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35+ Non-traditional Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

35+ Non-traditional Dishes For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Read this article of BestLifeTips to get some of the great non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas to refresh your festive dinner.

If you want to change your Thanksgiving dinner style, don’t miss these non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas of BestLifeTips. We would like to present to you some of the best non-traditional dishes ever that you can impress your guests.

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Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas – Appetizers

Below are some of the best appetizers for non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas that you can add to your dinner.

Crispy bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts

The first appetizer in our list of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas is Brussels sprouts wrapped in bacon.

These are glazed with honey and topped with chives. If you don’t want to stand over a smoking pan, envelop the Brussels sprouts in bacon and roast them on a baking sheet.

Crispy halloumi fries with roasted tomato dip

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

Squeaky halloumi cheese makes a fun, new twist on french fries. Make a garlicky, roasted-tomato dip to complement them instead of ketchup or marinara.

Baked brie with cranberries and pomegranate

While this sweet and savory baked brie with cranberries and pomegranate may look fancy, it’s really easy to make.

Carrot pigs in a blanket

Another dish of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas is carrot pigs in a blanket.

Carrots wrapped in crescent dough at Thanksgiving are kinda fancy. Watch how many get devoured.

Cranberry, Brussels sprouts and brie skillet nachos

When you pair the flavor of Brussels sprouts and cranberries with extremely melty brie cheese and a bit of sharp white cheddar, you’ll get the most addictive salty-sweet combination of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

You can top these cranberries and Brussels sprouts and brie skillet nachos with leftover shredded turkey.

Goat cheese, apple and honey tarts

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

Tangy goat cheese is paired with tart, crisp, sweet apples. The crusts are made with store-bought puff pastry.

Pull-apart bread with caramelized onions and goat cheese

Each piece of the soft, buttery dough is stuffed with a creamy mixture of caramelized onions, goat cheese and herbs.

Pull-apart bread with caramelized onions and goat cheese is tasty, elegant and should be listed in the best non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas – Main courses

As for main courses, instead of using turkey, you can cook chicken, beef, ham, lamb chops, and more. Take a look at the following ideas to see if you can add some to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Skillet roast chicken with shmaltzy potatoes

The trick to a gorgeously golden brown chicken is using buttermilk marinade and knowing your oven’s hot spots.

The potatoes are optional, but they’re a good and easy-to-make side dish.

Atoni Porowski’s strip steak with harissa butter and parsley salad

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

You don’t have to always server turkey as a main course in your Thanksgiving dinner. Using beef instead of turkey is one of the best non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

This recipe is beginner-friendly and super flavorful. Plus, it’s ready in 20 minutes.

Hearty stuffed butternut squash

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to appreciate the beauty of these gourds. To make them vegan, skip the Gruyère cheese.

Spicy orange-honey glazed ham

Ham is another great opt for non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

Making a ham may look intimidating and really easy to mess up. However, after trying this foolproof spicy orange-honey glazed ham, it’ll become your go-to meal for holidays and parties.

Balsamic cranberry roast chicken

Thanks to cast-iron skillet, this balsamic cranberry roast chicken recipe is completely hands-off.

If you can’t find fresh cranberries, you can use frozen ones. Thaw and drain them first.

Turkey roulade with cherry and sausage stuffing

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

It’s turkey presented in a non-traditional format. The inside is stuffed with cherry and sausage stuffing, and the outside is slathered in a mix of harissa and Dijon mustard.

Pistachio-crusted pork tenderloin with apple and escarole salad

The pretty pistachio crust is both festive and tasty, and best of all, the dish cooks from start to finish on a single baking sheet.

Pomegranate-maple glazed lamb chops

Lamb chops are as simple to cook as chicken and simpler than turkey.

Pomegranate molasses is a Middle Eastern ingredient that adds sweetness and tang.

Promegranate-sumac chicken with roasted carrots

In this non-traditional recipe, the chicken is brined in buttermilk for extra tenderness and a golden-brown crust.

Butter squash carbonara

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

To have a creamier and tastier spaghetti carbonara, you need just one secret ingredient – it’s butternut squash.

Greek chicken and rice skillet

This Greek chicken and rice skillet is easy, gorgeous and so delicious.

Ina Garten’s tuscan turkey roulade

Another main course of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas is Ina Garten’s tuscan turkey roulade.

This main is actually better if you assemble it in advance, as all the filling flavors permeate the meat.

Buttermilk-battered pan-fried fish fillets

Fish is a great main dish of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas. It’s actually really simple to pan-fry fish to crisp, flaky deliciousness.

Bacon-wrapped black cod with spinach and capers

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

This recipe is easy to prepare, seasonal ingredients and tons of flavor.

Smithfield bacon lends savory flavor and crunchy texture to fresh black cod, while a bed of sauteed spinach keeps the dish light.

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas – Side dishes

Here are some fancy side dishes of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas that you should consider adding to your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

Pommes anna

Pommes anna is a simple side dish of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

It’s a classic Française recipe that requires little more than butter, salt and spuds once you grasp the technique.

Cacio e pepe cauliflower

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

New takes on cacio e pepe are so hot right now.

This recipe is like cauliflower mac and cheese, it’s creamy and cheesy.

Roasted sweet potatoes with sriracha and lime

This recipe for roasted sweet potatoes with sriracha and lime can work as a side dish, a base for meal prep or a light dinner. It’s often served with a yogurt sauce or roasted chickpeas.

Delicata squash rings with garlic and lemon sauce

These crispy oven-baked delicata squash rings with garlic-lemon sauce are destined to become your new favorite finger food.

You don’t need to peel your delicata squash, as its stripy skin is completely edible and adds a fancy flair to your rings.

Baked cauliflower with pomegranate seeds and thyme

This non-traditional side dish has all the flavors you associate with traditional Thanksgiving stuffing, like fresh rosemary, thyme, sage and parsley, plus jewel-like pomegranate seeds and crunchy almonds.

Charred sweet potatoes with pistachio-chili pesto

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

Chilis and pistachios bloomed in olive oil become the base for a pesto made from herbs and three types of citrus juice and zest.

It’s spicy, tangy and salty, and it adds a bit of texture to roasted sweet potatoes.

Radicchio, lentil and apple salad with vegan cashew dressing

The bitter greens will be a welcome addition to your mega-rich menu with this recipe.

Crispy smashed potatoes with horseradish and sea salt

The horseradish cream is spicy and pungent, so serve it on the side if you’re joining picky eaters. Mashed-potato lovers should try this.

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with barley risotto

These portobello mushrooms stuffed with barley risotto look fancy.

You could plop this delicious creamy risotto onto a plate and have a great meal, or cradle it in portobello mushroom caps and feast like a queen.

Baked feta with dill, caper berries and citrus

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

Baked feta is a dish you should learn to make by heart. Serve it with toasted pita or any crispy cracker of choice.

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas – Desserts

And, of course, we cannot miss these amazing desserts for a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. These non-traditional dishes will help you have a satisfied ending for your festive dinner.

Crème caramel

This is a silky custard that decorates itself with caramel as it makes its way to the table.

Cardamon crème brulee

Before you begin the process, steep cardamom in the cream to add a warm, seasonal flavor to the custard.

Pumpkin angel food cake with cream cheese glaze

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

If you crave a pumpkin dessert, make it in the form of this fluffy, cream-cheese glazed masterpiece.

Caramelized butternut squash upside-down cake

This will be your new dish of your non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas. This cake is topped with vegetables.

Sticky stoffee honeycomb cake

The British sponge cake is made with dates and drenched in toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream, taking decadent to a whole new level.

Serve it slightly warm for maximum effect.

Miniature banoffee cobblers

They’re ridiculously simple while taking only 20 minutes of prep, and taste like a toffee-banana dream.

Apple tart with soft-pretzel crust

Non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas

This new take on the classic apple tart will please the crowd. It’s a truly stunning combination of soft-pretzel crust topped with juicy sliced apples.

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With these non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas, you can refresh your Thanksgiving dinner with fancy dishes. Follow BestLifeTips to get more great cooking ideas.