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Effective Ways to Pop Open Your Stubborn Menstrual Cup

Effective Ways To Pop Open Your Stubborn Menstrual Cup

Sometimes, you actually have several issues in your period like your menstrual cup won’t open? Don’t worry! BestLifeTips will show you how.

Besides tampons and pads, menstrual cups are now on the rise during ladies’ period as they are reusable and environmentally friendly. For most new exposers to period cups, they sometimes encounter this problem that menstrual cup won’t open. It might annoy at first but no worries, let BestLifeTips rescue.

Why my menstrual cup won’t open

Maybe you haven’t known the way to fold your cup yet. You need to fold it properly before inserting it into your body. Or maybe the cup is too soft to pop open inside. No matter what the reason is, there are always solutions to resolve the problem.

Is it OK to leave menstrual cup unopened inside?

It’s definitely not OK that your menstrual cup won’t open inside. You might experience leakage as your cup can’t catch all the fluid coming out of your body. Don’t let yourself be embarrassed in front of the public. Check out our instructions below when your menstrual cup won’t open.

menstrual cup won't open

How to tell if menstrual cup is open

The obvious sign that shows your menstrual cup has fully opened: you suffer no leakage.

Besides, you can check by running a finger along the vaginal wall to find the rim of the period cup. Follow the rim to see if the cup has opened completely.

Make sure not to deform the rest of the diva cup. This can affect the cup’s capacity.

How to fix menstrual cup won’t open

Saalt cup won’t open

For some people, the cup pops open right away after being inserted, while others struggle with that. You can try one of the following to fix menstrual cup won’t open:

  • Choose a different way of folding.
  • Grab the stem and twist it open.
  • Gently press the vaginal wall to create more space for the cup to open.
  • Put the cup higher into your vagina. There, it’s wider for the cup to open.
  • Rotate the cup while pushing it higher into your vagina.
  • Pinch the bottom of the cup right below the fold to force it open.

menstrual cup won't open

 Flex cup doesn’t open

Here are some tricks for you when your flex menstrual cup won’t open.

  • Try folding your Flex cup differently.
  • Slightly twist the cup open. If it still doesn’t open, rotate it 360 degrees.
  • Change the direction you insert the cup.
  • Insert the cup closer to your cervix, since it’s more spacious there for the cup to open.
  • Press the cup right under the fold to force it open.

Merula cup won’t open

Your Merula menstrual cup won’t open? Try one of the following to open it.

  • Maybe you have folded it incorrectly. Try another fol to see how it works.
  • Try inserting your Merula cup a little higher near your cervix so that it has more space to pop open
  • Grab the stem and twist the Merula cup open. You can slightly twist it or 360 degree twist it, as long as it works for you.
  • Press gently under the fold so that the cup can pop open.
  • Change the direction when you put the Merula cup inside.

menstrual cup won't open

How to avoid menstrual cup won’t open

Choose the right firmness

Many girls assume that the softer, the better. But soft material makes it hard for the cup to open. Therefore, we recommend picking ones with medium firmness to avoid menstrual cup won’t open.

Apart from that, the right size is also important. If the cup is too small, it may slip out of your body. If it’s too big, it will be hard to put inside and the cup won’t pop open easily as there’s literally no space inside and gets stuck.

Fold the cup correctly to avoid menstrual cup won’t open

It’s not just about putting it inside. Your menstrual cup should be folded properly before you insert. If you don’t, the cup will look more like a clog than a tool to store your liquid.

menstrual cup won't open

Different menstrual cup folds

  • C or U fold: Pinch the cup to create a C/U form
  • Punch-down fold: Push one side of the rim down. Hold the other sides together to protect the fold.
  • 7 fold: Flatten the cup and twist to create number 7.
  • Origami fold: press the rim halfway down towards the inside of the cup. Then fold the other side diagonally over the fold.
  • S fold: Flatten the cup. Take 2 sides and push them in the opposite direction to create an ‘S’.
  • M, E or Squiggle fold: Pinch of edge of the rim together. Push the other edge towards the pinched edge to create an ‘M’ or ‘E’.
  • Triangle fold: Flatten the cup. Take one edge of the cup and pull it diagonally to the other side to from a triangle.
  • Diamond fold: Close the middle of the cup. Pull one rim down to the pinched middle to form an ‘O’. Bring the opposite sides of the ‘O’ so that they overlap and form a diamond shape.

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BestLifeTips hopes that you can know what to do when your menstrual cup won’t open. Don’t forget to share with us how these tips work and discuss other similar situation you encounter. We are willing to be of help.