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Start building up your very first minimalist wardrobe with these 7 ethical brands

Start Building Up Your Very First Minimalist Wardrobe With These 7 Ethical Brands

Wanna change your closet but have no idea where to start? BestLifeTips reveals 7 ethical, environment-friendly minimalist clothing brands right below.

Minimalism fashion is all about investing in a few high-quality pieces and mixing and matching them in a variety of ways. It’s all about the quality over the quantity. You’ve probably heard the phrase “less is more,” and that’s exactly what this is about. Check out minimalist clothing brands BestLifeTips recommends and choose ones that suit you best.

What is minimalist fashion?

Before getting to know some of the minimalist clothing brands, understanding fully about this trend is a must. Minimalist fashion, without a doubt, is all about simplicity. However, it is more than that. Minimalist fashion, in terms of aesthetics, is about simplifying materials, colors, design, and structure to achieve harmony and balance without sacrificing usefulness. To put it another way, minimalist fashion focuses on simple, unadorned, and typically monochromatic pieces of clothing that can be paired fast and simply to create stunning ensembles.

What is minimalist fashion?

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When it comes to choosing your clothing, a minimalist approach to fashion means being deliberate and functional. When you favor quality and functionality over quantity, you have a minimalist orientation to fashion. Apply this idea to your clothing choices, and you’ll be certain of the way to taking a minimalist approach to fashion.

How to change your wardrobe into minimalism?

Keep it simple at the beginning. Don’t rush to throw away your wardrobe, but spend time to declutter first, then keep in mind these simple rules.

  • Choosing your colors

A popular misunderstanding about minimalism is that it necessitates the elimination of all color. That isn’t true. While it is obvious that a minimalist fashion approach often results in comprehensive outfits with only a few colors, this does not mean that these colours have to be drab or serious. Black, grey, and white are unquestionably crucial in minimalist fashion because of their flexibility. That isn’t to say you can’t mix them with your favorite colors, no matter how bright or cheery they are.

Minimalist clothing brands

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  • Getting Back to Basics

Choosing basic pieces of clothes that may be changed to be a part of several styles is a big aspect of going minimal. These clothing items should not be too showy or dramatic in order to be as adaptive and versatile as practical. They should be basic and simplified instead.

  • Putting Shapes Together

In order to get a minimalist aesthetic, you need to consider three basic shapes. First, there are box cuts (normally used for tops and sweaters). Second, there’s the A-shaped shape (skirts and dresses). Last but not least, straight silhouettes (jeans and pants). You may quickly and simply create a variety of looks by combining these shapes.

How many clothes should a minimalist have?

What is minimalist fashion?

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Most of us get confused about the idea of “the more, the better”. We need more swimming suits because we’ll go on different holidays. We need more jackets because we can’t look the same in every Instagram post. The key idea of going minimalism is “less is more”. There would be no one-size-fits-all number of clothes for all of us. Take these practical ideas and apply to your own wardrobe. Do anything that makes you feel good and happy.

  • The concept of one.

When one black dress, one swimsuit, one winter coat, one black belt, one pair of black shoes, one pair of sneakers, one handbag is all you need… Fill up the blanks with your own based on your profession, lifestyle, or climate.

  • Donate, sell, and give away some more.

It’s simple to get rid of the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Removing the clothes you don’t need can be a difficult decision. Turn all the hangers in your closet around. Return the hanger to its original position after wearing an item. Remove any item that hasn’t been worn at the end of the season. Think about someone that suits that item better and give it away.

  • Be conscious with colors you wear.

Most of us already have a few favorite colors that we wear frequently because we appreciate how we look in them. When you choose to wear fewer colors on purpose, you’ll need fewer accessories (shoes, belts, jewelry, handbags, etc.).

How to choose right minimalist clothing brands

It’s vital to feel confident and at ease with the clothes we put on. When putting together a minimalist outfit, avoid following seasonal fads and instead consider your own personal style. Your personality will be reflected in your outfit, and you will feel most like yourself if it is authentic and timeless. Consider this: What do you want your clothes to say about you? What fabrics and styles do I feel most at ease in? What colors, patterns, and accessories best complement my personality and bring out my actual self?

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Before going straight to some of the below recommendations for minimalist clothing brands, think about this: One of the biggest deterrents to building a minimalist wardrobe is the cost. Because of the sustainable, long-lasting fabrics and the fact that workers are provided fair benefits and paid, ethical clothing is more expensive than fast fashion. Even still, not all of us are able to afford these environment-friendly labels.

Take some of these tricks and see if any sounds right to you.

  • Go thrifting

Despite common assumption, thrift stores aren’t just for old clothes and broken furniture. We’ve found some of our favorite and most timeless pieces on the racks of modest thrift stores or online, as well as pre-loved clothing from our favorite ethical brands.

Minimalist clothing brands

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  • Take advantage of deals

When you join up for their emails, many ethical brands offer discounts on seasonal items and coupon codes. When building your own minimalist closet, take advantage of these goof deals.

  • Save your money for big purchases

Don’t feel pressured to change your entire outfit all at once. Begin small and save months ahead of time for those expensive goods, such as a winter coat or high-end denim. When setting a minimalist wardrobe, keep in mind that you’re paying for quality over quantity. It becomes less intimidating when you consider the larger picture and how much money you will save over time. This is especially true when planning and budgeting for a large purchase.

Minimalist clothing brands

minimalist clothing brands

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  • Able

Able specializes in leather goods and offers ethically made accessories. Able is committed to worker empowerment, with 95 percent of their employees identifying as women and a pledge to openly publicize their earnings. Their jewelry is created in Nashville, but all of their other products are created in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and India, where women are employed.

See more: visit Able website here.

  • Lunya

The brand focuses on making things made from ethically derived materials and objects that make us feel at ease whether sleeping or relaxing indoors. Luyna sells its basic items at the most affordable price feasible thanks to its direct-to-consumer distribution methodology.
The tops, lounge pants, and jumpsuits are meant to fit loosely for optimal comfort and come in a variety of neutral tones. Many of the pieces, however, can be incorporated into your everyday outfits providing they are not too loose. For a relaxed and easy yet stylish style, wear this jumpsuit with a pair of sandals or sneakers.

See more: Visit Lunya website here.

  • Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang’s designs, arguably the founders of modern minimalist fashion in the 1990s, are now fashionable essentials for any metropolitan woman’s collection. While many of the pieces, with their leather and bondage embellishments, are eye-catching in their own right, the ready-to-wear collection includes a wide range of basic pieces that can be worn with any outfit. The brand’s clothing epitomizes downtown chic and mix nicely with your hot-of-the-moment statement purchases for the season ahead, from tee-shirts to leather jackets to suit separates.

See more: Visit Helmut Lang website here.

  • Universal Standard

Universal Standard caters to a wide range of sizes, from 00 to 40. Given that they are a female-founded company, their focus on fit makes reasonable. They have a line designed specifically for women’s ever-changing bodies, the Fit Liberty collection, which may be exchanged for a different size within a year.

See more: Visit Universal Standard here.

  • Organic Basics

The term Organic Basics says it all. When it comes to providing you basics you can trust, this witty brand doesn’t mess around. Their specialty is underwear, but they’ve grown to include sportswear, lounge wear, and other casual clothing alternatives.

See more: Visit Organic Basics here.

  • Fair Indigo

With its simplistic patterns, Fair Indigo aspires to be “forever in fashion.” They work with Peruvian farmers to grow top-quality Pima cotton, paying fair wages, providing good working conditions, and establishing a foundation to enhance educational opportunities for the children of the farmers. They include outfit essentials as well as dressier pieces that are yet comfortable.

See more: Visit Fiar Indigo website here.

  • Amour Vert

Sustainability is at the heart of Amour Vert. They offer a give-back program in which one tree is planted for every t-shirt sold, and their packaging is compostable. They even sell a zero-waste collection, with a special focus on fabric manufacturing and treatment. Amour Vert is a feminine and laid-back style.

See more: Visit Amour Vert website here.

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Once become acquainted with this new minimalist approach to shopping, do your own research for brands depending on your needs or concerns, such as multi-use clothing, natural fabrics, ethically created, plastic-free delivery, and so on. There’s a solution for your style and budget out there. Give BestLifeTips a thumb up if these minimalist clothing brands fit you and return often for more sustainable wearing tips.