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Headband 101: Here’s How to Wear a Headband Like a Fashionista
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Headband 101: Here’s How To Wear A Headband Like A Fashionista

Headbands are back and top the list of polarizing hair accessories quickly. Not sure how to wear a headband with bangs for a glamorous look? BestLifeTips is here to help.

Below, BestLifeTips rounded up how to wear a headband with bangs for multiple ways no matter what vibe you’re feeling. Let’s follow to get your stunning look now.

Can You Wear a Headband with Bangs?

To learn about the topic of how to wear a headband with bangs, let’s see if it is appropriate to wear a headband with bangs. The answer is that you can absolutely wear a headband with bangs.

In the past, headbands weren’t hair accessories that weren’t appreciated on the catwalk or even just on a school campus.

However, in recent years, the classic hair accessory has had a serious makeover. Headbands for women today have become twice as classy, no longer cute.

If worn correctly, the headbands can actually make you look younger and more polished. They can liven up an overall outfit.

how to wear a headband with bangs

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Also, wearing a part with a headband typically looks best if you have bangs. Justs place the headband right where your bangs separate from the rest of your hair for the most flattering look.

Headband Bangs Hairstyle

While short, medium and long hair can be styled, you can figure out how to wear a headband with bangs and find your ideal look. If the headband is one of your go-to hair accessories, the following suggestions will help you shine!

Refer some outstanding headband hairstyles for your stunning look:

  • Short Headband Hairstyle
  • Cozy Knit Headband
  • Bow Headband Hairstyle
  • The Knot Headband
  • Chain Link Headband
  • Soft Scarf Headband
  • Headband Hairstyle with Braids
  • 20s Headband Style

Headband Bangs Jennie

Let’s look how fashionable Blackpink Jennie wears headbands.

how to wear a headband with bangs

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how to wear a headband with bangs

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how to wear a headband with bangs

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how to wear a headband with bangs

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How to Wear a Headband with Bangs?

The headbands make every hairstyle so much better, including with bangs. Not only do they add a little pop of personality to your look but they also keep your hair out of your face while creating a polished look no matter what you’re doing.

How to wear a headband with bangs for everyone and every ‘do?

Referred by Headbands of Hope, discover these following collection of headbands with bangs:

  • Between the Bangs and the Hairline

This type of wearing headbands will create a glamorous separation between bangs and the rest of your hair. May you have not known yet that this style comes from the spirit of millennial queens Lizzie McGuire and Lauren Conrad.

This retro and ultra-trendy look who’s the position of the headband right where it matches your main hairline and the top of the bangs.

By this way, choose some traditional trendy headbands. It will also be perfect for your look with virtually any bangs style.

how to wear a headband with bangs

Source: PopCrush

  • With Loose Pieces Along the Sides

With this style, you will take a peek at Taylor Swift’s ultra-feminine and elegant headband style.

She has the things that make this look so memorable, wispy side pieces that fall along the side of her face. You can wear them straight or curly to create the exact look you’re after.

  • With Bangs Pushed Back

This kind for how to wear a headband with bangs is perfect for hiking, working out, doing chores around the house or any actions related to activeness. If you might get sweaty and want your bangs out of your face, pushing bangs back works well.

They may be considered as not a type of how to wear a headband with bangs because the bangs have been swept up until completely empty. You can also use bobby pins for a neat look.

  • At the Top of the Forehead

Though it’s similar to the ultra classic way of wearing your band between the top of the bangs and the hairline. This style rests more on the top of the head, pushing the bangs downward slightly just like the flower children used to do.

So you already know how to wear a headband with bangs in many ways. Keep reading to know more about other ways to apply.

How to Wear a Headband with Thin Hair?

Don’t worry if you have thin hair. Everything will be solved with your headbands because they work well with all hair types. Keep reading to find out how to wear a headband, how to wear a headband with bangs or no bangs for thin hair, and easily style them perfectly.

  • Boho Headband

This kind of headband often appears on some festival holidays, which is the favorite item for thin hair. Boho headbands are made from stretchy fabric. Hence, you just slip them over your head!

how to wear a headband with bangs

Source: Pinterest

For the best result, let’s gently shift the headband upward, which adds more hair volume at the root and works to look thicker. This will also work in the case of how to wear a headband with bangs for a unique and fashion look.

To style this adorable headband hairstyle, start by cleaning hair. Next, apply a small amount of moisturizer throughout your strands to make your hair look fuller and fuller overall. Then blow dry your hair and get ready to wear your boho headband.

  • Scarf Headbands

Why are scarf headbands? Well, they are a must-have item for days when you have thin hair.

It’s also easier for how to wear a headband with bangs if it’s just a scarf headband. All things you need to do is pull your hair up into a topknot and secure it with a thin elastic.

After that, choose a pretty silk scarf and wrap around your head. Tie for all the sets. Then use hair pins to hold the scarf headband in place. Done! You’ve got a polished look without complex hair styling!

  • Scrunchie Headband

The scrunchie headband is also one of the outstanding options for thin hair. How to wear a headband with bangs if it’s the scrunchies one? In fact, the scrunchie headband looks similar to a scarf headband.

But it’s just an elastic band encased in scrunched-up fabric. With this band style, you will slip the scrunchie headband into place instead of tying a scarf around your head like norms.

how to wear a headband with bangs

Source: 234gist

This is a clear advantage. This band easily makes more sense of styling than scarf headbands or any other bands. However, it seems to slip off your hair easily. To keep it certain, add a couple of hairpins to hold your headband in place.

How to Wear a Headbands with Short Hair?

It may be tricky to know how to wear a headband with bangs, but short hair is not. Don’t go for anything too chunky or padded, as this can overpower your look.

Now, let’s draw attention to a stylish short haircut without messing it up by correctly these following headband hairstyles:

  • Tiny Top Knot

Similar to other headband hairstyles, pull your short strands up into a tiny top knot. Then top off the style with a folded scarf. Don’t forget to use a few bobby pins to hold up the shorter layers and let a few pieces fall to frame your face.

  • The Low Bun

A low bun certainly works perfectly for short hair. This is a super cute way for short hair girls to do it! You’ll need some small elastic bands with knotted headbands or tube turbans and bobby pins.

If you have curtain bangs you want to showcase, leave them out from the rest of your hair going into the bun. Set and style your bun in place with bobby pins.

This is how to wear a headband with bangs in the case of your short hair. What’s with no bangs?

how to wear a headband with bangs

Source: Scunci

If you part your hair to the side, match the headband’s knotted part with your hair part. Then, style your hair until it’s how you want it!

Wearing Headbands over 50

Can You Wear a Headband over 50?

Yes. Age is just a number! Fashion consciousness is prevailing amongst women of all ages. While teenagers are being hooked into neon colors and bohemian trends, matured women are sticking to the classics like pearls and sequins.

Here are some methods for how to wear a headband with bangs or no bangs for over 50:

  • Less is more
  • They might prefer going minimal. That’s why when you wear a stunning headband, go low on other accessories.
  • For a sophisticated look, pick headbands that go with subtle color coordination that will help your look understated yet eye-catching.
  • For formal events, it’s proper to try pearl-embellished headbands or the sequined ones. They are effortlessly feminine and make you younger, more ethereal.
  • Just stay away from bows and extra funky ones! Those headbands aren’t age-appropriate.

How to Wear a Headband for Guys?

Is it OK for guys to wear headbands? Totally fine. Real men can wear headbands. It’s all about attitude. You can rock that headband trends with swagger and confidence.

Let’s watch this video to know how to wear a headband for man:

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In this article, BestLifeTips have shared about how to wear a headband with bangs by some most popular styles around. Let’s share if you see it interesting.