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BMTI dating 101: How to make your INTP crush fall in love with you

BMTI Dating 101: How To Make Your INTP Crush Fall In Love With You

INTPs may look cold, distant and somehow… weird. Are they capable of love? Definitely yes. But you need to understand and know their love language. BestLifeTips will reveal some of INTP dating tips right below. Go and get your INTPs.

You never know what you’ll get when you date an INTP. It’s like opening one of those mystery bags. We’re the Myers-Briggs world’s wild cards: the unpredictable, spontaneous, and ever-pondering philosophers. Every date will be unique, so set aside your dating expectations and scripts, since we’ll accidentally catch you off guard. BestLifeTips reveals some of INTP dating tips right below. Let’s see what we can do to make your INTP crush heart eyes.

What does the MBTI tell you?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a questionnaire that aims to make psychological kinds more intelligible and practical in our daily lives. The MBTI scores reveal important disparities between people, which might lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

Taking an MBTI test allows you to learn more about yourself, and reading your MBTI profile can be eye opening. Being aware of your unique preferences is a first step toward better understanding yourself and strengthening your interpersonal connections.

What does the MBTI tell you

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You have the option to build abilities to improve the less-dominant side of the scale by recognizing your preferred style. And this can help you grow as a person, becoming more well-rounded and capable of great things.

There is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” type, and there are no “better” or “worse” combinations of types in business or relationships. Each personality type and individual brings unique gifts to the table. It’s also worth remembering that even if 100 people had the same personality type, each would be unique owing to genetics, experiences, hobbies, and other factors. However, according to personality theory, they would share a lot of characteristics.

What does the MBTI tell you

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A typical application of the MBTI includes:

  • Development of education and training
  • Coaching and advising people
  • Career paths
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Employee management

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What personality type is INTP?

INTP: the thinker (Introverted – Intuitive – Thinking – Perceiving)

INTPs are often thought as quiet and analytical. They prefer to spend time alone, thinking about how things work and coming up with solution for the problems. They have a great inner world and pay more attention to their internal thought than the outer world. They enjoy being in their small circle of close relationships.

What personality type is INTP

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Key INTP characteristics

  • INTPs are reserved, quiet, and thoughtful. They like to mingle with a limited group of close friends with whom they share common interests and relationships, since they are introverts.
  • They love debating theoretical issues and set a priority on intellect over feeling. INTPs are logical thinkers who make decisions based on facts rather than feelings.
  • They are logical and impartial while examining data and making conclusions. Has a proclivity for being adaptable and thinking “out of the box.”
  • This personality type is more concerned with the larger picture than with the smallest details. INTPs prefer to have a lot of options and dislike being constrained by structure and preparation.

INTP dating tips – Who they are attracted to?

Given what we know about what INTPs look for in a relationship, it’s possible that some personality types will appeal to them more than others. This isn’t to argue that an INTP can only have a good relationship with a specific personality type; but INTP compatibility with certain types may be higher.

INTP dating tips

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In most cases, the INTP is drawn to someone who shares their intuition. INTP partners are also drawn to clever individuals who can hold meaningful talks.

While INTPs are attracted to intelligence, this personality can be creative and spontaneous as well, which makes them attractive lovers. They are also reported to be creative in every aspect of life, including in the bedroom. INTPs are open to explore sex lives with their partner and it’s certainly keeping the relationship interesting.

INTP dating tips – What makes them fall in love?

INTP is one of the rare personality in MBTI, so how can you make them fall in love? There are several INTP dating tips if you want to date them.

  • Take the time to talk about issues or differences of opinion in a calm, polite manner. When an INTP partner is hesitant to discuss a topic, the anger can build up and explode once the issues are ultimately addressed.
  • INTPs may need more time to open up and talk freely about their inner emotions. So be patient with them is the key for better communication.
INTP dating tips

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  • Find your common interests with them and make time to share these interests. INTPs are excited to share theirs with a commitment partner.
  • Build up the trust between you both by being consistent and keep your words.
  • If your INTP partner is quiet, don’t think he or she is angry or avoiding communication with you. They could just be lost in thought.
INTP dating tips

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  • The INTP may need encouragement to say their thinking out loud. Sometimes they may seem to be cold or distant but don’t take it personally.
  • The INTP love deep conversations, so it may be helpful to get to know their interests and have meaningful conversations with them.

Does it sound hard to go on romantic relationship with INTPs? It doesn’t mean that they are incapable of love. They just have a different way of love and need more time to build trust in a relationship. You are in love with one of the rare personalities!

INTP dating tips – How do you show love?

Be patient is the key word you need to bear in mind. INTPs have different point of view in every aspect in life including love. How to make them understand your emotion for them? Here’re some recommendation when it comes to INTP dating. But remember, there is no one-size-fits-all dating tip. Be yourself and be authentic with your emotion, that’s the most important in love, no matter what BMTI personalities.

  • Give them your time and your present. All INTPs want long-lasting relationship, not short flings.
  • They enjoy being in a small circle of close relationships. Bring them to yours, but don’t force them to socialize.
  • INTPs need time to process their inner thoughts, it’s best if you make time and space for them to do what they love.
  • Share with them your interests. They love to do so with you as well.
INTP dating tips

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  • INTPs may struggle to recognize emotions in their partners because they are thinkers. This means that if you’re dating an INTP, you should be ready to express your emotions rather than expecting that your INTP spouse is aware of your feelings.
  • Love can perplex for INTP partners because, on the one hand, they are rational, but on the other hand, they may acquire strong sentiments for their spouse, which can appear emotional rather than logical.

Last but not least, it’s better (for you and him/her) to view it in terms of friendship. For some INTPs, romantic relationship may cause a lot of stress and pressure. Again, they enjoy indulging in their close relationships and find it hard to build trust. They won’t manipulate you or avoid intimacy with you. It just takes them so long to become completely comfortable around someone new.

Let it flow naturally between you guys and the process unfold organically. Your relationship will be more deeply rooted and get stronger over time. The pressure is gradually lifted when you show your trustworthiness and authenticity.

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It may take you more effort in building a relationship with INTPs, but don’t be discouraged, your investment worths it. You can expect them to be loyal, creative and full of new ideas including in bedroom. Hopefully, these INTP dating tips will help and return often for more MBTI dating advice.