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Apply these effective steps to deal with restricted calls

Apply These Effective Steps To Deal With Restricted Calls

Have you ever received a phone call from a restricted number? You may wonder why this restricted number keeps calling me? How to block it? Don’t miss this article of BestLifeTips. We will share with you steps to block restricted number.

Although it is less common to receive a call from a restricted number nowadays, it does still happen. When you see “Restricted” appear on your caller ID, you are receiving a phone call from a restricted or blocked number. If you’re receiving restricted phone call every day and wondering why restricted number keeps calling me all day, this article of BestLifeTips is for you.

What is a restricted number?

What is a restricted number?

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A restricted number is a number that allows callers to hide their true identity from public viewing. When we receive calls from restricted numbers, all we can see on our phone screen is an unknown phone number format such as 0230 or 98760 appearing or simply the words “Restricted” or “Private”. Other forms of messages that appear in case no number format on screen include “Blocked”, “Unknown” and “No Caller ID”.

There are many reasons why people use a restricted number to make a restricted call. Some do it for privacy and security. They want to avoid harassment or being tacked when making phone calls. But normally people won’t answer the phone when they receive a restricted call. However, you cannot know for sure who’s calling you. If you want to know who is making that call, there are multiple possibilities to consider.

Who are making these restricted calls?

Who are making these restricted calls?

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Both organizations and individuals can make these restricted calls. There are many reasons a person or a company might do this. So don’t jump to the conclusion immediately that whoever is calling you is someone shady with malicious intentions.

For example, solicitors and collection agencies use restricted number to heighten security. In some cases, the work that collection agencies take on stirs intense emotions. So that recipients might use the call to track down the collection agency’s location. Something like this can be quite dangerous.

Anyone can restrict their number, whether they are part of a company or just an individual. People do this to protect themselves from malicious people. If your number falls into pesky contacts’ hands, you might be harassed relentlessly. Therefore, some individuals choose to make a restricted call in order to be safe.

Restricted number keeps calling me – How to find a restricted number?

While finding a restricted number can be difficult, it is possible if you know what to do.

How to find a restricted number?

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  • Check your phone records

Take a look at your phone records at the end of the month. Some home and cell phone providers list the numbers on the bill that initially came through as restricted. Note the time and date of the restricted call as it happens and check your phone bill to find that same time and date. You may find the full number listed.

  • Block restricted numbers

You can block restricted numbers to let the callers know that you are not accepting calls from blocked or restricted numbers. This force the caller to unblock his or her phone number and tries to call you if they are someone truly wants to reach you. It’s an effective way to avoid unwanted spam callers or pestering telemarketers.

  • Ask the caller

This is the easiest way of tracing or finding the identity of the restricted caller. All you need to do is receive the restricted call and ask the caller for their identity. Although this cannot be 100% successful, there is no harm in trying this out.

  • Contact your carrier

Some phone companies will offer to give you a restricted number if you can give them a good reason for doing so. Threatening phone calls or obscene calls can often be revealed immediately through the phone company’s network, and the company can choose to release that information to you directly.

  • Install apps for tracing restricted numbers

If you’re looking for a way to find the restricted number that called you, these apps will be helpful. You can install True Caller, Hiya or Mobile Number Call Tracker on your phone. They are available on both iOS and Android. These apps can help you identify unknown and restricted numbers.

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Restricted number keeps calling me – How to block restricted number?

How to block restricted number?

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If restricted number keeps calling you and make you annoying, you can block it on both your landline and mobile devices.


You can find the block number option on the landline by turning on the caller ID on your device. Dial *77, then wait until you hear a confirmation message. Any restricted call you’ll receive will receive an automated message. They can’t call you unless they unblock their restricted number.

If you want to disable this feature, pick up your phone and dial *87. Stay on the phone and wait until you hear a confirmation message.

Smart phone

  • iPhone

If you have an iPhone and want to block a restricted number, follow these steps. But before doing these steps, make sure your iPhone is updated.

Option 1: Via your call history

Step 1: Go to Phone icon/app.

Step 2: Click on the blue ? symbol next to the restricted call.

Step 3: Choose Block this caller to block the specific restricted call.

Option 2: Use Do Not Disturb

Step 1: Go to Setting > Choose Do Not Disturb.

Step 2: Scroll down to Allow Call From and click on that.

Step 3: Choose who you want to accept calls from, such as your Favorites or All Contacts.

Step 4: On the Do Not Disturb page, make sure your other settings are set the way you want them.

Step 5: Turn on the Do Not Disturb button at the top of the page.

  • Android

On Android, things are more or less similar to the iPhone. Likewise, it’s fairly easy to block a restricted call on an Android device.

Step 1: Go on Phone icon.

Step 2: Click on the restricted call and then the ? symbol (may also say Details).

Step 3: Choose Block Number at the bottom of your screen.

Use call blocking apps

In additional to blocking restricted calls on your smartphone, you can also use these apps to block a number.

  • Hiya

This is one of the most popular iPhone and Android block caller ID apps today. It’s very simple to use. With this app, you can see who just called you, and block spam and restricted calls.

  • Call Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is only available on Android devices. However, the app makes it really easy to block calls and SMS messages. You can easily retrieve the restricted calls from your call log.

  • Call Blocker

Just like Calls Blacklist, this application can only be used on Android devices and has similar capabilities.

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Restricted calls may not be bad things. But sometimes unwanted spam callers or pestering telemarketers keep calling making us annoying. Hope that BestLifeTips can help you deal with unwanted restricted calls and you will no more wonder why restricted number keeps calling me.