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The Right Way to Wear Sunscreen with Moisturizer for a Radiant Complexion
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The Right Way To Wear Sunscreen With Moisturizer For A Radiant Complexion

To best preserve skin, what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen? Today, this article of BestLifeTips will dive deep into the correct answer for your radiant complexion.

Below are some effective guidelines related to the question of what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen. Now, read on with BestLifeTips, and practice safe skincare.

What Is Sunscreen?

If you want to search for information about what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen, what you found may be all about the sunscreen. How does it work with moisturizer to know who first?

According to the National Cancer Institute, sunscreen is a substance that helps protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun. It reflects, absorbs, and even scatters ultraviolet A and B radiation to provide protection against both these radiations.

What’s The Difference Between Chemical Vs Physical Sunscreen?

There are two types of sunscreen with distinct ingredients and functions. Are they affecting the answer for what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen? Let’s continue with the difference between physical and chemical blocking sunscreen.

As per Harvard Health Publishing, physical aka mineral blocking plays an important role in reflecting ultraviolet rays from the sun. It contains one of two active ingredients, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.


what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen

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Meanwhile, the latter contains chemicals that absorb the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Its list of ingredients typically has aminobenzoic acid, octisalate, avobenzone, octocrylene, and oxybenzone. It specialized this list for the United States market.

The Kinds Of Sunscreen You Use May Affect Your Skin

There is no denying the great effect of sunscreen in protecting the skin. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported on some worrisome non-GRASE (safe & effective) ingredients including oxybenzone as a hormone disruptor.

what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen

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However, there is still no convincing evidence that oxybenzone can cause harm to its amount daily. Even if you avoid sunscreen with oxybenzone, you can encounter it in many other products, including plastics, hairspray, and nail polish.

If you want to use sunscreen safely, it’s best to check out the ingredient list for choosing one with a minimum amount of oxybenzone.

Can You Mix Moisturizer And Sunscreen Together?

Surely before knowing what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen in your skincare routine, you must understand the principle of combining these two products. Mixing sunscreen with moisturizer is harmless action. But there will be 2 drawbacks if you mix them together.

what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen

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No matter what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen, when you use it together, you’re diluting them. Not to mention the conflict between their components. Certain ingredients in moisturizers or whatever can affect a sunscreen’s UV filters and make them less effective.

Therefore, it is best not to mix but to use separately in the same routine. This is also the important point of what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen.

What About A Moisturizer With SPF?

If you’re using a daily moisturizer with SPF to shield your face from sun damage, but you’re not getting as much protection as you think.

Indeed, most experts always recommend using both a moisturizer and a separate sunscreen. Each product will work with their own ability better. Still, while it’s not exactly derm-recommended, applying a moisturizer with SPF is better than applying no SPF at all.

what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen

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Temporarily ignore what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen, if you’re looking for a new go-to which mixes them both simply, let’s consider carefully about its SPF.

You can use a moisturizer with SPF like normal as long as it’s SPF 30 or higher and has broad spectrum coverage for spanning UVA. It’s safe for your skin under the sun.

Why Do I Need Both Moisturizer And Sunscreen In My Skincare Routine?

Of course. You should have both moisturizer and sunscreen in your skincare routine for different purposes. In fact, you need to apply SPF for protection against UV rays and moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Although sunscreens can contain hydrating properties, they aren’t a good substitute for a moisturizer. Same goes for moisturizer with SPF. Integrating their features together instead of using them separately will give a completely non-ideal effect.

So, it’s best to use both for your facial skin, especially sensitive skin type. Now, you have the answer about why you should use both of them, but what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen?

What Goes First Moisturizer Or Sunscreen?

What goes first moisturizer or sunscreen? Definitely you need an exact answer for layering your skincare properly? One of the hardest in skincare is the order of steps. It makes a difference.

Before going to what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen, check out some sharing about their application from dermatologists.

If you apply moisturizer under sunscreen, it can create a barrier that prevents your skin from absorbing sunscreen well. However, if you choose the opposite way, moisturizer is on top of sunscreen, it can interfere to work its magic in protecting against UV rays.

what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen

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It’s hard to determine, but don’t worry, choosing what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen, which really depends on several factors, especially the type of sunscreen.

Therefore, the order to use moisturizer and sunscreen will be as follows:

Moisturizer First, Mineral Sunscreen Second

If you’re using a mineral-based sunscreen or sunblock, you should always apply your moisturizer first, then your sunscreen.

By this order, the antioxidants and other nutrients in your moisturizer will absorb well into the skin. Then, your mineral sunscreen can work its magic with no interference.

At this point, this physical sunscreen works properly as a shield by deflecting harmful UV rays before they reach your skin. People also used this use more because of its safety because the ingredients of the sunscreen do not penetrate the skin.

Chemical Sunscreen First, Moisturizer Second

As per the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) explains, active ingredients such as avobenzone, oxybenzone, octinoxate, etc. will work by soaking up the UV rays, converting into heat, and releasing before it can penetrate your skin.

what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen

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So, use it first for more effectiveness when it has a chance to really soak into your skin.

How Long Should I Wait To Apply Sunscreen After Moisturizer?

Currently, there is no exact data on how long it takes between applying sunscreen and moisturizer. However, everything would be fine when you identify what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen.

Generally, the best practice that people still do is to wait a few minutes after the moisturizer for the skin to absorb well and then it is the turn of the physical sunscreen for the former.

How Much Sunscreen Is Enough?

Some skin experts suggest putting . 04 ounces on your face and one ounce of sunscreen on your entire body.

Reapply Sunscreen Every 2 Hours

According to PubMed, a common recommendation is to reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours. Further reapplication is necessary after vigorous activity that could remove sunscreen, such as swimming, toweling, or excessive sweating.

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Now, you’ve perceived the exact answer for what goes first moisturizer or sunscreen on your skincare. BestLifeTips hopes you follow a consistent routine to maintain your skin’s vitality.