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Rock Painting Ideas: Creative DIY Thanksgiving Painted Rocks That Is Inspired by the Fall

Rock Painting Ideas: Creative DIY Thanksgiving Painted Rocks That Is Inspired By The Fall

Rock painting is a perfect handmade gift for someone you care about. This gift concept is for all ages, even toddlers on up, can take part in this activity. Find out with BestLifeTips to master Thanksgiving rock painting ideas right now.

When you are thinking about what you might like to paint or Thanksgiving rock painting ideas. BestLifeTips is here to give you some great ideas. Read on!

What you need to make Thanksgiving painted rock?

  • Rocks

To prepare rocks for Thanksgiving rock painting ideas as a coming meaningful gift, you may start imagining ways to add on to rocks or glue rocks together.


Keep in mind that it is helpful to start with easier-to-paint rocks, of course.

Indeed, before picking random for Thanksgiving rock painting ideas, know rocks are smoother in texture that are easier to paint on than are stones that are pitted or rough.

Always go with natural stones. You know, stones that have been polished may not accept paint or easy for you to flow your creativity with Thanksgiving rock painting ideas.

Besides, you should prepare some materials and tools as below:

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

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  • Pencil
  • Paint Brushes
  • Acrylic Paint Pens
  • Acrylic Craft Paint
  • Water for cleaning brushes
  • Clear Sealer
  • Glue gun or cement glue

How to make Thanksgiving painted rock?

Here are simple steps when you want to make any Thanksgiving rock painting gifts:

  • Step 1: Prepare the rocks by washing in soapy water and leave out to air dry.
  • Step 2: Choose Thanksgiving rock painting ideas including any phrase, colors, or design that will personalize for your receivers.
  • Step 3: Applying on rocks about 1 or 2 coats of background paint.

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Source: Kids Activities Blog

  • Step 4: Make your painted rocks with your personalized message or inspirational word following your picked option on Thanksgiving rock painting ideas.
  • Step 5: Seal your painted rocks with a sealer.
  • Step 6: Use the copper craft wire to wrap around your painted rock.

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Pumpkin Pie Rock

To make the same kind of DIY painted rock, it’s best to use a smooth white stone and follow along with using soft paint head-pens.

Keep in mind to seal it with your favorite colored spray sealer.

Thanksgiving Feast Painted Rocks

It also brings the themed Thanksgiving but you can think of sampled.

Sometimes, just color can make the themed Thanksgiving rock painting ideas.

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Source: Views From a Step Stool

Paint some rocks and get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with the kids right now.

Easy Turkey Painted Rock

These turkey imaged rock painting can create the impressive gifts for your thankful.

In fact, you don’t need make it complicated. Just simple with a head and some colorful wings.

It’s such an easy rock painting craft that kids or adults can both make. I think these would be adorable with names written underneath them and used as place markers on a Thanksgiving table!

Hand-Lettered Thanksgiving Painted Rocks

Don’t worry! You will feel the step by step tutorial of this painted rocks is easy.

Let’s make a creative and thoughtful little gift or Thanksgiving rock painting ideas for Thanksgiving decoration.

Thanksgiving Painted Rock Story Stones

That’s a great news! This whimsical Thanksgiving set of painted rocks is a great way to decorate for the holiday. Every kids always love making them.

No kids can ignore attractive stories on these story stones.

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Source: Etsy

Look! Thanksgiving rock painting ideas is also a perfect hostess gift!

DIY Gold Leaf Painted Rocks

If you want to send someone gifts as a thankful in the first time, these beautiful fall-inspired rocks are excellent. Your receivers definitely love it!

Just makes this a fun and easy way to create lovely pebble art right now.

How interesting would these pretty copper rocks be spread around your Thanksgiving table?

White Painted Rock Pumpkins

Pumpkin is really an inspired signal on Thanksgiving day or broadly the fall.

These watercolor-inspired painted rock pumpkins are a versatile fall decor idea.

You could use them in your fall vignettes, in the garden or as napkin weights.

Give Thanks Painted Rocks

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Source: Alleuia Rocks

If you are finding a great hostess gift or a beautiful harvest decoration, look no further! These hand painted rocks are a great thankful gift!

Thanksgiving Rocks Turkey Hand Painted Rock

These fun Thanksgiving rock painting ideas will be great stuff for giving this holiday season.

It’s simple and easy to do this craft.

Paint Autumn Leaves on Rocks

This fall rock painting tutorial is a simple way to decorate for fall or Thanksgiving.

Think of using Posca paint pens to get a variegated look for the fall leaves.

Give Thanks Pilgrim Pumpkins

This festive fall painted rock is adorned with pumpkins, fall leaves, acorns, Pilgrims hat, and a sign that reads “Give Thanks”. Send Thanksgiving rock painting ideas for decoration.

Thanksgiving Turkeys Painted on Rocks

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Source: Pinterest

These adorable turkey painted rocks were inspired by cookie designs! It’s a seasonal gift, properly!

Painted Rocks & Leaves Thanksgiving Table

This kind of Thanksgiving rock setting is amazing, too. You might want to know how-to guide crafts a unique Thanksgiving table idea.

In fact, with the fun painted rocks and the wonderful leaves make this a whimsical hit!

Thanksgiving Painted Rocks Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Taking advantage of these Thannksgiving rock painting ideas for playing games is really an interesting way to enjoy your big holiday with your relatives.

One of them is making a tic-tac-toe game. You know, this game is perfect for your Thanksgiving kid’s table.

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Source: The Country Chic Cottage

Every kid will love helping create this fun fall-themed game board that they can play for the rest of the day.

Thankful Thanksgiving Turkey Painted Rock

This thankful Thanksgiving turkey is a fun way to decorate for this holiday.

Pumpkin & Acorn Painted Rocks

These adorable Thanksgiving rock painting ideas inspired by pumpkin & acorn painted rocks are an easy fall craft that you can make with your family or buddies.

If you want to take advantage of these Thanksgiving rock painting ideas except for gifts, why don’t you think of using them to play a game or set the table.

Decorate Rocks as Turkeys

These lively little turkeys are an easy craft to make with the kids.

Transform these rocks into keepsakes by gluing a magnet on the back. Keep in mind putting these painted rocks in your fridge.

Vintage Truck Fall Painted Rock

Thanksgiving rock painting ideas

Source: The ART In LIFE

This fall painted rock is really unique idea for making great gifts or paperweights!

Paint an Easy Turkey for a Fall themed Painted Rock

This step by step guide makes paining a turkey on a rock a piece of cake! Invite your kids to enjoy a bonding time now.

Autumn Tree with Falling Leaves Painted Rock

With these Thanksgiving rock painting ideas like that, you can get texture on a painted rock.

The best way is making the 3D paint that gives the leaves texture you can both see and feel.

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Through this article, BestLifeTips hopes that you have already mastered Thanksgiving rock painting ideas. All things you should do now is collecting all different shapes so that you have some on hand for multiple projects.