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Top 10 Signs You Shouldn’t Get Married

Top 10 Signs You Shouldn’t Get Married

Are you having serious concerns about getting married and not sure if the problems you are having in your relationship will affect your marriage? Don’t worry, read this post of BestLifeTips to find out what are signs you shouldn’t get married!

Deciding who you will marry is a huge decision. So, getting to know them as well as concerns surrounding your relationship are essential to making the final decision. Therefore, BestLifeTips is here to share with you what are signs you shouldn’t get married. Read on!

Should you get married if I have doubts?

Weddings serve as a joyous occasion for those who partake in the ceremony, especially for the groom and bride.

It can be totally fine to have some doubts before your wedding if it comes from your psyche. However, you will have to consider if there are many warning signs around. So, what’s normal and what are warning signs you shouldn’t get married? Read on!

Should you be in a rush to get married?

Getting married is a joyous occasion that indicates the beginning of a new journey and represents never ending happiness. Because of its sacred meaning, everyone wants it to happen as soon as they fall in love. However, that isn’t always the case in some of them and others even end in a divorce. Therefore, you should not rush to get married. Instead, take time to see if your partner is really the right person for you and if there are any warning signs in your relationship.

Signs You Shouldn't Get Married

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So, what are warning signs you shouldn’t get married?

6 signs to make you realize you shouldn’t get married

If you see any of these warning signs from you and even your partner, talk a little more to your partner, be sure to look a little harder, and try to find out what’s going on underneath the surface. It’s never too late.

Here are 6 signs to make you realize you shouldn’t get married.

Signs You Shouldn't Get Married

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The thought of being married causes you anxiety

Even though wedding day jitters are normal, however, in case you are so anxious and even nervous about planning your wedding, and even find that your marriage will not be enjoyable, then that’s a big red flag.

Therefore, if the thought of being married makes you super anxious, you have to find what are the main reasons behind your feelings. This might be a sign you shouldn’t get married.

You argue about money

Besides, argue about money is another sign you shouldn’t get married.

In general, money is the top reason that couples argue about. Therefore, if you are arguing about money even before you get married, things do not get better once you’re married.

Communication and agreement on money matters are essential to a successful marriage. So, having open and effective communication about finances is a skill you two need to develop before getting married.

Then, what other signs you shouldn’t get married?

You’re hoping things will be better after you get married

Some people still keep the belief that arguments with their partner will stop, finances will be better, or even the love will reflame after the wedding. However, to be honest, that is completely wrong thinking.

Signs You Shouldn't Get Married

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If you find yourself assuming these things, you can dig a little deeper. What is it you believe will be better after the wedding and why?

In fact, your wedding is just an event, a celebration that makes you excited and brings you happiness, and that’s it, it isn’t a magical fix-all event. After that, your life will have one more roommate, then both of you will face each other’s truest personalities. Therefore, do not hope that things will be better after you get married if your relationship is in trouble. Because the problem will always be there, learn how to address them and work on them together instead before getting married.

You don’t know about each other’s long-term life goals

If you don’t want to know and even care about what is your partner wants to be doing in the next 5 or 10 years, you have not really loved and understood your partner. These are also signs you shouldn’t get married.

Signs You Shouldn't Get Married

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Instead of falling in love superficially and rushing towards marriage, creating these long-term life goals together can be incredibly exciting. However, remember that you have to be honest and open to communicate in order to address each other’s goals and working towards them.

Working together and supporting each other towards a long-term life goal is an amazing part of a relationship.

You are not ready to have children

In case you haven’t mentioned with your partner whether or not you want to have children and when you want to have them, then you need to stop thinking about marriage right now. Because these are signs you shouldn’t get married.

This is a topic you two need to address now, before getting married, since if you don’t want to have children but your partner doesn’t think so, this could be a big problem in your future marriage relationship. In fact, this is a deal-breaker for so many people.

You can’t trust your partner

The last sign that you shouldn’t get married is that you can’t trust your partner.

Signs You Shouldn't Get Married

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It is obvious that communication is key in a relationship. However, it cannot happen without honesty and without the feeling that you can be honest with your partner. So, if now, before getting married, you couldn’t trust your partner and often feel jealous, then your marriage is going to be pretty bad in the future.

4 signs you should not marry your partner

There is any physical or emotional abuse

No matter how often your partner promise they will change, physical and emotional abuse or domestic violence will never stop after marriage.

It is a fact that domestic violence stats are incredibly alarming, and what’s even more concerning is that women often do not know their common manifestations.

Does your partner control who you see? Are you restricted with where you go and when? Do they isolate you from your family? If yes, these are some common signs of physical or emotional abuse. Talk and share this with your family or friends. They may give you some good advice for your trouble.

Signs You Shouldn't Get Married

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Your friends and family don’t like your partner

Sometimes disapproval can be rooted in shallow judgments, sometimes is unfair. However, if your family and friends all disapprove of your partner, you should hear them out and take their objections seriously to understand what factors make them so dissatisfied. This will sometimes help you understand your partner better.

Your partner is disrespectful

Whether he is not rude to you, disrespectful to his friends, to your dog, to the waiter, or to anyone else ​is not a good quality in a life partner.

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