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100 Things Every Woman Should Own

100 Things Every Woman Should Own

From fashion, skincare, to lifestyle. There are 100 things every woman should own. Let’s get started with BestLifeTips now!

The world of a woman sometimes seems complex, but actually it isn’t. Here are 100 things every woman should own. Find out now with BestLifeTips!

30 things every woman should own in their wardrobe

The list of necessities for females across different ages is almost endless. However, these are 30 things every woman should own in their wardrobe.

100 Things Every Woman Should Own!

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  1. A great trench coat or overcoat (they are excellent staples for your winter and fall wardrobe).
  2. A pair of heels (1 to 3 inches are perfect ones for you to wear all day. Besides, a neutral color like black or tan will go with everything).
  3. A timeless piece of jewelry (it could be a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings. Some excellent materials are pearl, diamond, gold, or silver. They can be worn forever and even passed on as an heirloom).
  4. A classic watch (a timeless item we can wear with any outfit).
  5. A go-to dress (you can wear them from day to night).
  6. A good bra (an extremely necessary thing to decide whether your day is good or not).
  7. A-line dress (accessorize with boots in winter and sandals in summer).
  8. Animal print clothes (no girl doesn’t like animals).
  9. Ankle boots (these look great worn with skirts and shorts).
  10. Bangles (wear an armload of thin, 18-carat gold ones for glamour).
  11. Belts (that can make you look accentuates curves and slimmer).
  12. Bikini (the key to making you sexier is keeping them small).
  13. Classic blazer (either tight and shrunken or oversized).
  14. Boyfriend cardigan (anything that looks like being stolen out of your man’s closet will not go out of fashion).
  15. Comfy pajama set (treat yourself to a set that will feel so luxurious that they’ll become your sleepwear or work-from-home uniform).
  16. Charm bracelet (build your own by collecting both vintage and new charms).
  17. Clutch bag (add excitement with bright colors, jewels, and metallics).
  18. Converse trainers (pair with jeans and a T-shirt for downtown style).
  19. Cosmetics bag (good-looking satin or velvet style are great options).
  20. Cowboy boots ( let invest in a good pair. Beat them up a bit to look cooler).
  21. Designer sunglasses (they are one of the luxury items every woman should own).
  22. Fur (whether fake or real, you should own one to wear at parties).
  23. Hobo bag (you can mix and match it with anything).
  24. Jeans (loose jeans are trending now. Pick one!).
  25. Nail polish (deep red, light pink, pastel blue, peachy-pink, spearmint, vibrant yellow, coral red, mulberry, minty green, vibrant mint, natural shades, candy pink, jacaranda, holographic, black, or clear are recommended).
  26. Perfume (a key weapon of every girl. Let find yourself a signature one).
  27. Red lipstick (nothing creates glamour for women like them).
  28. Sandals (you should own for yourself at least two pairs).
  29. Sneakers or running shoes (they’re great for hiking, traveling, or just walking around town).
  30. Scarf (this accessory can take your outfit from basic to stylish).

10 skincare products every woman should own

100 Things Every Woman Should Own!

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Here are 10 things every woman should own in your skincare steps:

  1. Makeup remover (the first rule of skincare is taking your makeup off and cleansing your face before bed).
  2. Good skin cleanser (keeping your skin clean and clear is very important).
  3. Toner (apply them after cleaning step).
  4. Vitamin C serum (the most effective anti-aging cosmetic. It is the best serum to brighten and hydrate your skin).
  5. Pure retinol correcting peel (for acne skin).
  6. Daily moisturizer (you can apply them as the last step of your skincare routine).
  7. Body cream (they are essential for your skin to be smooth and beautiful).
  8. Lip balm (to have soft and rosy lips).
  9. BHA liquid (is primarily used for acne and sun damage).
  10. Sunscreen (they absorb the radiations from the sunlight which is harmful to your skin, and allow your skin to be tan-free and beautiful).

10 things every woman should own in their life

Whether you’re single or married, here are 10 necessary things women should own in your life.

100 Things Every Woman Should Own!

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  1. A place you’ve always wanted to visit. Keep dreaming!
  2. A stable job to earn money. Remember, you should not rely on anyone!
  3. A true mentor.
  4. A hobby or interest.
  5. Black dress. You can wear them on any occasion.
  6. A sense of humor.
  7. Your favorite exercise.
  8. A true friend to share everything in your life.
  9. A favorite book.
  10. A favorite TV program.

10 things every woman should own in a relationship

When in a relationship, these things are essential for a woman.

100 Things Every Woman Should Own!

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  1. A lover who really understands you
  2. A feeling of love
  3. You need to be appreciated
  4. You need to be pampered
  5. A friend who you can count on
  6. Freedom in making
  7. You need to feel special
  8. Constant communications
  9. Kindness from partner
  10. Empathy and compassion from partner

Above are things every woman should own in a true relationship.

What every woman should have by 30?

In your 30s, you may not feel or look much different from you did a few years ago, but your body and even your hobbies are changing bit by bit. So, what things every woman should own by 30?

100 Things Every Woman Should Own!

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  1. A close friend or partner, who really understands and always spends time to talk to you whenever you need.
  2. Clear life goals to know what you are trying for.
  3. Active day-to-day working plan. You have to know how to set them explicitly.
  4. An apartment or a car will give some sense of achievement.
  5. A special recipe devised by you. Make sure that it’s delicious.
  6. Firm self-confidence to deal with everything that tough in your life.
  7. A consistent workout routine and great habits to have a healthy body.
  8. A hobby. Enjoying doing something in particular at the age of 30 would be nice.
  9. A stable sense of decision-making. This is the age when you need to make many important decisions in life.
  10. Vacation time plan. Work-life balance is also essential.
  11. A sophisticated charm.
  12. Beautiful choices of hairdos.
  13. Document box.
  14. A business plan. Star-up totally is not a bad idea.
  15. A stable savings plan.
  16. Someone you mentor.
  17. A wardrobe that defines your person.
  18. Financial and career advisors.
  19. Emotional stability.
  20. A coffee maker.

Above are 20 things every woman in her 30s should have. What else do you think about? Feel free to leave a comment below the post!

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