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Copy these 12 tips on coping with the thought no one wants me in their life

Copy These 12 Tips On Coping With The Thought No One Wants Me In Their Life

There is perhaps no more painful thought in the world than that of “no one wants me in their life”. It’s a terrible self-attacked feeling when we feel isolated, depressed, anxious or insecure. Join BestLifeTips to get the best tips on coping with this problem.

Every human has a moment of feeling lost, unwanted, feeling like no one wants them in their life no matter how loved or happy they seem to be on the outside. Have you ever wondered why no one wants me in their life? Here in this article, BestLifeTips want to discuss this problem and tips on how to cope with it.

Why do I feel like no one wants me in their life?

Why do I feel like no one wants me in their life

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There are many reasons why a person feels like no one wants me in their life. Maybe you have gone through a difficult breakup; you are struggling with unemployment; you are dealing with anxiety or depression; or you are simply going through a tough time, you feel defeated and lonely.

Sometimes you fail in gaining your goals, you feel like the world is against to you. You may feel so disappointed, useless, and defeated. You tend to cower, detach yourself from everyone, reproach yourself with your failure, feel like no one wants me in their life at all.

But you should know that you are not alone, you are not the only one who has felt that way, and you don’t need to feel this way permanently.

How to cope when I think no one wants me in their life?

How to cope when I think no one wants me in their life

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If you usually have doubts about whether no one wants me in their life, you must learn how to overcome these moments and love yourself more for the real you. Here are some tips to cope with this problem.

  • Love yourself more

Developing your self-compassion can help you feel way better about yourself. You can see more positive traits in other people. Always remind that you are not alone and give yourself permission to be imperfect.

  • Fight against the feeling of worthlessness

Feeling worthless makes people think that no one cares about them. No matter how you feel or what people told you, remember that you are worth caring about. Your family care about you, your good friends care about you, your loved one cares about you. You need to learn how to acknowledge negative thoughts and then let them go.

  • Contact your old friends and acquaintances

If your family and close friends are not there for you, think of people who were kind to you in the past. Contact them. Find the one who is a good listener to share your feelings. Holding back your negative feelings is bad, it sometimes can make the situation worse. So tell someone you trust about how you are feeling.

  • Uncaring response is a normal thing

When you feel severely depressed, you tend to assume that everyone is mean, unkind, and uncaring. However, people are just more focused on their own lives. They cannot care about you whenever you feel this way. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care about you. They may respond like “Just ignore it” or “Things will be fine” is a normal thing.

  •  Find new hobbies and meet new people

Take part in new activities to meet more people and give yourself another source of self-worth. Helping other is a great way to feel good about yourself. Make friends with new people.

  • Find online support

When you have no one to talk with, find an online supportive stranger. If you are in a mental health crisis, contact a suicide hotline. These are available through online chat and phones worldwide.

  • Take a look at the photos of your happy memories

When you are depressed and feel like no one wants you in their life, look at the photos which keep your happy moments. That will make you remember the good things and feel so much better.

  • Reach out for happy sources of entertainment

Avoid watching sad movies and television shows since they may have a negative effect on you. Watch comedies, funny comics and other things that make you laugh.

  • Spend time with animal

Pet are great allies during a tough time. You can confide in your pet and play with them. They’ll help you feel better.

  • Make a healthy life change

Try to get enough sleep each night, get up and dressed each morning. Eating healthy food and exercising regularly can lead to a major mood boost. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs.

  • Seek therapy

If you often feel hopeless or worthless, you are probably depressed. This is a serious medical condition that needs treatment. Therapy is an effective treatment for depression. Visiting a licensed psychologist regularly can help you find coping mechanism and make positive life changes.

  • Practice meditation

When you are upset, find a quiet, private place. Sit down and focus on deep, slow breathing. Many people improve their mood by meditation.

No one wants me in their life – Q&A

No one wants me in their life - Q&A

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How should I live my life when nobody wants to be close friends with me?

It is true that having close friends helps us grow and have a lot of fun in our lifetime. But if you have no close friends, there are plenty of things to do on your own.

  • Search for your passion in life

Determine your main passion in your life. After knowledge of your passion, learn things to develop it. For example, if you have a passion for music, you can learn to play an instrument. If you love languages, learn a new language online.

  • Develop your creative side by painting, writing stories, carving and so on.
  • Family members are a great source of friendship. Spend more time with your family.
  • Enjoy your time alone

Go to a concert by your favorite singer; go to the cinema to watch your favorite movies.

  • Play video games is a great way to self-entertain and to escape into another world. You may make friends with others through the games.

There are a lot more things you can do on your own. Keep on your path of self-improvement, addressing your discovered flaws, but always have a thankful and positive attitude. Remember that everyone is equal and you neither need to imagine nor hate anyone.

How to deal with the fact no one loves me?

You may think this way because you are insecure and not loving yourself. Instead of drowning in depression, try to let it go. Don’t let other people affect your life. It’s you who live your life, not them.

Just do what you love and love yourself more. No one will love you as much as yourself. You are content with yourself no matter you are lonely or not. Don’t be afraid to have no friends or make friends with people. You know that nothing lasts forever. The right people will come through.

If no one wants me in their life and I hate myself, should I just end everything and get it over with?

Absolutely not.

It is a hard world to get through, of course, and there is much cruelty and inhumanity out there. But there are also gentle souls. People who need a good friend and know how to be one. You can also be one because you would understand their troubles and be a good listener.

You need to stop focusing on your shortcomings. We all have imperfections. We’re stuck with imperfection. The idea is to learn to better ourselves and keep going.

Sometimes when we are deeply troubled, we feel every force in the universe has turned against us and no one cares, and we lose our perspective. Everyone’s life is worth, and yours too. And, as it would be wrong to wish death on the person next to you, why, then, question your own life? No matter how alone you are, there is always someone out there who truly does care.

You are evidently suffering severe depression. Seek therapy to treat it. Don’t be shy to tell someone how badly you’re feeling. Whatever the cause, you don’t deserve to be in this kind of pain. Get help.

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In short, feeling like “no one wants me in their life” is quite popular whenever we’re stressful, lonely or defeated. However, don’t allow it to bring you down. It just a momentary thought. There is someone out there cares for you. Learn to love yourself more and overcome this kind of thought. Leave a comment below to let BestLifeTips know your opinion about this.