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If you have these 11 marvelous people in your group, you own the greatest team ever

If You Have These 11 Marvelous People In Your Group, You Own The Greatest Team Ever

There are different types of people in a friend group and they are simply not the same. Let’s find out who they are with BestLifeTips right below.

We all have that group of people who might be your classmates, roommates, teammates, or all of them. Each has different personalities and plays different roles in the group. BestLifeTips will reveal different types of people in a friend group right below.

What are the different roles in a friend group?

And chances are you might be one of them. Here’re different roles in a friend group that we all have.

The mom

They will be the one who keep reminding about the safety and make sure that everybody returns home safely after all. As their role, they will be the justice of your group, who will resolve the conflict between members and protect the peace of your group at all costs. Besides, your mom will definitely let you go if they also show up, no more questions.

Types of people in a friend group

The therapist

They love giving hugs and advice, always genuinely listen to your same long stories and never leave you alone with your problems. They know the secret from everyone in the group and keep it safe. They are also the first one everyone thinks about whenever they need a safe place to talk and to be understood.

types of people in a friend group

The motivator

Everything looks perfect from their side, straight A’s (they might say something like they have no time for study and they are done), unbelievable SAT and still have time to hang out. They are the whole group’s inspiration and a huge source of positive energy for the whole group.

The greeter

They are the first one to create the group and to bring up a new plan or ideas for group gathering. They love meeting people and making new friends. They welcome strangers to join and nurture the connections between members.

The joker

They own a huge sense of humor and a free entertainment of the group. They lift everyone’s mood up by their stories or sometimes just the way they are. Everybody wants them to show up in every gathering.

The floater

Their signature saying is their agreement to everything. These friends are super chill and laid back, they are up to anything. You can’t find them irritated for anything or say something negative even though it’s negative.


They have no regrets or limits. Regardless of how crazy the ideas are, they will be bold and live their life to the fullest.

types of people in a friend group

What are the types of people in a friend group?

Have you ever looked back and doubted how the heck you can end up with these people? They are totally different and bring certain traits to the table. Here they are. You can’t agree with us more.

The late one

You can make a guarantee that they will be late to every single event and never make an apology for it either. They are the reason why your trip starts at 6pm while it’s actually 8pm.

types of people in a friend group

The hipster one

They are just different, from the style to the restaurant they choose. They are the ones who you can trust when it comes to fashion and a weird idea for gathering.

The workaholic

You can find them constantly working, even in the middle of your South East Asia trip. Mail box in the morning and sales forecast in the late evening. You can find them catching new ideas for startup at anytime, from bar to bed.

The drama king/queen

This person is the root of all kinds of dramas in your group. Their hidden superpower is the ability of seeing issues in every single thing and exaggerate them in any ways.

The fashionista and/or makeup guru

Every time you get confused about what to choose, the first one to think of is this friend. They are up-to-date about fashion latest trend in fashion and makeup. They are always the first ones to update the trend color of the year and to pre-order the new Mac lipstick colors.

types of people in a friend group

The sassy one

It’s their second language. You all need to look after them and control them if any conflict in public places.

The smart one

This is usually the individual in the group who does the best in school. Most of the time, school comes naturally to this person. This person may not only be book clever but also street smart. In a crisis, this intelligent person knows exactly what to do.

types of people in a friend group

The emotional one

They are so natural with emotions, cry whenever they want, give hug whenever they like to do. Talking with them is literally like a therapy session. They will be the easiest ones to talk to when you are in trouble with your mental health.

The loud one

You can hear them from some feet away and get startled sometimes when their voice breaks the silence. They might be the funny ones in your group just because of their loudness. Everyone relies on them in food order as well.

The gym junkie

You might receive the same answer when asking where they are. You know where to find them if they are not at work or in the class. The gym junkie passionately commits to their workout routine and knows how to arrange their schedule around it.

types of people in a friend group

The wild one

This person is a group’s troublemaker. There’s literally nothing can stop them in any cases. They always come up with the weirdest ideas and threaten everyone by their decision. Your parents might not like them a lot and often ask questions about their parents.

Who are you in your friend group?

Are you the mom, the kid, or the wild one in a group of friends? Sometimes it’s not about taking a quiz and see who are you to your friend but how you feel about yourself in the group.

Who are you in your friend group

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Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you feel when you play your role in the group? Let’s say, you are the mom friend, how do you feel when embody the mother archetype in your friendship?
  • What’s your motivation?
  • Do you feel obligated or inspired to take that role?
  • After all, do you feel energized or depleted?
  • Do you feel emotionally balanced?

By answering those questions, you will understand the motivation behind your behaviour and recognize whether you receive back from this friendship.

Be yourself, not what people think who you are supposed to be. We tend to flow by what people assume about us. There’s nothing wrong with them but unintentionally put their stereotype on us. In case you find it unnatural or uncomfortable while playing any roles in the group, talk it out loud. Let friends know more about you, not the label that people put on. There’s nothing wrong with being the mom, the kid or the smart as long as it isn’t draining you. Speak it out, you deserve the support from others in group.

You also can take several funny quiz below to see who you are in your BFF group.

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When reading this article, you find yourself smiling and thinking of a certain person when it comes to different types of people in a friend group. Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million things that make your life brighter and full of laughters. Get to know them, cherish who they are and embrace every moment you have with them. Return BestLifeTips often for more friendship topics.