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Can you wash an electric blanket same as the normal ones? Check this out!

Can You Wash An Electric Blanket Same As The Normal Ones? Check This Out!

There’s nothing better than snuggling down in a cozy electric blanket on a cold winter day. But like normal blankets, electric blankets also need to be cleaned sometimes. If you’re worrying about how to wash an electric blanket, just relax and read this article of BestLifeTips.

Electric blankets offer extra warmth that helps us have a safe and sound sleep on chilly nights or help us recover from an injury and illness. But they are harder to clean than normal blankets. So how to wash an electric blanket when it becomes soiled? In this article, BestLifeTips would like to share with you some tips on washing an electric blanket.

Can you wash an electric blanket?

Can you wash an electric blanket? The answer is yes, fortunately.

Though the older electric blankets may need to be washed by hand, most models can be washed right in the washing machine. However, you must take extra care when washing an electric blanket in order to keep it fresh and in working condition. Harsh twisting or agitation can damage the interior wiring and heating components.

You can wash an electric blanket which can be washed by washing machine every couple of weeks or once a month during the cold season. Wash it gently. You should alternate between air-drying and machine-drying as an extra measure to keep the interior connections of the blanket in good shape.

How to wash an electric blanket by washing machine?

How to wash an electric blanket by washing machine?

Source: The Spruce

You can obviously wash electric blankets by washing machine. Here are steps on how to wash an electric blanket using a washing machine.

Step 1: The electric blanket features a control cord that provides power through a wall plug. Turn off the blanket, unplug it, then remove the control cord from the blanket whenever you want to wash it.

Most modern electric blankets have internal wiring protected by waterproof coating. But if you have an older electric blanket with a control cord that is not detachable, do not wash it in a washing machine. Instead, carefully hand wash the blanket, taking care not to submerge the control cord.

Step 2: Shake out the blanket to get rid of as much debris as possible.If the blanket has a lot of pet hair on it, you should remove the hair before washing it.

Step 3: Check the manufacture’s recommendations. Usually, the electric blanket will come with a user’s manual including specific washing instructions. Take a look to see if it has cleaning instructions on how to wash an electric blanket, whether you can use a washing machine or if you must wash it by hand.

Step 4: Put the electric blanket into the washing machine. For standard washers with a central agitator, evenly spread the blanket around the drum. You may add non-lint-producing towels or sheets to balance the load. For high-efficiency washers, load the blanket loosely.

Step 5: Wash the electric blanket in cool to warm water with regular detergent. Do not add chlorine bleach or fabric softened since they could deteriorate the interior components of the blanket.

Step 6: Use the short or cycle setting. If you can set the final spin speed, reduce it to the lowest setting to prevent excess force on the inner wiring of the blanket.

If your blanket is heavily soiled, you can give it a soak before washing. Once your laundry machine has finished filling in the water and after you have added the soap, turn the machine off. Put the blanket in and make sure it is fully submerged and set a timer for up to 15 minutes. Then turn the machine back on and allow it to run through its cycle.

How to wash an electric blanket by hand?

How to wash an electric blanket by hand?

Source: The Sleep Judge

Some of the electric blankets need to be washed by hand. So how to wash an electric blanket by hand properly? Take a look at the following steps.

Step 1: Before handwashing your blanket, make sure it is not plugged into an electric source. Once there is no electricity running through the blanket, check if the cord is detachable from the main piece.

Shake the blanket to remove loose dirt and do as much as you can to remove any pet hair on the blanket.

Step 2: Choose a container or a tub that is big enough to submerge fully your electric blanket, or you can use your bathtub. Make sure the water is lukewarm since water too hot or too cold might damage the internal wiring of your blanket and make it become dangerous to use.

Step 3: Use a mild detergent as it might prevent fading of the fabric. Using a gentle cleanser will help you preserve the blanket longer. Disperse the detergent in the water and stir it to ensure even distribution.

Adding the correct amount is as important as the correct temperature of the water. You can refer to the detergent label and measure just the amount that you need.

After stirring detergent in water, put the blanket in. Allow to soak for at least 10-15 minutes. Make sure to submerge it fully in the soapy water.

Step 4: After soaking, move the blanket around in the water with your hands to remove any dust, dirt and debris that might stick in it from daily use. Rinse it in lukewarm water, do not squeeze too hard since it will surely damage the wiring inside. You can gently squeeze to push the water out without damaging the throw.

Step 5: Use a clothesline or an airier to dry the blanket. Try to stretch it so it can retain its original shape and avoid unpleasant surprises once it’s all dry.

Other tips on how to wash an electric blanket

  • Do not use bleach or other cleaning fluids, just use mild detergent.
  • Do not iron your electric blanket after washing and drying it.
  • Do not dry clean electric blankets or heating pads since the solvents used can damage the wires.
  • Do not use mothball spray or other sprays on your electric blanket.
  • Do not ever submerge the blanket’s controller in water.

How to dry an electric blanket?

After solving how to wash an electric blanket, you must wonder what is the best way to dry it. Here are some ways that you can dry your electric blanket without damaging the inner wiring.

Dry an electric blanket using the dryer

Dry an electric blanket using the dryer

Source: LoveToKnow

Do not take your electric blanket to a laundromat to use a commercial dryer as these will be too hot. You can dry it by home dryer.

Place the blanket in the dryer and set it to the lowest heat setting. Avoid any high heat since it will damage the wiring.

Set a timer for about 5-10 minutes. Remove the blanket after the timer ends. You will air dry after this by using a drying rack, outdoor clothesline, or find an area where you can drape the blanket safely and allow it to dry.

Dry cleaning electric blankets without using a dryer

Dry cleaning electric blankets without using a dryer

Source: Bob Vila

If you can’t fit your electric blanket in your dyer, or you want to air dry it naturally, make sure to lay or hang it flatly.

When placing the blanket for air drying, you need to move and gently stretch the blanket with your hands to fix any areas that have gotten out of shape or appear to have shrunk.

Make sure the blanket is not set in a position that the wiring is bent out of place. Do not use clips or clothespins unless you’re sure that they will not press on the wiring.

Run your hands all over the blanket to make sure that there are no wet or damp spots before plugging it again.

How to store an electric blanket?

How to store an electric blanket?

Source: The Spruce

Electric blankets are usually stored away during warm weather. Follow these steps to make sure that your blanket is stored properly.

  1. After unplugging the controls from the blanket, check for any exposed wiring, scorched areas, rips, or tears. Determine if you can repair it or you should replace another one.
  2. Before storing, wash and dry the electric blanket carefully. Make sure it’s completely dry before storing. Check the controls and cords. If you find them crack or having darkened areas, you should replace it.
  3. Roll the blanket or pad gently. Do not create sharp, hard folds because they could damage the inner wires. Store it in a dry, climate-controlled, insect-free and rodent-free place.
  4. You should store the controls and cords unplugged from the blanket. Coil the cords loosely, make sure not to crimp or pinch them. Place them in a soft cloth bag or plastic container to prevent dust from settling.

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Electric blankets help us have a cozy sleep on cold winter nights. But you need to wash and dry them carefully in order not to damages the controllers as well as the inner wires. BestLifeTips hope that all the steps on how to wash an electric blanket can help you in washing, drying and storing your electric blankets.