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Sleeping with a Guy on the Second Date: Is It Good or Bad?

Sleeping With A Guy On The Second Date: Is It Good Or Bad?

Join this article of BestLifeTips to discuss about the issue of sleeping with a guy on the second date. The answer may surprise you!

If you have slept with your date on the second date, and wonder is sleeping with a guy on the second date good or bad. Join this article of BestLifeTips to find out the answer.

Is it OK when sleeping with a guy on the second date?

Everyone who starts their dating life may wonder: Is it okay when sleeping with a guy on the second date? Is it okay to have sex on a second or a third date? And wouldn’t it ruin your relationship with this person? It depends!

It doesn’t matter no matter how long you have texted before your first date; you don’t really know each other well and you can’t be sure how sleeping with a guy on the second date will influence your relationship.

Sleeping with a guy on the second date is OK when you two have understood about each other enough, and both of you feel that it’s the right time to do that.

You need to take risks in love. Rules are designed to keep you safe. But love is messy, vulnerable and unscripted. You may navigate things and be safe about it, but you still need to take risks.

What’s the 3-date rule?

What's the 3-date rule

The 3-date rule is mostly used for women more than men. It is a dating rule which dictates that both parties withhold sex until at least the third date, when a couple can have sex without worrying about being abandoned or considered too bad to be a good partner.

It can be said that the 3-date rule is a result of peer pressure and similar sources. The 3-date rule has been explored in popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour. They once encouraged women to follow the rule.

Even though the 3-date rule is considered an accepted form of dating, it is not a legitimate rule and has no scientific, emotional, or psychological backing to suggest that it should be followed.

What does a second date mean to a guy?

To have a deeper look at the issue of sleeping with a guy on the second date, let see what does a second date mean to a guy.

  • It is different from the first two dates

The first date may seem to be the most crucial, but a guy might be more stressed on a third date, especially when they don’t know how the other person feels about them. This is the golden opportunities to go actually get to know each other.

  • No rules for a third date

Guys actually don’t have any rules for third dates, believe it or not. For them, it’s not about the right thing to do or the most expensive things you can buy for the other. It’s about getting to know your date better in a simple setting that encourages you both to talk and communicate.

  • The third date rule means you could get intimate

As the general dating rule, a girl shouldn’t sleep with a guy before the third date, and it’s fine to have sex on the third date.

When to sleep with a guy you are dating?

When to sleep with a guy you are dating

The dating rules you should be following are the rules that you and your partner create. Different people have different rules and boundaries that they create for their relationships. One person might feel that the first date is absolutely a viable time to have a sex with a potential partner. While someone else might want to wait until they have been seriously dating someone for months before having sex.

If you want to start a serious relationship, you should wait for a while to have sex with your partner.

You can figure out a guy’s intentions by making him wait. Otherwise, how can you tell if the guy is actually into you or just wants to sleep with you when you sleep with him on a first date?

Also, sleeping with a guy on the second date may be too soon. That removes a lot of mystery between you two, which is important in building stronger chemistry. It is always a great idea to wait until you both feel very comfortable with each other before getting intimate.

How do you know if a guy just wants to sleep with you?

How do you know if a guy just wants to sleep with you

Here are some signs to tell if a guy just wants to sleep with you:

  • You only see each other on his terms

If you’re with a guy who only wants to have sex with you, he might be the one calling and choosing when you see each other.

  • He only calls you in the evenings

You might notice that he only calls you in the evenings. This shows that he only wants to see you to hook up. This might happen when he’s had a few drinks or is feeling lonely, or in the mood for having sex.

  • He only wants to meet at home

You only went out on the first couple dates, then he only wanted to see you at his place or yours. When you are home, it’s always possible to have sex whenever you want. And this way, he doesn’t have to put too much time and energy into it.

  • He never asks you about yourself

If he doesn’t make any effort to find out more about you, it’s probably because he just doesn’t care enough.

  • He’s annoyed if you don’t have sex

He can get irritated if you say you’re not in the mood. If you feel like he’s resentful of hanging out with you without hooking up, he probably just wants sex and nothing more.

  • He’s not committed to you

If he’s sneaky with his phone whenever you hang out, or he avoids serious conversations, he is not interested in you and he doesn’t really want to build a serious relationship with you.

  • He doesn’t respond to everyday messages

When you send him playful and flirty messages, he responds immediately. But if you send him normal messages, his responses are always very short, or he even doesn’t respond at all. This is not a good sign.

  • He immediately showers after you’ve had sex

If a man only wants to have sex with you, he will immediately shower after you’ve had sex. He avoids talking and cuddling together after having sex.

How to keep a man interested after sleeping with him?

How to keep a man interested after sleeping with him

After sleeping with a guy, how to keep his interest in you? Let’s see how these tips can help you:

  • Don’t start acting needy

Don’t be too eager. If you text him an hour later or every morning after, he’ll think that you’re wanting more. Let him text you first after you hook up with him.

  • Let him know you liked the sex

Most of men have fragile egos and are worrying whether you liked it or whether they pleased you. Let him know how you felt sleeping with him.

  • Let him chase you

You may like him, but don’t chase him. If you’re not giving him something to chase after, he’ll find something else. You can ignore him from time to time or play a little game of hot and cold. Let him know he needs to work for it.

  • Look good

You need to look good for yourself to feel confident around him. And that will also help you attract his attention.

  • Be mysterious

Don’t become an open book with him. Don’t open yourself up too much. Instead, give him the same amount of information that he gives you.

  • Keep your independence

Be independent! Let him see that you don’t need him to live your life. Don’t make him think that you’re trying to tie him down.

  • Be yourself

Don’t change yourself during this process. Let him see you for who you are. If he isn’t interested in you, find a new guy.

  • Just go with the flow

What will come will come. So just go with the flow. If he’s not interested in you, then move on. There’s no point chasing after someone that doesn’t like you.

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Sleeping with a guy on the second date is good or bad? It depends on different situation and feelings. Just follow your own rules. Only do it when you’re ready and feel comfortable staying with your partner. Join BestLifeTips to read more interesting articles.