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6 tips on choosing minimalist wall decor you wish you’d know sooner

6 Tips On Choosing Minimalist Wall Decor You Wish You’d Know Sooner

Nowadays, people follow minimalist trend from lifestyle to clothes or house decoration. They are more and more favor in minimalist wall decor items. BestLifeTips would like to share with you tips on choosing minimalist wall decor that will draw your attention at the first sight.

If you are a minimalism person and trying to find something good to decorate the walls in your house or office, read this article of BestLifeTips. We’d like to share tips on choosing minimalist wall decor items in this post. Let’s get it!

Minimalist wall decor

Minimalist wall decor

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When we talk about minimalist wall decor for living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room, we usually imagine simple white walls. Although keeping walls simply white is a widespread idea, there is no such a principle in minimalist wall decor to leave the walls white.

In fact, there are many colors that you can use for minimalist wall decor. All the neutral colors, including off-white, cream, beige and gray, can be used. Furthermore, you can paint the walls with some pastel and subdued colors. The most important thing is to avoid mixing up too many colors. It’s better to cover all the walls in one or two colors.

In additional, you can make the walls look more interesting with the texture. You may use panels or picture frames for minimalist wall decor. The textured part of the wall is a great substitution to art. The panels can be of the same color as the walls or be different. Thus, dark-grey panels and picture frames look good on white walls while white ones go well with the walls of any color.

The wall panels of various materials may suit the minimalist wall decor. The panels of natural materials, such as wood or stone, may become an outstanding point in the room thanks to their natural patterns and colors. They look more stylish and cozy.

Principles of minimalist wall decor

Principle of minimalist wall decor

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Before choosing items for minimalist wall decor, you need to know the most important principles of the minimalist style.

  • Quality

For minimalist homes, quality is much more important than quantity. It’s unnecessary to buy luxurious items as the high-quality products can be bought at affordable prices as well. Therefore, even cheap minimalist wall decor may look great if it’s made of qualitative materials.

  • Simplicity

Keep it simple. A minimalistic home designs demand clear forms. That’s why you should avoid too messy decorations or too complicated ones.

  • Open space

If you have much open space, the home looks more airy and clean. You just need to shorten the list of the items you want to place in the room in order to keep the space open and unfussy.

  • Balance

Balance and harmony are extremely important for minimalist interiors. You need to pay much attention to scale. Don’t use too large furniture and minimalist wall decor items in a tiny room and and vice versa.

  • Clean lines

All the decorative items, and especially furniture, must have sleek clean lines. Too many standing out details aren’t suitable for this style. Slender silhouettes and simple lines are the basic characteristic of this style. You should avoid multi-tiered chandeliers, abundant drapes, fussy accessories. Don’t add floral and fussy small prints as well as too bright patterns.

  • Less is more

Minimalism is also based on less is more principle. You should have only the items you really need. So forget about too many minimalist wall decor items. Choose functional decorations like shelves or mirrors. And if you want to place some art, choose only one or two items. Avoid decorating with too many collectibles and art, which takes up too much space.

Tips on choosing minimalist wall decor

Minimalist style is often associated with plain and boring spaces. However, the lack of clutter and unnecessary things doesn’t mean that the interior looks too dull. One of the key points in minimalist wall decor is to find a balance between simplicity and sophistication. In such a way, you can create astonishing minimalist wall decor. Here are some tips on choosing minimalist wall decor.

  • Choosing color
Tips on choosing minimalist wall decor

Source: House Beautiful

Light colors such as white along with understated neutrals, barely there greys, and pastels are intrinsic to minimalist homes. Though you could add brighter colors, you should stick to one or two and limit the dosage. Art is a great way to add color and it can really tie a room together when used to compare colors for other elements such as furniture and rugs.

  • Choosing shape
Tips on choosing minimalist wall decor

Source: Minimal Daily

You can create a space with little personality with shapes on the wall. Shelving built in fun shapes can be functional and decorative at the same time, which is a bonus for minimalist wall decor. Sculpture and art are also great ways to add shapes to walls.

  • Choosing texture


Tips on choosing minimalist wall decor

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A textured wall can be the focal point of a room and often needs little else. Wood, brick, stone, and board and batten or other wall add-ons can all bring a touch of decor without adding long-term maintenance.

  • Choosing size
Tips on choosing minimalist wall decor

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If you’ve got a lot of space, one of the easiest ways to fill it is with a something big. If a single piece doesn’t appeal to you, choose a collection of smaller items, but keep the collection is small to stay in line with minimalism. Do not choose big items for a small room and vice versa, do not pick tiny items for large spaces.

  • Focus on contrast
Tips on choosing minimalist wall decor

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Contrasting colors, textures, and shapes will draw your eye in. A large mirror against a wall, a bright painting on neutral colors, or a wall-hanging with bold patterns on a plain background are all simple ways to add contrast to your minimalist wall decor.

  • Choosing the meaning
Tips on choosing minimalist wall decor

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You can choose family heirlooms and photographs instead of something new to decorate your walls. Consider enlarging and framing photos, hanging homemade quilts, or placing other sentimental items on simple shelves. Just choose a few of your most meaningful items that show your history and personality. These are things that make any house a home.

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Above are all the keys points you should focus on when choosing items for your minimalist wall decor. Hope that after reading this, BestLifeTips can somehow help you choose your favor minimalist style for your sweet home.