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26 Impressive Ideas for Making Unique Christmas Costumes

26 Impressive Ideas For Making Unique Christmas Costumes

If you’re confused about what to wear on this Christmas party to impress everyone there, take a look at these unique Christmas costume ideas of BestLifeTips. We make sure to bring to you the most impressive and hilarious ideas.

In this article, BestLifeTips will share with you more than 20 unique Christmas costume ideas to make a special costume of your own on this Christmas.

Unique Christmas costume ideas – Mini Christmas tree costume

You can create mini Christmas tree costumes for your kids or big Christmas tree costume for adults.

Start with a foam mattress pad and staple it in the shape of a toddler size cone. This costume may be tedious but oh-so-worth it when it’s finished.

Tulle snowman and Christmas tree couple costumes

unique Christmas costume ideas

Source: Coolest Homemade Costume

You can DIY with your bestie for an ugly sweater for unique Christmas costume ideas. Just buy some tulle, hot glue and glitter. They may surprise your friends.

An angel on a tree

Start with an old flower girl dress that is floor length. Then, turn up the bottom so the skirt is half the length and hand stitch a few spots.

Take some thin rope light and hand sew it to the bottom, then add bows and red jewels. Use fabric glitter glue to give the top a Christmas feel and add some feathers to the shoulders.

Afterwards, hand sew a pocket on the underskirt and slipped the battery pack to the rope light in there.

On the back of the dress, add two snaps to attach her wings and complete the angel costume.

You can purchase some pine tree garland on Amazon and then buy a skirt on Goodwill to attach it to.

Then, hand stitch three rows of garland to the dress. Cut two strips out of another scrap of fabric left over from recovering some barstools and make straps that go over your daughter’s shoulders.

Next, decorated the “tree” with battery operated Christmas Lights, red bows and silver and gold jingle bells.

Add more feathers and some pretty silver and white tube ribbon. Add white feather wings and snaps.

For the final step, the trunk, just simply purchased brown knee-high boots.

Twinkling Christmas tree costume

Try to make this twinkling Christmas tree costume for unique Christmas costume ideas.

Jack Frost and Heat Miser child’s couple costumes

unique Christmas costume ideas

Source: Coolest Homemade Costume

Turn your child into Jack Frost and Heat Miser with the unique Christmas costume ideas from this child’s couple costumes. Your kids would love them very much.

Happy Holidays girl group costumes

Another idea for unique Christmas costume ideas is making a group Christmas costume.

Gather the costumes consisting of an Easter Bunny, a Leprechaun, Santa, Cupid, and the Turkey to create the Happy Holidays girl group costume.

Homemade Christmas tree and present couple costume

The best part of these costumes is that they are really cheap and easy to make. You can get everything from the thrift store and get them done in 1 day.

For the X-mas tree, use a giant men’s sweater in green and black or brown leggings. Go get some ornaments, a tree topper, anything that is cheery and X-massy.

Then just use the same little hooks to hook ornaments on the sweater and use the tree topper on your head.

The “present” costume can be made from a big X-mas sweater and just take a cardboard box and cut off the bottom and top flaps.

Then wrap it up in wrapping paper, and staple ribbons on the sides to create “suspenders”. Then add big bow in the hair to get it done.

The Who’s Family from How the Grinch stole Christmas

unique Christmas costume ideas

Source: Vintage Revivals

You can wear costumes as the Who family to take a Christmas family photo for a Christmas card. This will be a great idea from the unique Christmas costume ideas.

Dress in red tights, dresses, red winter jackets, scarves, and green to mix it up.

Heat Miser and Snow Miser couple costumes

Just like Jack Frost and Heat Miser child’s couple costumes, make your cool costumes for Heat Miser and Snow Miser as the adult version. This will definitely impressive.

DIY Ebeneezer Scrooge costume

This homemade Ebeneezer Scrooge Costume is quite simple. You may have almost everything in your closet already, or you can find them from thrift stores, or rent them from a formal shop.

Use a top hat and blueish-gray wig. Pick up a round, wire-rimmed spectacles for a couple of bucks at a flea market. You may also be able to find a cheap real wooden pipe there.

Probably the hardest to find for most people would be the tailcoat. But don’t worry, they are available from formal wear rental places pretty much all the time.

Wear a pocket watch and chain. You can use any simple, 12-inch chain for this costume.

Lastly, don’t forget to scowl and frown and call out “Bah, humbug” plenty of times.

Polar Express and conductor costume

unique Christmas costume ideas

Make your son a homemade Polar Express and conductor costume for this Christmas. This is also a good choice for unique Christmas costume ideas.

You can use a blue suit and old TWA pilot’s hat to make your son the conductor.

Print out a conductor badge, print on it the words “Polar Express” and then tack it to his pilot’s hat. Let him carry a ticket puncher.

The train can be made out of a cardboard diaper box. Add construction paper for the add-on pieces and rounded sides.

Attach the rounded sides by using a paper cutter to slice through the diaper box and slide cardboard construction paper into the groves, then fold and tape them into the inside.

You can use paper plates for the wheels, attached with nuts and bolts.

The Christmas cracker costume

It will be one of the unique Christmas costume ideas this Christmas.

This banging Christmas cracker costume will make everyone laugh when you enter the Christmas party or charity event.

It’s suitable for both men and women, and is a little more out of the ordinary than your average elf costume.

Christmas bauble costume

This will be perfect for a couple’s costume when paired with the cracker. It follows the same gold and red colour palette. This costume is sure to be one of the unique Christmas costume ideas for you.

Gingerbread pup costume

unique Christmas costume ideas

Don’t forget to come up with some unique Christmas costume ideas for your little doggo. Dress your pup up with the funny costume that is the Gingerbread pup.

Watch them run as fast as they can in this Christmas costume will be really funny.

Penguin costume

For a Christmas super silly look, put on this giant penguin costume. This unisex adult penguin costume is easy to pull over the head.

Santa piggyback costume

This old fella is a funny one for unique Christmas costume ideas. Just simply stuff your legs and create the illusion by scurrying around trying to keep balanced.

Christmas pudding costume

unique Christmas costume ideas

This costume is for both men and women and even comes complete with a holly sprig detail and a small hat. You’ll look lit in this pudding costume.

Inflatable turkey costume

This costume is unisex and powered by a battery fan. It’ll cause fun and havoc wherever it goes.

Complete the costume with a Santa hat and add 4 AA batteries.

Snowflake costume

Let’s make your dream of dressing up as a snowflake come true. Grab a design from the internet, then enlarge, cut out, and glue together with something that will make it stick long enough for all that merrymaking.

Snowman costume

unique Christmas costume ideas

This holiday snowman costume looks festive. It’s cute and sexy at the same time. All you need is a long-sleeved white shirt, a white frilly tutu, white stockings, and black boots. Accessorize with oversized black buttons, a top hat, and a red scarf.

Red-nosed reindeer shirt

Another cute and hilarious one for unique Christmas costume ideas is this red-nosed reindeer shirt.

Get a dark brown shirt, and another long sleeved one in a lighter shade. Sew in some white patches and design a comic-looking pair of eyes.

Stuff some brown socks for the antlers, and add a red ball for the nose.

Children’s Grinch tutu dress

Your little girl is gonna love this beautiful reindeer-inspired tutu dress. The combination of brown and red keeps it true to its theme. And don’t forget to put on that special pair of reindeer antlers on her head.

Christmas gift box costume

unique Christmas costume ideas

Another idea for unique Christmas costume ideas is this Christmas present costume.

Get a festive-looking Christmas wrapping paper large enough to cover yourself front and back. Then add some ruffled paper and a handle, and you’ll look like a Christmas present in a paper bag.

Whoville costumes for kids

If you have the time and the creativity, make these awesome Whoville costumes for your kids.

Throw together the most colorful and most mismatched pieces of clothing you can find. Throw in some really colorful and furry boots.

Make the hair tall and stiff, and adorn with all kinds of little holiday trinkets.

Joseph’s costume

You can also dress up your kids in this religious costume like Joseph on that night in the manger.

Make use of bed sheets or hand towels. Create the staff using cardboard wrapped in crepe paper.

Spooky Oogie Boogie nightmare before Christmas costume

unique Christmas costume ideas

Be a stand out with this spooky Oogie Boogie nightmare before Christmas costume.

It’s made entirely from burlap, make sure to add a little spooky twist to any Christmas party.

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There are a lot of unique Christmas costume ideas that you can apply to have a stand out clothing for this Christmas. Follow BestLifeTips to get more creative Christmas ideas.