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50+ Best Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

50+ Best Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

Read this article of BestLifeTips to see over 50 Thanksgiving gift basket ideas for the upcoming holiday. Prepare some of these ideas and surprise your beloved ones. They’ll surely love them.

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express your gratefulness to everyone. In this article, BestLifeTips will share with you some Thanksgiving gift basket ideas that may help you in choosing suitable gifts for your family and friends.

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Thanksgiving food gift basket ideas

We would like to start the Thanksgiving gift basket ideas with some food items. Let’s get started!

A jar of sweet & spicy coated nuts

To create this Thanksgiving gift basket, you can attach an oversized bow and a cinnamon stick to make the jar look cute.

Ice cream gift basket

Put together an ice cream gift basket that so many loved ones would and could enjoy. You can throw in spoons, a handmade card, topping, and more to make an ice cream gift basket for Thanksgiving.

A box of slice-and-bake shortbread cookies

This is an ideal recipe for Thanksgiving gift basket ideas if you want to gift a lot. The cookies fit nicely into a typical tin.

Orange-cardamom marmalade

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

You can use this preserved marmalade over buttered toast, spread on a brioche roll or croissant, or dollop on a toasted English muffin spread with fresh goat cheese. Plus, this sealed marmalade will keep for up to one year.

One of the great Thanksgiving gift basket ideas is an orange-cardamom marmalade in a wire basket with gift basket filler and fresh oranges.

A sweet and savory breakfast

You can create a breakfast gift basket by combining the from-scratch cornbread, orange marmalade, and honey butter into one extra-great gift. Then pack it all up in a cute basket.

Homemade ketchup

The flavor of tomato sauce will satisfy any barbecue lover. Fill the sauce in the swing-top bottles. The ketchup can last for up to a month in the fridge.

Fresh coconut-curry popcorn kit

A sweet but savory Coconut-Curry popcorn seasoning is ideal for a movie night. Throw in some napkins and a bag of kernels, and you’ll have a fresh popcorn gift basket.

Pancake gift basket

Everyone loves pancakes, and pancakes are a great way to celebrate this holiday. Make a pancake gift basket and give it to your beloved ones.

Pasta lover gift basket

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Most families love a great pasta dish. This pasta lover’s basket can be given for a variety of occasions too. Just throw in some of your favorites.

Hot chocolate gift basket

If you have a friend who loves hot chocolate, whip up some marshmallows, candy canes, and more, with some help from Consumer Crafts.

Breakfast hostess gift basket

Make this little hostess thank you gift basket with breakfast in mind. It can be used for all kinds of thank you.

You can theme your Thanksgiving gift basket ideas around holiday cookies. Gather all the supplies you need for a thoughtful gift that ends in edible – festive ones.

Lemon gift basket

One of the easy ideas for your Thanksgiving gift basket ideas is to pick a theme. It’ll help streamline your picks and keep your basket looking cohesive.

For example, a lemon gift basket is a good idea.

Cheese lover’s gift basket

This cheesy gift will make the receiver actually appreciate. Any entertainer or dairy connoisseur will love this basket.

Fill the gift basket with crackers, wine, and plenty of cheese.

Ice cream party bundle

You can use this adorable jar packed full with all the sundae, cone, and topping essentials to create your Thanksgiving gift basket.

Pumpkin spice gift basket

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Gather up all the pumpkin spice-flavored treats you can find. Display them in a rustic wicker basket and pair with a cozy plaid.

Last-minute grocery store run

Look for specialty items, buy slightly more expensive products like olive oil, fancy wine and fresh bread.

Style it all in a store-bought grocery basket with a pretty dish towel and a fresh rosemary plant from the produce section.

This is a great example of Thanksgiving gift basket ideas that you should consider.

Thanksgiving gift drink basket ideas

You can also create your Thanksgiving gift basket ideas with beverage. Here are some ideas that may inspire you.

Mimosa gift basket

This basket is packed with everything we need to whip up a classic mimosa.

Your friends won’t have to search for the perfect beverage to have on Thanksgiving morning. They’ll have the ingredients right in their present.

Coffee gift basket

This basket is perfect for coffee lovers and friends or family hosting guests this holiday season. This gift contains everything we need to serve a crowd.

Fill the basket up with your favorite beans, coffee mugs, stir sticks, and a sweet homemade treat.

Cocktail enthusiast gift basket

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Cocktail essentials are fun, too. Throw in all of the essentials for bartending cocktail.

Sangria kit

Fill a cute drink dispenser with all the essentials and ingredients, like apples, cinnamon sticks, and bourbon.

Bar essentials gift basket

Bar essentials are always essential. This gift basket is perfect for any occasions.

Wine lover basket

Give your friends and family the gift basket of their favorite wines.

Moscow Mules for two

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

This basket includes all the ingredients for a classic Moscow mule cocktail – ginger beer, vodka, limes, copper mugs and a fresh mint plant.

Tea basket

If coffee isn’t their thing, a gift basket of tea is one of the great ideas for Thanksgiving gift basket ideas.

A set of beautiful antique-style cups and saucers paired with spoons, specialty tea blends and yummy shortbread biscuits.

You can also take the gift up a notch and throw in a ceramic tea set and their favorite mix-ins.

Girlish floral gift basket

Put together a gift basket with a bit of wine and a lot of florals. This girlish gift is suitable for any woman.

Other Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Aside from food and drinks, take a look at these Thanksgiving gift basket ideas to come up with perfect gifts for your family and friends on this holiday.

Bundt cake basket

This gift includes everything your favorite baker needs to create a tasty homemade bundt cake. You can add a punny printable card to make things sweet.

Flavorful grilling gear

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Add the homemade ketchup and BBQ rub to a few grilling planks, add some skewers and a basting brush, and you have the ultimate gift basket for a BBQ-lover.

This can be wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow.

College survival gift basket

This college survival gift basket will include everything a first timer going off to college may need in those first few months away from home.

Spring cleaning gift basket

Add a bit of freshness to a neighbor’s house with this spring cleaning gift basket. Filled with goodies to put a bit of pep in your step.

It’s a unique and thoughtful idea for Thanksgiving gift basket ideas.

House warming gift basket

You can put a lot of things in this gift basket. A pretty woven basket can hold fruit or keys, a hand towel and soap are gorgeous additions in the kitchen.

A custom matchbook and a scent candle warm things up while a fun tassel key chain ensures the house keys don’t get lost.

Simple baking gift basket

This simple baking gift basket that can be used for lots of occasions. All you need to do is just include all the major essentials.

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Just relax gift basket

You don’t need an actual basket to make a great gift basket gift. Start with some slippers for a bit of relaxation.

Use them as a gift basket is a creative way for Thanksgiving gift basket ideas.

Art supplies gift basket

If you’ve got someone in your life that loves to draw, paint and create, then this one is for them. Put together all their favorites in the gift basket.

Oven mitt gift basket

If you are searching for Thanksgiving gift basket ideas for the chef in your life, you can take this. Use an oven mitt stuffed with kitchen essentials to create your own gift basket.

Cozy gift basket

A cozy gift basket is another good example of Thanksgiving gift basket ideas. Help your beloved ones relax with a plush blanket, hot cocoa, and a puzzle.

Pedicure gift basket

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

This basket comes complete with slippers, nail polish, and other pedicure supplies. You can use slippers as a gift basket.

Slow cooker gift basket

A creative idea of Thanksgiving gift basket ideas is making a slow cooker gift basket. Put cookbooks, wine, napkins, and more into a slow cooker.

This thoughtful present has everything your favorite cook needs to entertain and prepare a memorable holiday feast.

Gardener gift basket

If you want to give your Thanksgiving gift basket to a gardener, pack everything they need, such as gardening gloves, packs of seeds, pots, trowels and shovels, and more.

Ultimate movie night basket

Make a gift basket with popcorn, soda, a handmade movie ticket and snacks like candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.

A crate full of happiness

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Studies have shown that certain colors can lift your mood and increase energy levels, and yellow being a top contender.

If you know a friend who could use a boost, fill a basket with bright, cheery things like an encouraging coffee mug, sweet treats, fizzy sips and fresh yellow blooms.

Your friend will love it!

For guy basket

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the guy who has everything, give him a vintage-style toolbox full of stuff he loves or has been dying to try.

Day at the spa basket

This is a good idea to create a spa at home. A basket overflows with beautiful, bespoke bath products.

Blush feather slippers, a rose quartz facial roller, pink Himalayan bath salts, and a bottle of bubbly soothe even the most-stressed friend.

Shop small

Search for locally sourced sweets and snacks and throw in city or state-branded gifts like specialty socks, a magnet, T-shirt and more.

Put them in a gift basket and give it to your friends.

Give-back box

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

You can make a donation in their name to their favorite charity.

If you want to give something a little more tangible while still giving back, consider a basket full of items that benefit those in need.

Craft night for kids

Encourage your kids to tap into their creativity and discover new skills with a crate overflowing with arts and crafts supplies.

If they like painting, fill a basket with watercolors, a book of drawing prompts, paintbrushes and more.

You can easily tailor this gift to your little one’s interests, whether that’s photography, jewelry making or sculpting.

Craft night for grown-ups

Surprise a creative grown-up or big kid with a basket of their favorite art supplies or a new hobby they’d love to try. They’re gonna love it!

Puppy lover gift basket

For the dog parents, pack a cute water dish full of their fur babe’s favorite things, such as treats, toys and a portable food and water bottle for easy outings to the dog park.

Kitty kit

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

Don’t forget cat moms and dads. This gift basket is packed with everything a feline friend could want, tantalizing treats, gourmet cat food and, of course, catnip toys.

You can also add a little gift for their human, too.

Cleaning kit

This gift basket filled with curated, bespoke cleaning products such as all-natural cleaning sprays, a feather duster, cleaning kits and more, is both practical and pretty enough to leave out on the counter.

This gift is perfect for the first-time homeowner, college freshman or a germaphobic friend.

Vintage game night

Bring fun family game nights and make new memories. Get a Thanksgiving gift basket with a collection of classic card and board games.

Something old, something new

A vintage copper bundt pan filled with spices, tea towels, wooden spoons and other kitchen essentials will put a smile on any foodie’s face.

Mix and mingle

For a friend who loves to entertain, combine cocktail essentials with a bottle of bubbly and an ice bucket, then present it all on a statement-making serving tray.

Scent essentials

Thanksgiving gift basket ideas

For a friend who loves fragrances, fill a basket with their favorite candle, perfume, bath products and more, to keep them smelling and feeling good all year long.

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Hope that these Thanksgiving gift basket ideas of BestLifeTips can help you prepare meaningful gifts for your beloved ones on this holiday. Please share this post if you find it helpful.