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MBTI friendship 101: Could a champion and an advocate hit it off?

MBTI Friendship 101: Could A Champion And An Advocate Hit It Off?

Can a champion and a advocate be friend? What should you need to know about INFJ and ENFP friendship? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips.

They seem to hit it off very well and become besties pretty easily. Although both INFJ and ENFP will face significant conflict due to communication issues. They all have a warm demeanor and welcome new friendships in different, friendly ways. Join BestLifeTips to explore about INFJ and ENFP friendship right below.

What is INFJ personality?

INFJ: The Advocate (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging).

What is INFJ personality

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INFJs are the people with creativity, compassion, and caring. INFJs are extremely sensitive to the sentiments and needs of others. They have high moral standards and are more concerned about the future. They enjoy digging into philosophical issues and pondering the meaning of life. This MBTI personality type is one of the rarest, with only 1-3 percent of the population conforming to it.

The INFJ is distinguished by their ability to put their ideals into action. They aren’t just daydreamers or philosophers who want to make the world a better place; they are capable of putting their views into action for long-term change.

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Significant traits of INFJs

  • They desire deep and profound ties with other people because they are introverts by nature. They enjoy assisting others by providing guidance, but they need time to recharge.
  • INFJs prioritise personal concerns above objective facts when making decisions. They also want to be in charge by thoroughly planning, organizing, and making quick choices.
  • INFJs can be compassionate and empathic because they have a great sense of intuition and emotional intelligence. They have the ability to make quick behavioral changes in order to achieve their goals.
  • INFJs don’t wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to the world. They are fully aware of both the positive and negative aspects of the world, and they aspire to do something to make the world a better place.

What is ENFP personality?

ENFP: The Champion (Extraverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving)

ENFPs are often thought to be enthusiastic, charismatic, and creative. ENFPs are at their highest potential when they are free to be creative and innovative. It’s estimated about 5-7% of population are ENFPs.

What is ENFP personality

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Significant traits of ENFPs

  • ENFPs excel at interacting with others. They are really concerned about others, in addition to being full of excitement. ENFPs have a talent at reading other people’s feeling. They can also be outstanding leaders because of their energy, charisma, and innovation.
  • ENFPs are flexible and open-minded with changes. They are flexible to change and can be spontaneous. They may also struggle with disorganization and procrastination due to their dislike of routine.
  • ENFPs are good at generating new ideas and strongly focus on the future. Being overwhelmed with new ideas and not seeing them through to completion is one of their biggest problem.
  • ENFPs can’t stand the boring, repeating and uninspiring jobs.

INFJ and ENFP friendship-Why are INFJ attracted to ENFP?

ENFPs seem to be the spontaneous, up-lifting and open-minded souls. While INFJs are seen as a warm yet reserved, introspective and idealistic ones. It sounds like they are completely different and can’t hit it off together. Surprisingly, they do. Despite their surface different, there is so much to say about this friendship. So what exact INFJs attract to ENFPs? Let’s find out.

INFJ and ENFP friendship

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  • INFJs are an inverted version of ENFPs.

Sounds strange, right? Both of them have their cognitive function stacked in similar order, which means they use the same processing language to navigate the world. This similarity connects INFJs and ENFPs even though they have completely different approaches.

  • INFJs offer some stability that ENFPs yearn for.

INFJs are idealistic and dreamy by nature, yet they also value structure in their daily lives. It primarily refers to future planning and bringing ideas into action in a practical manner, which the ENFP excels at. ENFPs may claim that they desire to be unconstrained by routine, but they benefit from having some structure in their lives. INFJs may achieve the perfect balance between organizing and bringing ideas to life without being too rigid or set in their ways.

  • INFJs provides a safe feeling for ENFPs.

ENFPs are often thought to be positive and up-lifting even that they are struggling from inside. INFJs make a space for them to be their authentic selves. There is no need to be “positive” as ENFPs are supposed to be. INFJs have no expectation on ENFPs and let them be free to express their true feelings.

  • Both of them are not judgmental types.

ENFPs and INFJs are eager to see the big picture rather than details. They don’t take anything on the surface level, which makes them easy to accept each other’s point of view and understand other betters.

INFJ and ENFP friendship-Why ENFP and INFJ are best friends?

INFJs and ENFPs seem to be just different on the surface level. However, they are actually the perfect combination when it comes to friendship. Here’s why every ENFP needs an INFJ friend and vice versa.

INFJ and ENFP friendship

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  • They both love deep conversation.

ENFP and INFJ personalities are sometimes misunderstood when it comes to how deeply they engage in conversations. INFJs are thought to be quiet and more observational, whereas ENFPs are thought to be excessively distracted or flaky. When these people can talk about the things they care about or the concepts that are circling in their heads, they can hold a conversation for hours. Because both types want to talk to someone who is truly interested in what they’re saying, they’ll feel relieved when they’re near the other.

  • They feel like they are in the middle of introversion and extraversion.

The fact is that every personality type has introverted and extroverted tendencies. ENFP and INFJ find themselves somewhere in between most often. ENFP tends to derive their energy by communicating their ideas and concepts rather than passively receiving that energy from other people. Likewise, INFJ finds it comfortable to express their inner feeling with others without struggles like other introverts.

  • They put their relationship on top priority.

ENFPs and INFJs treasure their relationship and know that it’s worth fighting for. Both of them feel they can be their true selves when spending time with others. They will go beyond their way to nurture and protect their relationship at all costs. Besides of that, when it comes to disagreement or even argument, they don’t keep silent or bail at the first sign of trouble but find ways to work it out. They are able to read the story from other’s side and are not shy to talk.

  • They are spontaneous and motivate each other.

ENFPs always come up with new ideas and improvement. INFJs are capable of flexibility and something new. Both of them always see everything with “out of the box” view and that why they admire others and never find it bored to spend time together.

INFJs and ENFPs can perceive each other’s blind spots because their cognitive functions are inverted. The ENFP can suggest a concept that the INFJ would never have thought of, and the INFJ can give a detailed explanation for what the ENFP doesn’t comprehend instinctively. These personalities are effectively the Yin to each other’s Yang, and the harmony they create is incredible.

INFJ and ENFP friendship

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  • They bring out the best in each other.

Because of the opposite in cognitive functions, they could show the difference to others. While the INFJ is deeply analytical, sometimes they will need someone to open them up and have a good deep talk. On the flip side, ENFP will need a space where they can express their authentic selves, not the “positive vibes” they are supposed to spread. This pair effortlessly touches to each other’s strength and naturally brings out the best in each other.

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You can learn more about the INFJ and ENFP personalities in this article, but this should not be construed as health, psychological, or professional career advice. The INFJ and ENFP friendship is phenomenal and special. They compliment and help each other be a better version of themselves. If you got one, protect it at all costs and make it a lifelong friendship. Return BestLifeTips often for more relationship tips.