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Who will get drunk faster, women or men? Even when they are same in body size and take the same amount of alcohol
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Who Will Get Drunk Faster, Women Or Men? Even When They Are Same In Body Size And Take The Same Amount Of Alcohol

What will happen if a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol? BestLifeTips will reveal the answer right below.

If a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol, who will get drunk faster? The truth is that men and women process alcohol differently. Even though they consume the same amount of alcohol, it’s easier for women to get intoxicated than men. Let’s find out with BestLifeTips.

If a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol

BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content or Blood Alcohol Concentration. It is used as a metric of alcohol intoxication for legal or medical purpose. If a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol, the women’s BAC will probably be higher. It’s clear that women are generally smaller in body size than men and their blood volume is also relatively smaller. When they get the same quantity of alcohol, their BAC gets higher. We will explain by below.

Who gets drunk faster?

Women have been proven to be drunk faster than men. A study point out that women may react more quickly to liquor because they are less likely able to break down and digest alcohol before it circulates in body blood system and goes to brain. Besides, women feel the effect of alcohol faster than men. People chalk it up to average difference in size, in fact it is because of their body composition. Woman’s body’s ratio is higher in fat than water, so that they reach a higher blood alcohol after a single drink than men, even when match for weight and size.

Additionally, men get higher amounts of a protective stomach enzyme that breaks down alcohol before it goes to bloodstream, so they don’t get drunk as women on the same amount of alcohol consumption.

Why women should not consume the same amount of alcohol as men

Even though when the woman has the same body size and drink the same amount of alcohol, she is not encouraged to keep up with men in a party. There are several reasons for that statement. Below are some of them:

Hormonal differences

The differences in hormone lead to the difference in alcohol reaction between men and women. Women experience the hormonal change during their menstrual cycle, which adduct the rate at which they become intoxicated. Besides of that, when taking birth control pills or their medications containing estrogen, women’s alcohol metabolism will be slowed down.

Less ADH

ADH is an enzyme in the stomach and liver which breaks down alcohol. Women have less ADH in their body than men. That means women have less enzym to break down alcohol compared to man. As a result, there is more alcohol go straight into their blood than men.

If a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol

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Higher body fat

In the same body size, women have higher body fat proportions than men. The rate at which the body processes alcohol is influenced by body fat. Because alcohol does not breakdown in fat, most of it remains in the woman’s body fluid, such as blood. When compared to a male of same weight who consumes the same amount of alcohol, her BAC is higher.

Difference between male and female alcohol consumption

Generally, there are several differences between male and female alcohol consumption. Below are some of them:

  • Women are less likely to develop alcohol-related disorders.
  • Both sex and gender-related factors are interacting with alcohol use.
  • The gender-related difference in alcohol use has decreased in the recent decades.
  • compared to men, women are more likely prone to healthy diet and drink less.
  • Women who drink too much develop more medical problems.

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According to another study by Asli F. Ceylan-Isik, Shawna M. McBride, and Jun Ren, drinking also associated with pleasure, leisure and reward. One of the most significant factor of drinking is the mood enhancement or the relief from stress. Because sex hormones impact the brain’s stress and reward systems, the development of alcoholism, as well as approaches to recovery, may be sex dependent and show sex difference. Despite the fact that males have a higher risk of alcoholism than women, women have a higher rate of alcohol-related damage, particularly neurological impairment.

If a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol

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When it comes to early ages, the impact of alcohol on boys and girls is similar in some ways. Boys are more likely to engage in disruptive drinking due to a slower reaction to alcohol, later brain structure maturity, and socialization toward higher drinking. Girls, on the other hand, have a lower alcohol involvement rate because of traditional feminine traits. In adulthood, the gender disparity in alcohol reaction is more apparent.

If a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol 6

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However, it’s faster for women to develop medical consequences of alcoholism. Some of them are cirrhosis and alcohol-induced cardiomyopathy as well as peripheral neuropathy. They can be developed just after a few years of heavy drinking in women than men. For the brain damages and neurotoxic effects, women are believed to be more vulnerable than men. In compared to nondrinkers, both men and women with alcoholism have smaller brain volumes. Interestingly, Women appear to suffer brain shrinkage and cognitive impairment significantly more quickly than men. On the contrary, it has been shown that greater amounts of alcohol intake in males may be linked to a reduction in brain volume.

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Generally, women should not keep up with men while at a drinking party. Even if a male and a female who weigh the same consume the same amount of alcohol, the effect on the women would be heavier and they would get drunk faster and easier. Return BestLifeTips often for more health tips.