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Don’t Sleep on These Color Eyeliner Trends
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Don’t Sleep On These Color Eyeliner Trends

Colored eyeliner is a timeless beauty trend. It’s a pop to your face. BestLifeTips will guide you how to wear colored eyeliner in some versatile ways. Are you ready?

Colored eyeliner is a tool that requires caution. Fortunately, read this article of BestLifeTips to discover the easy tips on how to wear color eyeliner the right way.

Should I Use Colored Eyeliner?

You should definitely use colored eyeliners. So why and how to wear color eyeliner? This could be because its affection will create more impression for you. When it comes to eye makeup, you can’t ignore the familiar eyeliners.

Whether you choose a traditional or modern look, nothing expresses your personality better than adding a colored eyeliner to your makeup drawer.

Eyeliner with vibrant colors will be a great addition to your face. It helps you make an eye-catching impression that you might not need to use eyeshadow. Color eyeliner is also the perfect element for the combination with nude lips.

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: Unplash/@tikh

Either way, monochromatic eyeliner or multi-color combinations always create an equally impressive look. Meanwhile, most of us tend to stick to black eyeliner, a colored eyeliner look could be exactly what you’re looking for to make an easy, yet glam statement, as per STYLECASTER.

Not only that, using color eyeliner is the fastest way for you to create a striking multi-tone smoky eye without spending a lot of time messing around with eyeshadow and other black lines.

If you’re ready to show off your creativity with more colorful makeup looks, learn how to wear color eyeliner right now.

How To Choose Eyeliner Color For Your Eyes?

Before knowing how to wear color eyeliner, don’t forget to choose the right eye color for you. Applying some effective tricks in choosing color eyeliner will make a dramatic difference on your face.

So, what do people usually focus on determining the best color or how to wear color eyeliner? First, many often consider factors that can interact with your eyeliner color.

To do that, consider your eye color, skin tone, or even foundation and eyeshadow colors that you normally use.

Generally, the most outstanding tips belong to terms of eye color. People whose light eyes color like green eyes, can often wear neutral eyeliner to match or blue eyeliner to make a dramatic impact. Those whose green eyes can also use purple or some darker color.

With hazel eyes, you can choose green eyeliners, in colors such as olive and emerald. These colors, as will plum, aubergine, and steely gray hues, will bring out the green tones in hazel eyes.

Specially, warm browns or bronze eyeliner will also bring out the brown tone of hazel eyes while simultaneously creating a gold glow.

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: Wallpapersden

For those whose deep brown or light brown eyes, you will have more options. Brown eyes go well with many distinct colors, from light to dark, depending on the look they desire.

Besides your eye color, you can base on skin tone, too. A wrong eyeliner color can make your skin tone look the worst, so it’s important to know what works best with other facial features.

For example, black eyeliner, if you have fair skin, avoid using black eyeliner as it will make your skin look rough and make you look older than your years. If your skin tone is medium to deep, black eyeliner will work for you and even help your eyes really pop.

Colored Eyeliner Looks

Let’s expand your repertoire for how to wear color eyeliner. There are some kind of colored eyeliner looks below:

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: Brian Lawson

  • Cat Eye
  • Winged Eyeliner
  • Double Winged Eyeliner
  • Two-toned Eyeliner
  • Bottom Eyeliner
  • Ombre Eyeliner
  • Color-blocked Eyeliner
  • Negative Space Cut Crease Eyeliner
  • Floating Crease Eyeliner
  • Block Liner
  • Ruler-straight Eyeliner

Purple Eyeliner Looks

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: HowToWearFashion


Pink Eyeliner Looks

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: StyleCastle


how to wear color eyeliner

Source: StyleGPS


how to wear color eyeliner

Source: Talking with Tami

Green Eyeliner Looks

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: Vogue India


how to wear color eyeliner

Source: HowToWearFashion

White Eyeliner Looks

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: Glamour

What Is The Purpose Of White Eyeliner?

It seems that white gets quite a lot of attention from girls when wondering about how to wear color eyeliner. Why should you wear white eyeliner?

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: @olgadann

In fact, shading with white eyeliner instantly makes your eyes look wider, brighter. This color eyeliner can even make your eyes more awake by lightly extending the whites of your eyes and concealing any dark spot on the waterline.

This is a brilliant choice for dark-eyed night owls.

What Eyeshadow Goes With Color Eyeliner?

If you find out how to wear color eyeliner but forget about mixing it and eyeshadow, it’s a pity. Matching can be a good way to create a more dramatic look without overdone.

What Color Eyeshadow Goes With Purple Eyeliner?

Don’t mix purple eyeliner with any other color shades if you want to have a mature look. To pop purple eyeliner, apply a soft brown shadow. This mix also highlights the beauty of brown eyes or green eyes to reach completely new heights!

What Eyeshadow Goes With Pink Eyeliner?

With pink eyeliner, a neutral shade will work well. While some often use brown eyeshadow, others use a matte yellow eyeshadow on the lids.

How To Wear Color Eyeliner?

How To Wear Color Eyeliner Marker

There are 2 ways to apply how to wear color eyeliner marker:

Method 1

  • Step 1: Use eyeliner to dab slowly in the center of the eyelid.
  • Step 2: Slowly connect those dots to form an eyeliner in the direction from the eye socket to the outside.
  • Step 3: Adjust the thickness.

Method 2

  • Step 1: Draw a thin line to define the eyeliner.
  • Step 2: Use eyeliner to fill in the fixed part.
  • Step 3: Add eyeshadow of the same color to keep the eyeliner longer.

How To Wear Color Eyeliner Liquid

  • Step 1: Draw eyeliner from the middle of lash line to eye tail.
  • Step 2: Turn the brush head and line from the middle of lash line towards eye’s socket.
  • Step 3: Add more powder to keep eyeliner stick longer.

How To Wear Color Eyeliner Pencils

  • Step 1: Use a lighter to soften the core
  • Step 2: Keep the skin above eyebrows stretched and draw a line from eye tail
  • Step 3: Align the line
  • Step 4: Use a light eyeshadow to cover smudges

How To Wear Color Eyeliner Tricks?

For a good look, you can apply some tricks for your eyeliner:

how to wear color eyeliner

Source: Unplash/@galexieels02

  • Choose a right color that matches your eye color and skin tone
  • Create dots to avoid deviated line
  • Don’t use liquid eyeliner unless you are a professional make-up
  • Locate the eye line with clear tape or cardboard
  • Combine black and white eyeliner for a contrasting look.
  • Use eyeshadow primer to keep eyeliner longer
  • Apply more mascara

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With these above tips, BestLifeTips advise putting the black eyeliner aside and apply for how to wear color eyeliner to brighten your face completely.