal properties, garlic is one of the most efficient mosquito repellants. You just need to crush a few garlic cloves and boil them in water. Pour the water in a spray bottle and spray it around the room to prevent any mosquitoes from coming near you.
  4. Mosquito traps: You can buy mosquito traps from the supermarket, find them online, or even make them at home.
  5. Basil: Basil appears to be a very versatile plant. It has the strongest repellent properties if used as a topical essential oil, applied directly to skin, but you can also use it in a variety of different ways.
  6. Tea tree oil: Its smell keeps the mosquitoes at bay and all you have to do is to dilute a few drops of the oil in a few drops of water and apply this to your skin to prevent mosquitoes from coming anywhere near you. This oil not only can keep mosquitoes away, but can also treat the bites.
  7. Coffee grounds: Wherever you find stagnant water in or around your house, sprinkle some coffee grounds in it. This will force the mosquito eggs in the water to float to the surface, and they will run out of oxygen, so they will be killed before being hatched.
  8. Mosquito repellent plants: A simple way to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house is to keep indoor mosquito repellent plants. Some of these plants will not only keep away mosquitoes but other pests and mice as well. These plants are usually smaller so they can easily be kept indoors to control mosquitoes at home.
  • Other indoor chemical and electric mosquito solutions

There are many other mosquito solutions to get rid of mosquitoes in your house. Such as indoor bug zapper, chemical mosquito spray, electric indoor trap, LED mosquito killer bulb, ect.

What is the best indoor mosquito killer?

There are different mosquito killers out there in the market. The thing is what is the best indoor mosquito killer? Here’s a list of best indoor killers of BestLifeTips.

Best mosquito killer overall

Best mosquito killer overall

Source: Amazon

Dynatraps Insect and Mosquito Trap is the best mosquito killer overall. This powerful trap not only covers large indoor and outdoor spaces, but it is also portable and effective.

This Insect and Mosquito Trap offers 3-way protection. First, it uses UV light and carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes to a whisper-quiet fan. Then, the fan vacuums the mosquitoes into a chamber. It also features a unique twist on and off feature to ensure no pests can escape even once the unit is turned off.

Lantern-style Dynatrap is completely non-toxic so it can be used around both pets and kids. For maximum efficiency, Dynatrap recommends using the trap for at least three weeks, and six weeks to break the breeding cycle.

Best indoor mosquito killers

  • Mosskitos Insect Killer with 360 Degrees LED Trap Lamp
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

This mosquito killer is quiet, waterproof, odorless, and extremely effective in getting rid of flying insects. It features a 365 NM wavelength UV light that lures mosquitoes and other flying insects. The insects are trapped and starved to death without harming the environment, humans and pets.

It is best used in a dark and closed place. You should open it once a week to get the flies off the box for cleaning. It can work with any USB adapter or power bank and recommend it for indoor use only.

  • The MOZI USA Made Mosquito Killer
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Souce: HuntForGardening

It is one of the best indoor mosquito killers because it is portable, easy to use, and vetted by a team of scientists. It uses a 3-in-1 catchment system that is designed to attract and trap nuisance insects like mosquitoes, gnats and fruit flies.

With simple, minimalistic design, this is not only eco-friendly but also safe to use in rooms where your children rest and play as no smoke or chemicals are used.

  • Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Mini
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

Xiaomi Bcase Mosquito Killer is a really well built and beautiful. It’s really powerful and is used in the kid’s room as it’s baby safe and high-grade.

This Mosquito Killer will lure mosquitoes into the box and trap them. Chemical insecticides are not used in this product, and physical mosquito killing is safer for your and kid’s health.

The UV light is also better when you are sleeping. There is no smell, no dust and no sound so you can sleep with this turned on.

  •  Black And Decker Bug Zapper
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

Black and Decker Bug Zapper eliminates the need for insecticides and pesticides to keep homes bug-free. The two electrical zappers that you receive attract bugs using UV and electrocute them on a high voltage grid. They are quiet, compact, and have protective plastic cases that look good.

  • Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp – USB Powered UV LED Attractant Insect Killer
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: HuntForGardening

If you’re seeking for a portable mosquito killer that is safe for pets and kids, the Electric Mosquito Trap Lamp is the best choice. It contains no chemicals, emits no radiation and not toxic. It gives no weird smell and safe for the entire household.

This works with any USB port or a regular adapter. The UV trap lamp that features a light-controlled sensor closes during the day. It is very portable and very easy to clean. It comes with 25 months warranty.

  • PestZilla 1 Robust UV Electronic Zapper Killer
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

The PestZilla can get rid of all flying and creeping insects from your home. It works perfectly without dangerous chemicals. It is easy to clean and does not clog.

It’s powerful with the ability to cover an extensive area. It features a 10 Watt UV bulb that attracts all flying insects to a powerful high voltage metal grid which then electrocutes them. It’s safe for humans and pets. You can collect the dead insects via the tray at the bottom.

  • Bug Zapper – Fly Trap Mosquito Zapper
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

This indoor bug zapper is very effective in killing all flying insects. It features a blue light emitted from a special light tube that gives out UV rays which attract insects and electrocutes them. It is safe for human and pets.

It’s ideal for a vast area of space like a hall, bedroom, hotel, and offices. It can operate at night and daytime. It’s hygienic, simple and really easy to clean.

  • KATCHY Original Indoor Insect Trap
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

The UV light from this best insect killer indoor or for home attracts mosquitoes, fruit flies, and gnats. It traps them in the sticky glue board where they remain till death. It involves no toxic chemicals, so it is safe for all.

It can work with any USB outlet or power source and suitable for bedroom, halls, hotels or garage. Even in areas without a power source, it can work with a power bank.

  • Tiabo Bug Zapper Indoor Insect Killer
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

The Tiabo bug zapper employs an ultraviolet bulb to lure insects and other flies and kills it when the insect makes contact. It is ideal for bedroom, kitchen, offices, etc. It is completely safe and releases no foul odor.

It can keep an entire room free from mosquito and insect for days. Using is easy as all you have to do is plug to any USB port. It comes with a full year warranty.

  • Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug-in
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

Neatmaster’s Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a top-of-the-line plug-in with the newest dual microchip technology.

You can program the device to function on three different modes to match the level of infestation in your home, with green being a small infestation, blue moderate, and red signifying a large infestation. It’s suggested to have one per room as ultrasound cannot penetrate walls.

  • ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Rechargeable Mosquito Killer
What is the best indoor mosquito killer

Source: Amazon

The ZapIT! electric fly swatter is a tested and reliable tool with the capacity to zap insects. It comes with 2 DURACELL AA batteries which make the bug zapper work immediately. It is fast and very easy to use.

This insect zapper presents no health risk to users. It is friendly to the environment. It applies to both indoor and outdoor use.

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