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8 significant signs of negative energy in your house: take action the sooner, the better

8 Significant Signs Of Negative Energy In Your House: Take Action The Sooner, The Better

Catch a feeling of something wrong with your house? Here are signs of negative energy in house that you need to be aware of. BestLifeTips also suggests how to get rid of negativity in your living space. Let’s find out.

Home is where the heart is. If your heart doesn’t feel good, the entire body will get in into trouble real soon. Are you giving your heart enough care and attention? Here are signs of negative energy in house that BestLifeTips highly recommend you to be aware of. Let’s find out.

What is negative energy in house?

It’s not about seeing ghosts walking down from the second floor or any strange sounds from your kitchen. The energy comes from different forms and in many ways.

There might not official technology to measure it, but you probably know how negative energy feel like. Whenever talking with a negative person or facing a negative event surrounding you, you can feel like draining or exhausted both mentally and physically.

What is negative energy in house

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The negativity also can be spread in the environment, typically in your shelter. You may experience the feeling of ease or comfort in some places and the complete opposite in somewhere else. Sometimes this might relate to your experience in association with the place, such as hospital or dentist’s office. But most of the time, it’s physical details that impact on your mood, such as clutter. Or sometimes it’s the state of mind of people inside that place. Let’s dive deep into what attracts the negative energy and what we can do to change it.

What attracts negative energy?

The negative energy comes to your house in different ways. Here are some of them.

What attracts negative energy?

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  • Clutter/hoarding
  • Accident prone
  • Extreme fear
  • Addiction issues, substances, overeating, gambling, shopping and so on.
  • Uncontrollable anger and mood swings.
  • Communication issues between family members.
  • Difficulty in concentration.
  • Negative self-destructive thoughts or self-sabotaging action.
  • Lack of self-care.
  • Experiencing cash flow issues or unexpected financial problems.
  • Unhealthy relationship between family members.

The root of negativity may come from internal and external factors. From the inside, when you are in a bad mood or sick or depressed, the physical condition carries negative energy into the surrounding space. Or keeping old unnecessary stuffs and souvenirs from sad memories makes you stuck in the past. Even the relationship with others in the house may affect environment’s energy. For example, after an argument with your partner, the anger or bad words may bring down the energy for your place.

Signs of negative energy in house

Don’t blame on the bad luck for your current situation. Look around your house and reconsider your state of mental health to see if there are any signs of negative energy in your house that need cleansing.

Signs of negative energy in house

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  • You find it uncomfortable in staying or working.
  • Your negative thoughts keep repeating on a daily basic. Sometimes it’s even the thinking of suicide.
  • Working or good opportunities seem not to be with you.
  • You or your family members seems are struggling with health problems. It seems not to heal or respond to any medical treatments.
  • Arguments occur more often between family members or even colleagues at work.
  • You lose your concentration more often and are less creative than before.
  • You fell anxious, overwhelmed and uninspired in your space.
  • You find it hard to fall asleep or experience insomnia to some levels.

Signs of negative energy in house – How to get rid of the negative energy

Let house if the place to recharge your energy not to drain it. Building the habits of getting rid of the negative energy in your house could make you feel lighter, brighter, and more creative. Here’s how we can do it.

  • Set a new intention on your place.

Think about how do you want your place to be, what it brings to your body, mind and soul. Practice say your thoughts out loud or write them down to set the new mindset. By doing so, you will gradually set the shifts in motion.

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  • Refresh your space with lemony scent.

Lemony scent is never out of date and there’s always a reason for many cleansing products are lemony-scented. There are different ways you can prepare lemony refresher for your house.

– Simmer lemon peels in water and let the steam scent flow in your place.

– Simply put some drop of lemon essential oil in your diffuser.

– Put small dishes filled with fresh lemon slices around your home.

  • Declutter your house.

Physical dirt and declutter make you feel stuck and demotivate to try something new. Besides, we unintentionally stick to bad memories and tend to recall it more vividly. Clean them out, give away what you don’t need and mindful shopping may help free your house from negativity. Remember, open all the window if you can to change the atmosphere.

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Signs of negative energy in house

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  • Plant more trees.

Fill your place with trees or flowers. Take advantage of any space to get more greenery into your life. Not only to refresh how the house looks but also to improve the air quality inside out. Lemon isn’t the only choice for scent to cleanse your house, lavender, rosemary, herbs, lemongrass or other indoor plants.

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  • Cleanse your house with salt.

Salt is believed to sterilize everything from old bowls to wounds. People often use salt to clear the negativity too. here are some ways you can apply to your house:

– Add salt in water to clean surfaces and floor.

– Use Himalayan salt for body scrubs or Himalayan lamps.

– Add sea salt in a spray bottle of water and mist the air of every room.

  • Use colors and crystals.

To remove negative energies, use crystals such as amethysts, black tourmaline, and others.

Colors always have an impact on the energies in a household, and vastu shastra implies that certain colors are particularly effective in attracting positive energies. Colors are used to influence each direction of the premises. Anti-color, on the other hand, generates negative energy. Blue in the NW, N, and NE. Green in the east, orange in the southeast, red in the south, and red+ yellow in the southwest. Dark blue is the perfect color in the West.

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Signs of negative energy in house

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  • Clean your house by burning sage & agarbattis.

Burning sage or smudge sticks and spreading the smoke in an anti-clockwise direction throughout the premises could assist in the removal of negative energies. The positive energies can be amplified by lighting agarbatti (incense sticks) and dhoop. The agarbattis and dhoops should be displayed twice daily in every nook and cranny of the house to assist us with minimizing negative energy and promote a healthy and energetic life.

  • Change your mindset.

Take care of your house as well as your mind to cleanse your house inside out. Don’t blame for the outside factors but start with yourself first. Change your lifestyle and mindset to change the outside world. Declutter your mind to simplify your thinking and how you interact with others. Seek for professional help if you find it hard to change and stuck in your life. It’s better to talk with your family members and find out what you all can do to change your living space and relationship. You can clean your house or apply any home remedies to drive the negativity away on your own, but to fix any relationship, it’s vital for everyone to get involved.

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Signs of negative energy in house – FQA

  • Why does negative energy make you struggling financially?

The negativity blocks your abundance. You won’t get inspired and lose your creativity so you can’t expect to prosper and find success outside.

  • Why don’t you and family members communicate often?

Love, harmony, and understanding are all generated by a home with positive energy. When everyone at home becomes enraged, there is clearly negative energy present.

Arguments fit into the negativity cycle as symptoms of negative energy in a home. Bad energy is produced when miscommunication is handled with anger and negative emotion rather than with calm and compassion. Negative energy can also cause conflicts.

  • Why do you get stressed without any actual problems?

The negative energy put you under a high pressure, so you find yourself anxious all the time even though you have no problem. You literally breathe in the negativity, fill your heart, your brain, your entire body with anxiety. Be fully aware because it might lead to depression and other mental health problems.

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  • I’ve tried to relax, but it’s no use.

Home is the place to recharge your energy after long working hours. However, you find it uncomfortable to chill or experience insomnia to some levels without any reasons. It’s a significant sign of negative energy in your house.

These signs of negative energy in house would be your wake up call to change your living space and welcome positivity into your life. Once starting to fill your house with new positive energy, you will experience a happy home in your everyday life. If you find it helpful, give BestLifeTips a thumb up and return frequently for more home tips.