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How to know what is the smartest personality type?

How To Know What Is The Smartest Personality Type?

Among all the personality types, there must be the smartest personality type. So what is the smartest one? Read this article of BestLifeTips to find out.

If you are curious about MBTI personality types, and you want to know which one is the smartest personality type, don’t miss this post of BestLifeTips. We will help you figure it out quickly. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Personality types

The personality types were created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, developers of the MBTI assessment. They created this personality typology to help people discover their own strengths and gain a better understanding of how people are different.

Personality types

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Here are the 16 personality types:

  1. INFP: INFPs are idealists. They see potential for a better future, and pursue truth and meaning with their own flair.
  2. INTJ: INTJs have a talent for seeing possibilities for improvement. They can solve analytical problems. They wish to improve systems and processes with their innovative ideas.
  3. INFJ: INFJs are creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity. They’re creative and dedicated. They have a talent for helping others realize their potential.
  4. INTP: INTPs are philosophical innovators, attracted by logical analysis, systems and design. They want to understand in all the complexities the unifying themes of life.
  5. ENFP: ENFPs are energetic, warm, and passionate. They love to help other people explore their creative potential.
  6. ENTJ: ENTJs are strategic leaders, motivated to organize change. They are good at logical reasoning and are usually articulate and quick-witted.
  7. ENTP: ENTPs are inspired innovators. They are curious, clever, and they seek to comprehend the people, systems, and principles that surround them. They’re motivated to find new solutions and change the problems.
  8. ENFJ: ENFJs are idealist organizers. They can see the potential in other people and they’re good at persuading others to follow their ideas.
  9. ISFJ: ISFJs are industrious, loyal, practical, compassionate, and caring. They want to provide for others and protect them from the perils of life.
  10. ISFP: ISFPs are gentle, flexible and spontaneous. They enjoy their surroundings with cheerful, low-key enthusiasm, and like to go with the flow to enjoy what life offers.
  11. ISTJ: ISTJs are responsible, neat and orderly inside and out, and have a procedure for everything they do. They wish to create and enforce order within systems and institutions.
  12. ISTP: ISTPs understand of mechanics and have an interest in troubleshooting. They have a flexible logic, and look for practical solutions to the problems at hand.
  13. ESFJ: ESFJs are conscientious helpers, sensitive to the needs of others and dedicated to their responsibilities. They are attentive to both the feelings of others and the perception others have of them.
  14. ESFP: ESFPs are vivacious, spontaneous, energetic, fun loving, and take pleasure in the surrounding things like food, clothes, nature, animals, and especially people. They charm and engage people around them.
  15. ESTJ: ESTJs are hardworking, orderly, rule-abiding, and conscientious. They like to get things done and eager to take charge in organizing projects and people.
  16. ESTP: ESTPs are energetic. They bring a sense of dynamic energy to their interactions with others and the world around them.

What is the smartest personality type?

What is the smartest personality type?

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The smartest personality type is likely to be one of the Ne thinkers (INTP or ENTP) or the INTJ.

The most intelligent by average type—measured on raw intellectual force—is INTP. INTP has Ti (introverted thinking) as the primary function and Ne (extroverted intuition) as the auxiliary function.

INTP has the highest average IQ overall, with both INTJ and INFJ following. Both INFJ and INTJ have the same functions in their cognitive stacks, and the same primary and stress functions. INFJs are extremely intelligent as well.

In short, INTP and INTJ are the smartest personality types. However, this is just a rank according to measured on raw intellectual force. It may be not totally accurate. Once your IQ is past 120–135, it really doesn’t matter anymore. It becomes just another number.

Which personality type is the rarest?

Which personality type is the rarest?

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The INFJ is thought to be the rarest MBTI personality types, making up only 1,5% (1-3%) of the population.

INFJ stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), and Judgement (J), which describe the NINFJ’s core characteristics.

INFJs are the dreamers of the world who work hard to make these dreams a reality. INFJs are fierce and strong-willed, but only use this high energy to make the world better and not for personal gain. They are very introverted and private.

  • INFJ’s strengths: Insightful; Creative; Serious; Quietly intense; Persevering; Inspiring; Loves languages and symbols.
  • INFJ’s Weakness: Perfectionistic; Extremely private; Can burn out easily; Always need a cause; Sensitive/Defensive.
  • Famous people have this personality type: Martin Luther King Jr.; Nelson Mandela; Mother Teresa and Lady Gaga.

There are other rare personality types, such as:

  • ENTJ: 1.8% (2-5%) of the population.
  • INTJ: 2.1% (2-4%) of the population.
  • ENFJ: 2.5% (2-5%) of the population.
  • ENTP: 3.2% (2-5%) of the population.

The most attractive personality type

The most attractive personality type

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Have you ever wonder what special attributes attract us to various styles of personality? Though there are many aspects that can be attractive to an individual, there are typically a few key features that make each type profoundly attractive.

  • ISTJ: ISTJs are intelligent, wise, direct, and logical. They stick true to traditions and renown for being hardworking, honorable, and patient. Their appearance might intimidate people, but after some time they are as honest and loyal as it gets.
  • INFJ: INFJs are caring and nurturing. They have creative and artistic talents. People love them for how well they understand them and console them.
  • INTJ: If you have the INTJ personality type, people fall for your quiet and reserved nature. They’re attracted by your unique sense of logic and the way you want to implement new changes.
  • ENFJ: If you’re an ENFJ, people are drawn to your charismatic nature. You are warm, caring, generous, and great at focusing on those around you. People fall for you because of your easy going and communicative personality.
  • ISTP: People are drawn to ISTP’s mysterious and spontaneous nature. They are unpredictable, even by the people closest to them. ISTPs’ personalities also lure people in with independence.
  • ESFJ: People will fall for you if this is your personality type. Everyone wants to be around you because you are the life of the party.
  • INFP: People fall for your INFP personality because you are an amazing listener. Your quiet nature has allowed you to talk less and listen more.
  • ESFP: ESFPs are entertainers. Their livelihood is the reason why people gravitate to them. Another quality that attracts people is their love to share their knowledge with others.
  • ENFP: People love to be around you because you love to be around them. ENFP personalities can relate to others, often connecting with their emotions and thoughts.
  • ESTP: The ESTP personality trait that makes people fall for them is their risk-taking. They aren’t afraid to go after what they want, despite knowing that things can go wrong.
  • ESTJ: People fall for them because they are natural born leaders. You attract other people because when in a time of a crisis, you will be there to make sure that everything is under control.
  • ENTJ: This personality type has people falling for them because of their need to be in charge. They are not the type of people to just sit back and watch. They’re able to continuously be active and involved in all matters.
  • INTP: This personality type has people falling for them because of their originality. They make their own path and follow their own destiny, no matter what others say about it.
  • ISFJ: Their generosity is the reason people are drawn to the ISFJ personality type. They are so caring and nurturing to others. Their warmth and kindness people love most about them.
  • ENTP: People love the ENTPs because of their unique sense of intellectualism.
  • ISFP: People love the fact that they enjoy being different and establishing their own creative path. They love to come up with new ideas, making them natural trendsetters.

Each personality type has its own attractive traits. The unique in their personality makes them become attractive.

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The more you get to know about MBTI personality type, the more interesting it gets. It’s hard to tell what is the smartest personality type, but it can base on measured on raw intellectual force like this article of BestLifeTips or a survey to rank them.