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Your life, your job, your career: 8 job suggestions that helped right-brainers succeed

Your Life, Your Job, Your Career: 8 Job Suggestions That Helped Right-brainers Succeed

Are you lefties or righties? And what are the best right brain dominant careers. Let’s find out with BestLifeTips right below.

Are you right-brain dominant? What are the best right brain dominant careers? Learn more about you in the article below with BestLifeTips.

What is a right brained person?

The theory of left and right brain was developed by Neuropsychologist Roger W Sperry in 1960. Accordingly, each human is either right or left side dominant. Each side of brain controls different types of thinking that lead to different personality traits. Sperry believed that there are some people who can use both sides of brain equally, but most people will have tend to think either on a more left or right side.

What is a right brained person

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The left-brainers tend to be very realistic, logical and are critical thinkers who don’t let feelings get in when making decisions. They are rarely absent-minded but stay goal-oriented and well organized.

How about right-brainers? They are the absolute opposite version of the lefties. They are creative, unpredictable, spontaneous and more emotional than the left-brainers. They are intuitive and good at problem solving and more laid back with strangers.

Ask yourself some simple questions like: Do you prefer drawing to playing puzzle? making plans or being flexible? And so on. Here’re more signs that you are righties team.

  • You like open-ended questions than multiple choices.

“Right or wrong” answers are boring to you. Open-ended questions give you more space for discussion and freedom when finding solutions. What’s more, open-ended question format allows you to be creative and gives you a chance to express yourself more.

  • You have a difficulty in maintaining your focus.

You are easy to get distracted by new ideas or thoughts and need constant stimulation. A right-brainer seeks for inspiration all around and finds it unmotivated to keep doing the same thing for so long.

right brain dominant careers 4 scaled

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  • It’s hard for you to be organized.

Right-brainers find it unnecessary to keep everything in right order and neat all the time. Working desk or room of righties might look unorganized and it’s totally find with them. Plus: they often miss academic tasks as well.

  • People don’t appreciate your memorization skills.

Right-brainers use an unique way to recall information. They choose colors, meaning, visual representation and emotions instead of details when it comes to memorization.

Reference: Right Brain vs. Left Brain

  • You are appealed to a bigger picture

Right-brainer team refers to have a bigger picture than looking into details. They have the ability to realize the interconnection of small pieces making up the picture.

What are right brain thinkers good at?

Right-brainers are believed to be more creative, intuitive and emotional than the left ones. They are more likely imaginative and innovative thinkers and good at expressing themselves. But being a right-brainer doesn’t mean you are unable to work with numbers or logic. You won’t get lost in details but naturally draw the whole picture and excel in visionary planning, motivating others and thinking outside the box. Besides, right-brained people enjoy finding new ways of doing things and looking at any issue in from different angles.

What are right brain thinkers good at

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Some of the abilities associated with the right side of brain include:

  • Using imagination
  • Reading emotions
  • Expressing emotions
  • Creating music
  • Recognizing faces
  • Appreciating color
  • Being creative
  • Being intuitive

Reference: The right cerebral hemisphere: emotion, music, visual-spatial skills, body-image, dreams, and awareness

Best right brain dominant careers

Jobs that appeal to right-brained people are often creative and imaginative. Some of the jobs well suited to right brain dominant thinkers.

  • Graphic designers: This field requires imagination, computer skills and creativity. A graphic designer needs to translate a customer’s vision into a working logo, website or text. Hence, the job requires communication skill as well.
Best right brain dominant careers

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  • Interior designers: An interior designer has to combine colors, lighting, textures and objects to design spaces that satisfy customer’s need. This is a mix of art and science, imagination and logic, so it’s not for only right or left brainers.
  • Teacher: Teachers inspire students to learn new abilities by being innovative and imaginative thinkers. Primary school teachers, in particular, have a diverse set of abilities that enable them to teach a wide range of courses to a diverse group of students. This requires them to come up with interesting activities that will help them get the most out of their students on a daily basis. Talented teachers are also good managers, able to keep control of a classroom full of students keen to make their mark on the world.
right brain dominant careers 7 scaled

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  • Psychologists, therapists and counsellors: Right-brained people are good at reading emotions. These jobs require the ability to think dependently and guide people in a delicate manner and motivate them.
  • Arts: No doubt about it. Art is meant for right-brained people who are creative by nature, emotional and full of imagination. They are excellent at expressing creativity and translate vision into fine art.
  • Managers, leaders: Right brainers are the leader by nature. They are capable of finding a bigger picture. Besides, they can realize the interconnection of small pieces making up the picture. Reading emotions or motivation are the plus for right-brainers while doing their job as leaders.
right brain dominant careers 8 scaled

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  • Animators: This is another field that requires a lot of creativity. The primary goal for animators is to create the connection with the viewer through the use of visual elements.
  • Architect: Being an architect requires a lot of visual and creative skills. Besides of that, architecture needs a fair level of logic and analytics. This job is the combination of creativity and science, imagination and logic.
right brain dominant careers 9 scaled

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These are right brain dominant careers that BestLifeTips would like to recommend for you. But don’t limit yourself to any stereotypes, if you are drawn to any fields, let’s give it a try as there is no right brained only job. If you find this helpful, give us a thumb up and return often for more beautiful tips.