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Are you scared of Sunday? Sound kinda weird, but this is why and 7 moves to get out of Sunday scaries

Are You Scared Of Sunday? Sound Kinda Weird, But This Is Why And 7 Moves To Get Out Of Sunday Scaries

The end of a weekend has always been unpleasant, but the anxiety many people feel on the eve of a workweek is distinctly modern. What are Sunday scaries and how to make peace with them? BestLifeTips answers right below.

It’s only a great weekend for you until Sunday afternoon or night? You are not alone. You are not alone. The term Sunday scaries is the popular term for these sentiments. So what are Sunday scaries? Find what you need to know and how your anxieties can be eased here at BestLifeTips.

What are Sunday scaries?

We can hear different names such as Sunday night blues, Sunday scaries,… They are different names of the same dread feeling of heading back to work after a weekend. 76% of Americans reported suffering Sunday night anxiety in comparison of 47% of people around the world, according to a survey conducted by job site Monster. The term Sunday scaries is all about the tension appears in the Sunday afternoon or evening.

Sunday scaries symptoms

Sunday scaries symptoms

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The Sunday scaries are a type of anxiety that involves nervousness and dread about something that hasn’t happened yet: the upcoming week. The Sunday scaries, despite their name, can appear on any day of the week, depending on your schedule. If you work or go to class from Tuesday to Saturday, for example, it will most likely appear on Monday night.

As the hours pass on Sunday afternoon, you’ll most likely notice some anxiety symptoms developing, such as

  • A feeling of unease.
  • Stomach problems
  • Restlessness
  • Lose interest

The causes of Sunday scaries

The causes of Sunday scaries

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These feelings can sometimes be traced back to a single cause. Maybe your least favorite task is the first of the week, or your weekly briefing with a huge pressure report is on Monday morning.

It’s natural to be concerned about the upcoming workweek; after all, balancing between work and personal life, and other responsibilities can be difficult. However, for some, the Sunday Scaries may be a symptom of a more serious underlying issue.
Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your current career path. Perhaps you aren’t taking good care of yourself, and your stress and personal life are infiltrating your work life.
Perhaps you despise your job or work in a toxic workplace that has been slowly eating away at you for some time.

Identifying the cause, in either case, can help you find ways to manage your feelings, whether that means doing a little extra studying or getting a pep talk from your partner.
Other times, the causes of Sunday anxiety are more complex. Many people’s days are becoming increasingly hectic. Some regular tasks probably cause your tension:

  • Doing household chores
  • socializing
  • making time for interests
  • leaving for work (and doing well enough to keep your job)
  • Exercise
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Preparing meal

How to deal with the Sunday scaries

If you’re suffering from the Sunday Scaries, here are some strategies for dealing with the anxiety that comes with the start of the workweek.

  • Improve your work-life balance
How to deal with the Sunday scaries

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Our jobs are important, but so are our personal lives. It is important to be able to draw straight lines between our personal and professional lives, which means we should not bring our jobs home with us and we should not encourage our feelings and home life to compete with our work. This can be a little more difficult if you work from home. Where practicable, designate a work area in your house so that you are not sitting in your living room. Following a plan and establishing boundaries may also be beneficial.

To stop getting job pressure on Sunday night, we should take action to live a rewarding personal life so that our weekends are enjoyable and relaxing rather than packed with responsibilities and anxiety.

As you get home from work throughout the week, take some minutes to unwind from the day’s pressures before focusing on your home life, whether it’s spending time with relatives, running errands, completing house duties, spending time outdoors, or preparing a healthy meal.

When at work, do your best to leave your personal stressors and problems at the door and focus only on the work mission at hand. Having clear work/personal life limits allows you to relax and value your time away from the workplace more. Set rules on when to start (and stop!) working from home will help keep your job and personal lives apart.

  • Plan for me time
How to deal with the Sunday scaries

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Don’t feel guilty for some fun. You will (and should) have a good time on Sunday! Take a minute just before the weekend starts to plan an enjoyable outing, whether it’s a long walk, a potluck meal with friends, or doing some volunteer work. If you want a day of rest and contemplation on Sunday, schedule something more enjoyable, such as reading a book, writing in your diary, engaging in a spiritual observance, or taking a long nap by the beach.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s something you love and look forward to. Just make sure you stick to it—no text, no rescheduling on yourself, no email checking. You might also make it a Sunday tradition, doing something that makes you happy every Sunday. It doesn’t have to be something fancy—you might call an old friend to catch up or sip a glass of wine while enjoying your favorite Netflix movie.

This might sound too simple, but you’ll be able to enjoy the weekend while it lasts rather than dwelling on the fact that it’s almost over.

  • Be more present
What are sunday scaries 9 1 scaled

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The Sunday scaries are caused by imagining the future, by dreaming about what will happen in the coming week—the jobs we’ll have to do, the talks we’ll have to have, and the activities (big and small) we’ll have to complete. Thinking forward can be beneficial, but it detracts from the present moment.

If you find it difficult to be fully present, another strategy is to concentrate on the positives of the future or to celebrate what you’ve done in the past. What do you have planned for the next week? What did you do the previous week that you are very proud of? We also have power over how we turn up at any given moment, even on Sundays, so it’s worth a shot to commit to being mindful, being optimistic, and loving the rest of your weekend for what it is.

When you begin to sense those fears creeping in, try to get yourself back to the current moment. Sunday is already the holiday, and you get the day off. So, if you’re paddle boarding with your girlfriend, competing on a youth sports team with friends, or vegging out alone in front of the TV, encourage yourself to be in the moment.

  • Leave it for Friday
What are sunday scaries 10 scaled

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We all plan to spend the weekend on maintenance tasks such as go food shopping, clean your house, make a to-do list, and plan your clothes for the week. Although this is all well and good, looking forward about the next week—and figuring out what you need to get done through it—can also make you feel like the weekend has passed you by far too quickly.

Rather than physically tuning out a couple hours before the weekend, try to spend a few hours on Friday getting ahead on the coming week and jotting down notes on what you’ll do when you step in the door Monday morning. Even small tasks, such as doing a load of laundry before leaving for work one day or picking up your dry cleaner on the way home, will free up your Sunday to relax, replenish, and enjoy.

  • Treat yourself well on Monday
What are sunday scaries 6 1 scaled

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You might create a Monday morning routine that allows your weekend vibe to carry over into your weekday and raises your spirits before heading to work, such as reading your favorite book over a cup of coffee, fitting in a spin class and a shower, or listening to a motivational playlist of your favorite songs. You might also start scheduling short breaks in the day where you leave your desk and go for a walk, enjoy something sweet, or meditate for a few minutes. Alternatively, you might consider moving your daily Monday duties to Tuesday so you can concentrate on easing back into the week.

It is totally up to you what you do! Simply schedule something you’ll love doing. If you can look forward to this much-maligned day, you’ll be less likely to fear the start of the week every Sunday evening.

  • Seek for professional help
What are sunday scaries 11 scaled

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As previously said, the Sunday Scaries may also be a symptom of something more serious that needs to be worked on. A therapist will assist you with identifying potential factors that are adding to your depression and anxiety, as well as provide you with safe coping tools to help you move through your issues.

Keep an eye out for anxiety that starts earlier and earlier each week or that never seems to go away, particularly if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • Tiredness
  • Irritation
  • Concentration problems
  • Emotional numbness

Maybe you are in a toxic household or workplace and are unaware of it, or perhaps you have underlying childhood trauma or other traumatic events that have yet to be discussed. Perhaps you suffer from anxiety or depression and attribute your symptoms to the Sunday Scaries when they are, in fact, treatable mental health conditions.

  • Change your career path
What are sunday scaries 1 2 scaled

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This is probably a last solution and surely it’s certainly better said than done. However, if you find Sunday nights utterly frightening on a daily basis, you should certainly find something easier to look forward to on Monday mornings. If you can’t see any obvious ways to improve your present career, it may be time to find a different workplace to go to every week.

Although no career is easy and work is not always enjoyable, it is possible to do work that you love with people who help you. If you don’t have any of these, it’s probably time to rethink your career and why you’re doing it with.

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Mondays can be difficult. Sundays, on the other hand, don’t have to be fraught with anxiety and dread of yet another work week ahead. Understanding what Sunday scaries are makes it simpler for you to light up your weekend and get on better with Monday. Give BestLifeTips a thumb up if you find it help and return more frequently for more life tips.