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MBTI friendship 101: Can aloof INTJs and naive INFJs be besties?

MBTI Friendship 101: Can Aloof INTJs And Naive INFJs Be Besties?

Are INTJ and INFJ personality compatible? What will it be like when it comes to INTJ and INFJ friendship? Join BestLifeTips for the answer right below.

When it comes to INTJ and INFJ friendship, a unique kind of chemistry happens. Although the INFJ counselor and the INTJ scientist appear to be complete opposites, they share enough similarities and distinctions to make them feel like the yin and yang of each other. Sound interesting, right? Let’s dive deep into this phenomenal friendship with BestLifeTips right below.

What is INFJ personality?

INFJ: The Advocate (Introverted – Intuitive – Feeling – Judging).

What is INFJ personality

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They are thought to be advocate or idealist, the people of creativity, gentleness and caring. INFJs are highly sensitive to other’s feelings and needs. They also have a high moral standards and pay more attention to the future. Deep topics and contemplating the meaning of life are their favourite. This type of MBTI is one of the rarest personality with just 1-3% of population belong to this type.

The ability of the INFJ to put their ideals into action distinguishes them. They aren’t just daydreamers or philosophers who wish to change the world; they are capable of taking their beliefs and putting them to action for constructive, long-term change.

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Several INFJ key characteristics

  • As an introvert in nature, they prefer deep and meaningful connections with other people. They enjoy helping people by giving advice but need time to recharge themselves.
  • When making decision, INFJs put the personal concerns over objective facts. They also like to take control by detail planning, organizing and making decisions as fast as possible.
  • With a strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding, INFJs can be gentle and empathetic. They are able to adjust their behaviors decisively to get what they want.
  • INFJs don’t see the world through rose-colored glasses. They fully understand the good and the bad that are going on in this world and hope to make something to make this planet a better place.

What is INTJ personality?

INTJ: The Architect, (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging).

INTJ and INFJ friendship 7 scaled

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INTJ personalities are analytical, creative, and logical in nature. According to psychologist David Keirsey, creator of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, the INTJ personality type affects one to four percent of the population. INTJs tend to be introverted and prefer to work on their own. They are good at looking at the big picture and like to focus more on abstract information rather than concrete details. Besides, they like the feeling of control and order, so they prefer to make plans well in advance.

Several INFJ key characteristics

  • INFJs find it best to work on their own and pay more attention to the abstract information and concrete details.
  • Making plans beforehand makes them feel safe and in control.
  • Logic and objective information are more important to INTJs than subjective emotions.

INTJ and INFJ friendship – Are INTJs attracted to INFJs?

Here are 5 reasons why INTJs and INFJs are magnetically drawn to each other, if you’re wondering how these two extremely different personality types may seem like two peas in a pod.

INTJ and INFJ friendship

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  • They feel free to talk

Although INFJs enjoy polite communication, they are unlikely to be bothered by the INTJ’s blunt honesty. What is the reason for this? Introverted Intuition, a cognitive characteristic that helps us feel like we speak the same language, is shared by the INFJ and INTJ. The two types can chat for hours about theories, experiences, and ideas when they get deep into important conversations. We make connections by listening not only to what is said, but also to what is not spoken. INFJs and INTJs can prevent misunderstandings with other people by reading between the lines and grasping the overall picture. An INFJ-INTJ connection is a secure environment to share your thoughts and “aha” moments in general.

  • They respect each other’s difference

What upsets some other personality types of an INFJ-INTJ friendship is what we admire about each other. Although INFJs are frequently mistakenly branded as “too polite” or “naive,” an INTJ finds the INFJ’s dreamy nature and emotional intelligence fascinating. Although INTJs are mistakenly described as “aloof” or “dry,” the INFJ admires the INTJ’s level-headed and rational manner.

INTJ and INFJ friendship

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  • They are both thirsty for wisdom

Because both types want intellectual stimulation, the INTJ and INFJ can discuss subjects that aren’t always appropriate for small discussion. Their discussions may vary from trauma and injustice to how to deal with stressful job situations. While some individuals may find their discussions to be too serious, INFJs and INTJs can’t get enough of going deep. INFJs enjoy asking others questions, while INTJs enjoy sharing what they know, making them ideal discussion partners.

  • They treasure the truth

What has been proved to be true enables INFJs and INTJs to develop their beliefs and ideals, as well as understanding who they are at their heart. They can then apply what they’ve learned to develop ideas that have a positive impact on others.

  • They share a similar sense of humor

Many INTJs aren’t afraid to say that they enjoy dark humor, whereas INFJs may be hesitant of displaying their sarcastic side among those who are easily offended. Dark humor is not only introspective enough to make us consider the underlying message, but it may also reflect the cynical and tragic situations INFJs and INTJs encounter in their rich inner world.

Because dark and sarcastic humor can be both truthful and clever at the same time, it appeals to INFJs and INTJs who value the truth. Although these two unusual intuitive are quiet and pensive, their unique humor can serve as a reminder to not take life too seriously. When you combine an INFJ and an INTJ, you get a recipe for hilarious conversation.

INTJ and INFJ friendship – Are INTJ and INFJ soulmates?

At first, if they meet each other in their teens or early 20s, INFJ and INTJ might find they’re too different. However, the two can grow old and mature through life’s events, and this will help if they are a little older and have rounded themselves a bit before making friends with each other. In general, they both appeal to each other by the same values in life and a bit trigger.

INTJ and INFJ friendship

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The INFJ and INTJ share same three traits: they value intuition, introversion, and judging. They differ in terms of how they feel and how they think; the INFJ has far more social charisma. In some instances, the INTJ’s lack of charisma can irritate the INFJ. The INTJ, on the other hand, possesses superhuman logic abilities and can solve almost any puzzle thrown at them. If they can’t get something to rationalize and fall into place, the INTJ may have a nervous breakdown.

What is the distinction between them? Their personality functions are stacked in a certain way. Introverted thinking is dominant in INTP, followed by extroverted intuition, introverted sensing, and finally extroverted feeling. Even while the intellectual charm would make for a formidable match, the INTP’s lack of emotional development would put a damper on the lovely INFJ.

INTJ and INFJ friendship – Why do INFJs like INTJs?

Even though they share 3 same traits, but how about the last one thinking and feeling? Does the similarities and difference effect on their friendship?

INTJ and INFJ friendship

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They share several similarities, such as

  • They are both clumsy.
  • They are engaged in their five senses, not just being in their head.
  • They know how to set boundaries not to let people take advantage of them.
  • They prefer to listen to their physical needs.

In the meantime, INTJ will push INFJ to apply themselves more in the actual world and round out their thoughts for the greatest conclusions and decisions.

  • These two will bond in unique ways that will frequently go beyond what others expect from a relationship.
  • They’ll be able to accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible if they work together.
  • They will almost certainly have similar interests and will be able to add to what they already know.
  • INFJ tends to be more spiritual than INTJ, so they help each other balance out.

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The INFJ and INTJ can build genuine relationship and empower each other to be their best selves. If you’re an outsider, you could find that in an INTJ and INFJ friendship, mutual understanding is easy to come by. It’s also important to remember that there is no such thing called perfectly compatible when it comes to friendship. Be authentic and genuine to your friends, that’s the easiest way to be friends no matter what your MBTI personality is. If you find it help, give BestLifeTips a thumb up and return often for more relationship tips.