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Ready to Deal with Dramatic People? Take This!

Ready To Deal With Dramatic People? Take This!

In this article, BestLifeTips will help you have a deeper look at someone thrives on drama and drama queens as well as how to deal with them.

Have you ever heard of someone thrives on drama, or drama queen? Read this article of BestLifeTips to learn more about them and know how to deal with them.

What is it called when someone thrives on drama?

We all have met someone thrives on drama in our lives, whether they’re directly involved in it or are gleefully spectating from the sidelines.

According to a new study of a team from the University of Texas, “People with drama-prone personalities generally live chaotic lives and inflict contrived crises on family, friends, and co-workers.”

Someone thrives on drama, tends to have failed relationships, search out conflict in the workplace or on social media, and not only engages in gossip about others but also complains about being the subject of gossip themselves.

What is it called when someone thrives on drama

What is drama queen?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a drama queen is “a person who has developed a habit of speaking, texting, acting and thinking like life is like a movie out of the Drama genre. Usually for attention or compensation for an extremely normal life with a normal amount of drama in it.”

Drama queens can’t maintain relationships and don’t have any real friends. Most of them don’t realize they are a drama queen and they are too stubborn to admit that they are wrong.

Signs of drama queen

Here are some signs of a drama queen:

  • Never apologize

Drama queens think they are always right. Instead of saying “I’m sorry”, they’ll hold a grudge until the end of time.

  • Get stressed out easily

It’s normal to be emotional or upset at times, especially for women. However, being constantly in tears or feeling overwhelmed by the slightest stimuli or by changes in your routine are signs of a drama queen.

  • Be obsessed with their looks

They obsess over every little thing. Their hair, nails, make-up, and wardrobe. They want to look perfect wherever they go.

  • Criticize everything and everyone

Another sign of a drama queen is that they love criticizing people and everything that surrounds them.

  • They are picky

Drama queens expect everything to be perfect. They tend to despise and complain about most things.

  • They’re a control freak

They seem to be in control over every detail of your life or anyone else’s life. Being a control freak is a sign of being a drama queen.

  • Stir up drama

Drama queens love stirring things up. They gossip and manipulate situations to cause trouble and arguments between other people.

  • Love to talk and gossip about others

Drama queens love to talk and gossip about other people. Talking about people’s personal stuffs is what they live for.

  • Love being the center of attention

They want to be the center of attention. They do things to switch the attention to themselves.

  • Everything seems like a disaster

They have no sense of proportion. Minor events like somebody spilling wine on their shoe, gaining half a pound, or forgetting to charge their cell phone are viewed as ultimate disasters.

  • Personalize things that aren’t personal

They may take every little thing that is done or said by friends, family, co-workers or strangers on the street in a very personal way. A drama queen tends to be very emotional about things that are said concerning them.

Signs of drama queen

Why do people thrive on drama?

Here are some reasons why someone thrives on drama:

Need for attention

Someone thrives on drama is someone that has a need for attention. They may feel unnoticed in life and feel bypassed by other people. They have some vulnerable narcissistic tendencies going on and have a need for recognition.

Learned behaviour

When they are raised in a family where drama plays a central role, they’ll learn that this is just how people act.

Self-destructive behaviours

If someone has experienced trauma, recreating dramatic situations can be seen as a form of self-destructive behaviour. This may stem from low self-esteem, which is the result of past trauma.


Someone thrives on drama tends to enjoy the excitement of being involved in a drama. They become so used to being on an emotional rollercoaster that they become addicted to it.

Personality or developmental disorder

Someone thrives on drama may have an undiagnosed personality or developmental disorder such as bipolar disorder or emotionally unstable personality disorder. Their behaviour may feel very out of control.

Cannot separate yourself from other people

You may be easily dragged into other people’s dramas. You rescue them when they’re in trouble. Being involved in a cycle of dramas, no matter how exciting it might feel at the time, is always going to leave you feeling unstable and dissatisfied.

How to tell if someone thrives on drama?

How to tell if someone thrives on drama

It’s not hard to tell if someone thrives on drama. Here are some signs of someone thrives on drama you should know:

They thrive on lots of attention

Someone thrives on drama is trying to convince themselves by convincing you that they are important.

They have a meltdown over the little things

Someone thrives on drama tends to want everything to be perfect. They’re easily freak out over a minor thing or accident. They can’t stand things turning in a way they don’t wish for.

They feel the rough waters of a relationship

Being crisis-prone in a relationship means that you’re constantly creating drama with your partner. Someone thrives on drama creates big problems out of minor situations.

They’re obsessed with their appearance

Someone thrives on drama may dramatize their life by using physical appearance to draw attention.

They enjoy gossip sessions

Someone thrives on drama needs gossip to keep their life interesting and fresh, never boring.

They surround themselves with fellow drama queens

The more you’re surrounded by and exposed to dramatic people, the more you’re likely to pick up their habits. So, someone thrives on drama typically has friends that are like them.

How to deal with someone who thrives on drama?

Now is the important part, how to deal with someone who thrives on drama? Let’s take a look at the following tips:

Don’t engage

Someone thrives on drama is fueled by roping others into their drama. So, don’t engage!

Instead of engaging, you can change your responses. For example, you can say, “Perhaps you should talk to him about this directly.” Or, “that sounds like a difficult situation. Good luck working it out!”

Just stay away from the drama by keeping your opinion out of it.

Limit your interaction

You don’t have to attend every drama you’re invited to.

You can limit your interaction with someone thrives on drama by being true to yourself.

Don’t judge

When someone who thrives on drama asks you for your opinion about a situation, don’t judge and you’re not adding to the drama. You’ll have little to gain by judging others and too much awesomeness to lose.

Be awesome

Instead of focusing on someone thrives on drama, focus more on yourself. Try to do more of what makes you awesome, and you’ll be far less likely to get caught up in the drama.

How to deal with someone who thrives on drama

How to deal with a drama queen?

  • Don’t ask a drama queen how they’re feeling

Drama queens need an audience for their drama. Asking a drama queen how they’re feeling usually leads to trouble.

  • Do not react to negative behaviors

Drama queens often act out for attention. Even negative reactions are feeding into a drama queen’s need for attention. So avoid react to their negative behaviors.

  • State your boundaries directly

Sit down with the person and directly tell them your feelings. Tell them there are certain behaviors you will no longer tolerate from them. If the drama queen violates your boundaries, assertively restate them.

  • Take time to replenish yourself

If interacting with a drama queen is unavoidable, find something to do to recharge after that.

  • Spend time with supportive people

Interact with If you work with friends, family members, and co-workers who tend to be more supportive and loving, especially after spending time with a drama queen.

  • Distance yourself if necessary

If a drama queen keeps violating your boundaries, distance yourself from them. Stop returning texts and phone calls. Lessen social interactions. If they are genuinely depleting you with their drama, it’s okay to walk away.

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Above are all about the definition, signs and how to deal with someone thrives on drama. Hope that BestLifeTips can help you set a reasonable way to interact with this kind of people through this article.