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Know These Secrets of Sexual Frustration to Improve Your Sex Life

Know These Secrets Of Sexual Frustration To Improve Your Sex Life

Sex is a common concern for couples. So, what to do if you find some obvious signs a man is sexually frustrated? Don’t worry. BestLifeTips is here to help you handle it.

BestLifeTips is here to reveal what sexual frustration actually is, signs a man is sexually frustrated and what to do about its effect. Read on.

What Is Sexual Frustration?

It seems every girl doesn’t want to see that signs a man is sexually frustrated. So, what is it exactly?

Although the concept of sexual frustration is ingrained in culture, in fact, there is no official definition or medical diagnosis. Sometimes, it’s just in terms of physicality as every girl expects, but it is also actually based around emotional connection.

Sexologist Tami Rose, owner of an adult boutique Romantic Adventures, commented, “Sexual frustration is a natural response to there being an imbalance between what you want (or need) sexually and what you’re currently getting or experiencing.”

Also, as per urologist and sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman, said that what folks think is sexual frustration, sometimes, is just a lack of satisfaction with something else in their lives”, which is not rooting from sex.

signs a man is sexually frustrated

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Sometimes, that expression of disappointment comes from themselves and not from their partner. Of course, it manifests differently in everybody.

Is It Normal To Be Sexually Frustrated In A Relationship?

Knowing that signs a man is sexually frustrated or your own sensations you’re having for it are definitely normal. In fact, whether you’re flying alone or in a couple, whenever a man could have sexual frustration.

Although it is rare for someone to admit or easily recognize the signs a man is sexually frustrated, that is a common experience. There’s nothing wrong, it’s just a feeling at some moments.

“Regardless of gender and sexuality, almost everyone will experience sexual frustration at some point in their life,” says clinical sex counselor Eric M. Garrison.

Also, sexual frustration isn’t a medical diagnosis, so no one’s alone in the struggle.

What Causes The Frustration?

Missing partner too long

One of the most obvious reasons when you see signs a man is sexually frustrated is, sometimes, just no one to have sex with, and that goes on for too long. Of course, waiting is exhausting and disheartening.

While you may be ready for sexual experiences, finding a partner can be difficult and even cause sexual frustration.

Excessive sex

Sometimes, a man spends a lot of energy in each sex or has too much sex in a short time. His health is certainly affected. Not only that, anything too much also causes a feeling of boredom as well as sexual activity is not in the best state, leading to sexual frustration.

signs a man is sexually frustrated

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Abuse masturbation

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Even many cases in practice have proven this. When a man watches too much porn until the actual sex is not stimulating as expected as he watches that stuff, leading to bland feelings.

Usually, when looking at this porn, a man can abuse it and masturbate excessively. This also leads to indifference. You may not know that too much masturbation also causes both loss of health and decreased excitement when having actual sex.

Bad communication

Positive sex therapist Ashley D. Sweet, MA, LPC, LMHC, CCRC explains: “While negotiating sex is an important part of relationships, people don’t always know how to communicate what they need, which can be very frustrating.”

If a man has no communication, sexual needs can be ignored or unmet. At some point, one may not want to start anymore, which often results in a sexless relationship and the vicious cycle of it.

signs a man is sexually frustrated

Source: Fight the New Drug

Mental pressure

Mental pressure results from work, or life greatly hinders the state of concentration and sublimation when having sex. Besides, the sex drive is also severely reduced, even if you try to have sex, you will not get a complete feeling.

Other medical barriers

Many medical problems can lead to a decrease in sex drive and interfere with your ability to have sex or orgasm, which can cause a person to naturally feel sexually frustrated. It can include causes such as:

  • Worry
  • Illness
  • Uncomfortable genitals
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Sexual dysfunction

Signs A Man Is Sexually Frustrated

Although none of the negative behaviors of a man definitely means like signs a man is sexually frustrated, they can be common behaviors for someone who’s dealing with sexual frustration.

signs a man is sexually frustrated

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Below are some potential signs a man is sexually frustrated that common:


One of the most clear signs a man is sexually frustrated is that he could highly lose a temper. It also means he’s so sexually frustrated that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get laid.


Not only are the signs a man is sexually frustrated when he overreacts to little things, it’s also easy to see that he’s not as playful or funny as he used to be.

Increase consumption of porn

When sexual encounters don’t satisfy a man’s needs, he tends to watch more porn. Although it was not his experience, it was used for the pleasure of masturbating.

Unhealthy coping

Binge drinking is also one of the most visible aspects of signs a man is sexually frustrated. He turns to unhealthy foods or alcoholic beverages to relieve himself instead of confiding or making love to you.

signs a man is sexually frustrated

Source: Relationship Rules

Jealousy for no reason

This jealousy is not on the list of obvious signs a man is sexually frustrated. It could come from sexual satisfaction if he is too addicted to you. Sometimes it’s that he may have low self-esteem about his sexual frustration and feel worried his partner will leave.

How To Respond When A Guy Says He Is Sexually Frustrated?

Your best bet is to have a frank conversation with him. The two of you listen to each other’s feelings about sexual intercourse. Straight talk is the way to find the cause and solution of the shortcomings.

Anyway, it’s a matter of meeting each other’s needs on the basis of mutual respect. So you don’t have to be pressured into “serving” his sexual needs.

Sometimes the reason for the signs a man is sexually frustrated is that his feelings and body, not yours, so you don’t have to worry or constantly think about how to respond.

How To Deal With Sexual Frustration?

Say it or not, signs a man is sexually frustrated is that too hard to find out. It is important to solve it.

signs a man is sexually frustrated

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Here are some interesting physical and emotional tips that might be helpful in getting rid of this unwanted sexual frustration:

  • Try to find unused space for sex
  • Try a new way like doing a virtual sex via text, video
  • Watch pornography with partner
  • Do exercise frequently
  • Use sex toys
  • Explore other types of physical touch to connect with partner
  • Only explore pleasure, not targeting in orgasm during having sex
  • Talk more about sex drive with partner
  • Write out about frustrations in a journal

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