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Minimalist engagement rings that make you unable to take your eyes off

Minimalist Engagement Rings That Make You Unable To Take Your Eyes Off

Many couples choose to use minimalist engagement rings for their weddings as people tend to be into simple style more these days. If you’re a minimalism one, this is what you can’t miss. BestLifeTips would like to share with you how to choose a minimalist engagement ring that makes you unable to take your eyes off.

Engagement ring has a very important signification in your entire life. It will end up becoming pieces of everyday jewelry for the bride. So it should reflect the personal style of the bride and the groom as well as blend in with her everyday outfits. If you’re looking for a minimalist engagement ring, don’t miss this article of BestLifeTips.

Minimalist engagement ring is on trend

Nowadays, people are more favor in simple things, from clothes and accessories, house, furnitures, cars to engagement rings.

One of the most favorite engagement ring trends is the minimalist engagement ring trend. Minimalist engagement rings are perfect for the bride-to-be who has a more chic and understated approach to her style.

While minimalist engagement rings are more simple than other engagement rings, they’re not basic or boring at all. Minimalist engagement rings show that simple can be stunning. Also, there are many styles of minimalist engagement rings, so you can still show off your personal aesthetic through the minimalistic approach. Minimalistic rings can be classic, vintage-inspired, unique, and everything in between.

What is a minimalist engagement ring?

Minimalism is the notion that less is more. As some define it, it’s promoting those things that we value and removing the things that distract us from them.

A minimalist engagement ring is the paring back of excessive embellishments and flash to end up with a ring that is simple but classy. And you can still have all the elements of an engagement ring, just on an understated scale.

A minimalist engagement ring is usually thin, dainty and petite. It may be featured just one center stone in a high setting engagement ring, or many smaller stones in a classic setting so that the overall design is relatively dainty.

This engagement ring style isn’t just popular and loved by many, but it is also one of the most timeless styles. This is because it features such minimal design elements that there’s a good chance it will still be in style years from now.

Advantages and disadvantages of minimalist engagement ring

Advantages of minimalist engagement ring

Minimalist engagement ring brings a lot of convenient things to you.

  • It can be worn like a daily jewelry

Minimalist engagement rings are delicate and subtle, which are ideal for today’s professional women who love wearing their jewellery daily. A fine engagement ring allows you to wear it day in and day out, as it is not the type of engagement ring that has to stay in the safe because it is too big.

  • You can stack several rings together on the same finger

This minimalist engagement ring is also popular among women who love thinner engagement rings so that they can stack several rings together on the same finger.

  • Saving your budget

A minimalist engagement ring is a thinner and lighter engagement ring that is more comfortable as it takes less space on your finger. Less metal means you will spend a lower budget on diamonds.

  • Less is more

Minimalist doesn’t mean boring. Sometimes simple can be everything. Minimalist engagement rings show that there’s beauty in simplicity and those with bigger and more complicated designs aren’t always better.

Disadvantages of minimalist engagement ring

  • Depending on the level of activity in your life, a fine ring may be a little fragile to some extent, so you should be careful when undertaking extreme activities. That is why strong metals such as platinum and 18kt yellow, white or red gold are always more suitable for minimalist engagement rings.
  • The center stone has to be so close to the ring and is usually surrounded by metal because minimalist engagement rings are mostly thin and small.

How to choose a minimalist engagement ring?

Not everyone wants an engagement ring that’s flashy, large and makes a statement. More couples are looking for engagement rings that are simple, understated and classic. Here are some tips for you to choose a minimalist engagement ring.

  • Choose a smooth and thin band

A smooth and thin band with no embellishment, detail, or embedded stones is the most minimalist band you can choose. These bands usually have a setting of a solitaire, simple stone.

  • Choose a minimalist band detail

Not all minimalist bands are completely smooth. Some have simple embellishments that add a bit of personality and uniqueness to the ring. You can choose from a split band or a few stones embedded into the band.

  • Choose the type of metal

Yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are the most popular choices. These metals are traditional and classic, which match the simple style of a minimalist engagement ring.

  • Choose small stones

Engagement rings can be made of any stone. Diamonds are the most classic ones. In additional, they can be made with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and even opals or pearls.

Small stones make up the core of the look of a minimalist engagement ring. This emphasizes the simple, sleek look without flashy, over-sized stones. Minimalist stones can be in any shape, but will not take up most of your finger.

  • Add some unique features

To make your ring stand out from the masses, while still keeping it understated, you can add some unique features to it. For example, you can choose to set your stone horizontally as opposed to vertically, for an instantly intriguing look. Find a way to make your ring special, if you want it to be a unique design.

  • Choose nature-inspired elements

Minimalism is all about keeping it natural and simple. Nature inspired designs are an excellent way to add some natural looking features to your ring, such as leaves, vines and flowers.

Minimalist engagement ring samples

Ilud Ring

Minimalist engagement ring

Source: Rachel Boston

This ring is crafted in 9ct gold and feature real small diamonds so they can become treasured pieces of jewellery in their own right. It’s approximately $300.

Thin Forged Minimalist Moissanite Engagement Ring

Minimalist engagement ring

Source: Femailler

Price: $225

A thin strand of silver, fused into a ring, and hammer forged into shape. The small moissanite stone is then set into the surface of the silver. This is a statement in craftsmanship and minimalistic design.

Vrai and Oro Trillion Diamond Ring

minimalist engagement rings 06

Source: VRAI

Price: $485

An unexpected trillion-shaped diamond, even a teeny-tiny one like this Vrai and Oro piece, offers just the right amount of cool factor to a conventional solitaire ring.

Horizontal Mini Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

Minimalist engagement ring

Source: Jennifer Meyer

Price: $850

This horizontal baguette cut setting is by far the gorgeous mini diamond ring.

Melanie Casey Diamond Tempo Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Melanie Casey

Price: $1,100

The Diamond Tempo ring was made to symbolize the rhythm we walk through life with. The line of white diamonds are varied in sizes but evenly spaced on a solid 14k gold band of either yellow, rose, or white.

Melanie Casey Diamond Eyelet Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Melanie Casey

Price: $1,550

Inspired by intricate embroidery, bright white cluster diamonds accent the marquise-cut focal stone. The dainty arrangement is set on a slim gold band to maintain a minimalist form.

Melanie Casey Unveiled Stacking Ring in Oval Diamond

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Melanie Casey

Price: $890

As per the ring’s name, this piece makes an excellent addition to a ring stack. The solid 14k gold band is gently lifted so layers can nestle together snug.

Valerie Madison Dua Diamond Band

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Valerie Madison Jewelry

Price: $895

In 14k yellow gold, this dainty ring has an open band with matching brilliant-cut diamonds on each side. The stones are conflict free and set with Valerie Madison’s signature compass claw prongs.

JSV Concepts Marquise Diamond Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Esty

Price: From $307.20

This delicate engagement ring features a dainty natural white marquise diamond center stone with tiny brilliant-cut diamond accents. The band comes in rose, white, and yellow gold in sizes three through ten.

Zoë Chicco Horizontal Baguette Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Zoë Chicco

Price: $330

This ultra dainty ring is just a delicate one-millimeter-wide with a 06ct white diamond baguette. Metals come in 14k white, yellow, and rose gold.

Bario Neal Nikko Mini Morganite Marquise Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Bario Neal

Price: from $630

A dainty horizontal morganite marquise stone is prong-set by hand on a 14k yellow gold round band. The morganite is sustainably sourced from Brazil for conflict-free jewelry.

Ginette NY Medium Lonely Diamond Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Ginette NY

Price: from $705

A mini solitaire diamond ring bezel-set with 18k rose gold is the picture of a minimalist engagement ring. The dainty round band makes for beautiful and easy ring stacking.

Blue Nile Mini Baguette-Cut Diamond Fashion Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the minimalist bride

Source: Blue Nile

Price: from $299

The horizontal baguette-cut diamond is set in a slim and stackable 14k yellow gold band. The ring is available in sizes five, six, seven, and eight, but because it’s so delicate it cannot be resized.

Cartier Love Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the modern bride

Source: Winnie Accessories

Price: from $1,100

A love child of ’70s New York, the LOVE collection is a symbol of free-spirited love. Its binding closure and screw motif give it true permanence, while diverse interpretations allow for a unique expression of feelings. Lock in your love forever.

Take Flight Feather Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the modern bride

Source: Phoebe Coleman

Price: $177.38

There’s no reason to go for a glitzy stone if you never would have worn something sparkly before. How about a simple gold heirloom band to mark your engagement instead? This dreamy feather design feels almost fairytale-like, and we love that it’s crafted from one single piece of metal for a unified finish.

Gold Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

Minimalist engagement ring for the modern bride

Source: Notonthehighstreet

Price: from $972.02

Another delicate and dainty pick, this bezel set design from Antonia Lawes is a great choice for those looking for something lightweight. It can be stacked up with other bands or simply left to dazzle alone in modern, unfussy style.

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Hope that BestLifeTips can help you choose the most suitable minimalist engagement ring for your important event in your life. Come back with us for more information.