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What clothes do detectives wear while being on their duties?

What Clothes Do Detectives Wear While Being On Their Duties?

When it comes to detective, the first one we could think of is Sherlock Holmes, who is a famous fictional detective. But most of us still don’t really have a comprehensive look at a detective. What do detectives do? What do detectives wear? What types of detectives? BestLifeTips will share with you information to answer all these questions.

Detective is a special career, and there are different types of detectives. Have you ever wondered what do detectives wear when they are on their duties? Take a look at this article of BestLifeTips to find an answer.

What does a detective do?

What does a detective do

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A detective is an investigator, usually a member of a law enforcement agency. A detective may work for the police or privately. Detectives often specialize in a specific type of crime, such as homicide or fraud. They’re typically assigned one case until it’s dropped, an arrest has been made or until a trial has been completed.

A detective helps to solve criminal crimes by talking to witnesses and informants, collecting physical evidence, or searching records in databases. They must respond to emergency calls at any time of the day and arrest suspects. Detectives can also collect evidences from the scene of crime and process it to use in a criminal case. They communicate with many people, including other law enforcement.

Here are some common duties of a detective.

  • Collect facts and physical evidences at a crime scene in order to solve a crime
  • Prepare and examine formal report
  • Observe the activities of criminal suspects
  • Perform raids and arrest criminals
  • Use department resources to help solve a crime
  • Interview witnesses, suspects and informants to identify alibis, time frames, potential suspects, missing information and clues that can solve the case
  • Interrogate suspects to gather as much evidences as possible for a case or to identify a perpetrator
  • Testify in courtroom proceedings by explaining the evidences or by serving as a witness

Types of detectives

There are two main types of detectives. They are public and private detectives. Within these two, there are many types of detectives with various specialities. Keep reading to find out what they are.

  • Homicide detective

Homicide detectives specialize in investigating murders and apprehend the person responsible for the crime. They assess the crime scenes, examine the victims, speak with witnesses, collect evidence to solve the case.

  • Police detective

They are known as criminal investigators. Police detectives investigate crimes including robbery, arson, homicide and property crimes. They testify in court as needed to help a jury reach a verdict.

  • Forensic detective

Forensic detectives use their knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry to investigate and analyse the evidence. They write detailed reports and use specific evidence to prove what really occurred.

  • Computer crime detective

A computer crime detective investigates a crime that involves a computer and a computer network. They solve a variety of cases such as computer hacking and copyright infringement cases. Sometimes they also help recover computer data to use as evidence in prosecuting crimes.

  • Undercover detective

They use another identity while working on the case. Undercover detectives often use hidden cameras and recorders. Their work may last for months to years.

What do detectives wear?

What do detectives wear?

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Since there are different types of detectives, they will wear different clothes which suit their job. Keep reading to see what do detectives wear.

Depending on the type and the assignment, detectives wear what is appropriate for that day or that job. Some detectives will wear suits. Police detectives, for example, they do not wear uniform, but they do have a kind of dress code like suits. Plainclothes detectives wear business casual options. They typically wear slacks and jackets, depending on the season. Wearing a concealed firearm is also required for the job.

For forensic detectives who have to go to the crime scenes, they will wear something like gray polo shirt with embroidered name/department; navy BDU pants; black belt with radio, key clip, flashlight and extra glove pouch; black waterproof boots; ball cap (weather-dependent). They also use protective gear to avoid contamination and other hazards at the crime scenes.

As for undercover assignments, the detectives wear an outfit that blends in with the other residents in the area so that they can operate freely without suspicion.

To sum up, what do detectives wear depends on the type and the assignment. Some detectives will wear suits, and others, such as gang detectives, vice detectives, and other specialized assignment detectives, wear a tee shirt and jeans with a raid jacket or vest. For undercover detectives, they will wear an outfit that blends in with the other residents in the area.

What do detectives wear? – FAQ

What do detectives wear? - FAQ

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Do police detectives always wear plain clothes?

The answer is no. Police detectives sometimes wear their uniform in case if they’re ever called on an urgent call. They have the option of going plain clothes, but it’s all a personal choice in their department.

How do modern police detectives wear?

That is usually decided by the department, and to an extent by the individual detective, based on their duties and plans for the day.

Some departments directive that state they may wear the traditional issue police uniform with full duty belt (and vest), a suit/business attire or a soft uniform consisting of 5–11 style khaki pants and a polo shirt with the embroidered name and badge.

Detectives that are going to court are normally in suits or the traditional uniform. If the detective is going to work off-duty before or after their shift, as most off-duty jobs require the traditional uniform.

Another consideration is if they will be serving warrants, crawling under cars, through houses attics or digging through dumpsters, the soft uniform is preferred for comfort and durability.

How do female detectives dress?

Police officers wear the same uniform as any gender. Plain clothed females tend to wear pants, like jeans, and a top, same as male plainclothes cops.

Female detectives tend to wear pant suits like male detectives in conservative business attire. They need a jacket of some sort to cover their weapons.

Do police detectives wear jeans?

Detectives and investigators wear regular clothes. Which can range anywhere from jeans to a full suit. Sometimes it is a personal preference. Sometimes there’s a department policy. Sometimes there is a specific task that will dictate the best clothes for the day.

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Detective is a special job, they may face many dangers while being on their duties. What do detectives wear depends on the type of detective and the assignment. Hope that BestLifeTips can somehow help you understand more about detectives’ work and style through this article.