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Cracking the Signs You’re Losing Your Best Friend

Cracking The Signs You’re Losing Your Best Friend

Life is unpredictable and nothing last forever. So do friendship. Some friendships may last forever, some just exist for a while. Here in this article, BestLifeTips will share with you signs you’re losing your best friend and how to overcome it.

Sometimes you know when your friend is leaving you, but in some cases, your friendship ends up breakup without you knowing. This article of BestLifeTips is about signs you’re losing your best friend and how to deal with it. Read on!

Why your friendship is falling apart?

Before getting to know signs your’re losing your best friend, it’s important to know the reasons why your friendship is falling apart.

  • Natural changes

This is the most common reason for friendship falling apart. For example, you have to move or leave the place where you live for whatever reason, so you have to leave your friends. You’re not around each other anymore and have less in common and less to talk about.

People say “out of sight out of mind”. Whether it’s you or your friend who makes the move, your friendship might fade away, unless it’s strong enough to handle the distance.

  • People change

Before you start college, you might not be sure about who you really are. You might go through different personalities. You’ll tend to gravitate towards those you feel most comfortable around. They might not have been your forever friends. The 2015 study from Psychological Science also found that most adolescent friendships end because of differences between friends.

You’ll discover what you’re into and what sort of person you are in college. New friends will emerge and some of them will become your forever friends. You’ll develop more interests, meet more people and may or may not grow apart from your old friends.

The same thing is happening with your friends, too. Neither of you is replacing the other, you’ve just found better fits for yourselves.

  • You’re at your different stages in life

Maybe your friends are still going out a lot and you’ve started to focus more on your degree instead; your friends have got married and you are still alone and busy with your works; your friends are successful in their businesses while you still a normal officer.

Arguments, dissents or jealousy can happen and you might come to the conclusion that you don’t fit into each other’s lives anymore. That’s why your friendship gradually falls apart. And that’s a very normal thing in life.

Why your friendship is falling apart

Source: The New York Times

  • One or both of you has started a romantic relationship

Sometimes, when people get married or start a serious relationship with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, they suddenly start spending less time with their friends.

These types of relationships are more important to most people than the friendship types, so they will put priority in these types over their friends. They will settle down with their new families, then they have children, and they don’t have time for friends. Many people just lose contact with their friends during this time.

  • Jealousy and betrayal

Disputes, jealousy and betrayal among friends are very common. Sometimes people can’t help but be jealous of a friend who has a lot of money, a good job, a romantic relationship, or for any reason.

When it comes to betrayal, it can be a situation when this girl stole the other’s one boyfriend. This will absolutely ruin their friendship.

  • Lack of communication

Communication is one of the main binding factors that keeps a relationship together. When friends stop communicating or have communication issues, the bond between them will eventually weaken and the relationship will fall apart.

Above are the most common reasons why your friendship falls apart. Now keep reading to find out signs you’re losing your best friend.

Signs you’re losing your best friend

It’s not hard to detect signs you’re losing your best friend. Just pay more attention and see if your friend has the following signs or not.

How do you know if your best friend doesn’t like you anymore?

How do you know if your best friend doesn't like you anymore

Signs your best friend doesn’t like you anymore are also signs you’re losing your best friend.

  • Your best friend avoids seeing you

It’s normal to not meet each other when you both are too busy. But sometimes, you don’t see each other in such a long time. This can mean that your best friend is avoiding you because he/she does not like you anymore.

  • You no longer know about their status

Whenever something happens in your best friend’s life, you are the first one to hear about it. But when he/she loses interest in you, he/she won’t even bother telling anything to you.

  • You stop texting and communicating

Your best friend suddenly stops texting you all the time or tagging you in social medias. It seems that once they no longer want to talk to you, you are no longer an important part of their life.

  • He/She hangs out with other friends

When your best friend hangs out with other friends without trying to let you into that friend circle, he/she is trying to keep you out of his/her life.

  • Your best friend is no longer there for you

When you are happy, mad, or when you are super sad, your best friend is no longer there for you. There’s always reason for his/her absence.

  • Your best friend gets irritated with you easily

Every little thing you do will be replied with a negative action by your best friend. They easily get mad at you.

  • Your best friend talks about you behind your back

When your best friend talks about you behind your back, it means that he/she no longer respects you or wants to be friends with you.

Signs your friend doesn’t care about you

Signs your friend doesn't care about you

Source: Healthline

  • They only contact to you when they need something

They only reach out when they need help with something or to get something from you. If you find yourself feeling as if you’re being used by your friend, it’s probably because you are.

  • They don’t care about how you are feeling

A friend who doesn’t care about you will ignore how you feel and focus on themselves.

  • They don’t support you during your tough time

A friend who doesn’t care about you will not be there for you during dark days. They’re neither too busy nor incapable, they just don’t care and don’t want to be there for you.

Signs your friend is distancing themselves from you

Other signs you’re losing your best friend are signs your friend is distancing themselves from you.

  • They distance themselves from you.
  • Their arms are always crossed around you.
  • There is a lack of eye contact.
  • Everything seems forced when you’re together.
  • Their feet and torsos are pointed away from you.
  • Too much eye contact can mean they dislike you, too.

How to fix a friendship that is drifting apart?

After knowing signs you’re losing your best friend, you should come up with a solution to solve this problem.

How to fix a friendship that is drifting apart

Figure out what happened

Finding out the reason why your friendship is drifting apart is a good start. If you know the reason, you can put forward the best solution.

Plan a friend date

Plan a fun day with your friend, doing your favorite things. Sometimes it’s necessary to show your friend that the friendship is still a priority for you.

Ask your friend what’s going on

One of the difficult things about a friendship fading is figuring out how to talk it through. As we all know that communication is a key in any relationships. So just go ahead and ask your friend. Maybe that’s the best solution.

If you want to save this friendship, then put pride aside, pick up the phone and ask them to go out for a talk to solve your problem.

If your friendship falls apart, you should at least know why.

Listen to your friend

Communicating and listening to your friend’s perspective is the key to clearing up any misunderstandings. You need to be willing to hear the hard stuff about your actions in order to challenge yourself and grow.

Being honest about your feelings is key here, too. If your friend has hurt you, tell them and be honest about it.

How to overcome a friendship breakup?

If there is no way to fix a friendship that is drifting apart after knowing signs you’re losing your best friend, just face it, let it go, and move on.

How to overcome a friendship breakup

Give yourself space to grieve the loss

This is the most important beginning. The pain from a breakup of a deep friendship is as real and valid as any other, and it hurts, really. Be honest with yourself about what you’re going through and try to take care of yourself.

Practice self-care

Don’t neglect personal hygiene and participate in your regular activities. Taking part in activities can bring you satisfaction or joy. Spend more time on your hobbies, doing exercises regularly.

Talk to someone

You can talk to a parent, caregiver, school counselor, or even another friend. Remember that you have other good friends, too, even if they don’t live close to you. This can make you feel better about the breakup.

Remember good things about your friend

Though your friendship has ended now, but you two used to share time together and leave great memories in each other life. So think about your ended friendship with good memories.

Try making friend with other people

A friendship comes to an end is very common in our life. You need to let it go and move on. You deserve a better friendship. Try to talk and make friend with other people, who may become one of your forever friends.

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