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She refuses intimacy all the time? Here’re 9 potential reasons for her rejection.

She Refuses Intimacy All The Time? Here’re 9 Potential Reasons For Her Rejection.

It’s been a long while since you’ve had sexual intimacy with each other and you are wondering “my wife rejects me all the time”? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips right below.

The fear of rejection in romantic relationship can take many forms. If the sentence “my wife rejects me all the time” keeps popping up in your head, it may be a sign. Why she did that to you and what you are supposed to do? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips right below.

What does it mean when my wife rejects me all the time?

Bear in your mind, the only way to find out exactly her thinking is talking to her on your own. There are plenty of reasons on the internet but none of them is guaranteed what is exactly the reason for her rejection.

Physical or emotional rejection never means that she doesn’t love you anymore. In fact, women are naturally more restrained than men when it comes to sex and intimacy. It depends much on her stage of mind, cultural background, upbringing and education. Check your mind again if this happened before and what was going wrong at that time. Perhaps you and your wife are not fully compatible.

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She might look tired and even afraid to be close to you or even don’t want to share the bedroom with you. Check upon her health and politely ask if you can give her any help. People change a lot throughout their life, sometimes it once seems to be exciting and natural but later on becomes boring and awkward. While sex is an important part in marriage but marriage isn’t all about sex. Chill out and change your approach to this a bit.

Why my wife rejects me all the time?

It’s time to rethink about reasons for her rejection in this relationship. Seriously avoid becoming defensive. Most of the time we are easy to get defensive when receive rejection. “What do you mean by that?” Or “What’s wrong with you?” with aggressive facial expression and gestures doesn’t fix anything. Step back, respect her feeling and check again if she is dealing with any of below issues.

She’s under a high pressure

The primary cause of her stress probably comes from the desire discrepancy between you. This happens when one person is always asking for sex while the other doesn’t want it. As a result, this can lead to the lower-libido person feel pressured into having sex. If you are not aware of it, the pressure is a total intimacy killer that can set off a circle of sexual avoidance. Even though you eventually end up with having sex but that pressure makes it harder for her and bad sex might cause her to lose all interest in sex after all.

She doesn’t feel connected to you emotionally

Women need emotional connection when it comes to intimacy. The lack of connection might affect significantly on your sex quality and your desire towards sex. When’s the last time that you had a long genuine and heartfelt conversation? Or make time to be fully present for each other or give each other butterflies in stomach? Don’t get it wrong that intimacy means having sex only. Sometimes it’s the inner feelings and small actions that connect human.

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She’s struggling with motherhood

Being a mom carries her away, and she doesn’t see herself as a sexual being anymore and assumes herself the roles of mother instead. Maybe you started treating her differently without intention too. Less like a wife or lover and more like a mom.

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She’s insecure about her body

One of the most top sexual concerns that women have is body self-consciousness during sex. It’s especially true for people with body obsession disorder. For women after childbirth, their body changes significantly over time. Then they feel unconfident about themselves and lose their interest in sex gradually.

She’s struggling with her mental health

Stress, depression or anxiety affect negatively on libido. It lowers her desire for intimacy and causes her to have a busy mind. Then she gets distracted from wanting sex or being present during sex.

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She may have health issues

There are plenty of health issues that may affect to her libido. It could be diabetes to chronic pain or even hormonal changes that change her sex drive. Plenty health issues might affect her hormones, taking hormonal birth control could be one of them. Don’t assume her rejection means serious medical issues.

She’s too busy

Working 9 to 5, doing household chores, taking care of family members could drain her energy. If she still takes a major part in doing house works and taking care of kids while spending the same hours at work, it’s clear that she overworked to have any energy for sex.

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She’s not in the mood

It’s totally fine not to have the mood for sex. She simply doesn’t have mood for intimacy and this sometime happens naturally in a happy marriage. There is no need to doubt about her rejection and leave it for the next time.

She’s loosing her interest in you or the relationship

Intimacy rejection may be the sign of loosing interest in romantic relationship. She may be not attracted to you or this marriage life. But don’t take it too serious, lower libido doesn’t mean your marriage is over. Have an open conversation with your wife and get to know how she feels about you or the marriage.

What should I do when my wife rejects me all the time?

Once address the potential reasons, you need to set a right approach to sexual intimacy with her. It’s important to work on this like other issues in a romantic relationship, as a team. Find your way to talk to her is a priority because everything is just an if phrase. Share the impact of the lack of physical and sexual intimacy on you emotionally and try to state your needs in a positive way. Here are several things that you can prepare to bring out a heartfelt conversation with her.

Make time and space for her

You may make her a cup of tea or anything she loves, a comfortable seat and genuinely invite her for a heart to heart conversation. Don’t rush to jump into the questions, but sooth her mood first.

Start listening and understanding her

Have you ever really listened to her? People call it active listening-be present while she talking to you. Being in a relationship or getting married for a long time, people tend to listen less and believe that they have nothing much to talk to each other. Change it. She might be happy if you choose to be a good lister around her.

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Don’t get defensive

“What’s wrong with you?” Or “What do you mean by doing so?” doesn’t make any senses. Don’t try to force her to talk to you in an aggressive manner. In any relationships, the truth is typically reached via kindness, understanding and openness.

The only person you can change is yourself

Don’t try to fix anyone because it’s impossible. Especially, in relationship, you can’t force anyone to the way you want them to. However, positive change on one side may lead to the positive change on the other.

Be the guy that she fell in love in the first place

After months or years of love, the chasing process in a relationship often stops while it’s supposed to last forever. Consider if you are taking the relationship serious enough or too comfortable with yourself and expect her to accept.

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Invite her to date

Accordingly, do you remember when is the last time you ask her out? Spice up your relationship with romance. No women will deny a beautiful night outside with her lover/husband.

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In case you have tried out all tips but no use, keep being patient with her and consider about to ask for professional help such as sex therapists and couple counselors. Remember that marriage is a long-term commitment and there is no one-size-fits-all method to the question “my wife rejects me all the time”. Communication is always the key as it’s only her to tell you what really is going on inside her. Return BestLifeTips for more relationship tips.