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Don’t Waste Time! Your Mom Will Give a Hand for You to Get Over Your Nasty Period Easily

Don’t Waste Time! Your Mom Will Give A Hand For You To Get Over Your Nasty Period Easily

A period can be annoying sometimes. If you want to make sure that your period is kept safe, just tell your mom. How to tell your mom you got your period? Find out with BestLifeTips right now.

Even if you are nervous about telling your mom, there’s no reason to be afraid or ashamed. Let BestLifeTips guide you with some tips on how to tell your mom you get your period effectively here.

Should I Tell My Mom I Got My Period?

Getting your period is an important sign of growing up, so it is important to tell your mom, and also think of how to tell your mom you got your period.

When you tell it to your mom, you’re not alone anymore. The fact is that you might need her help in getting your supply or medical attention. In the most unexpected and critical times, she will help supply some necessary items for your period, which you cannot do on your own. This will make you calmer and more relaxed.

Not only will you get timely help from your mom, but thinking about how to tell your mom you got your period will also help you share useful information for your next period. She can share her experiences that you can’t find online or from your friends.

Especially, if you find an uncomfortable or intimidating feeling, telling her becomes more necessary.

When you share this important thing with your mother, you will also feel proud of announcing that you have grown up. Anyway, it’s better to receive a greeting from your mother than to let things go by in silence, right?

Indeed, telling your mom brings many benefits, so, why don’t you wonder how to tell your mom you got your period?

However, if for whatever reason your mother is not with you, do not hesitate to tell your father. While he may not be as thorough as his mother, adults always have a wide knowledge of these maturing signs.

How To Ask Your Mom About Periods

What is the right age to talk about periods?

Generally, girls get their first period as early as 8 years old and as late as 15. No one knows what age is proper. Therefore, it’s a good idea you ask your mom about menstruation as soon as possible.

how to tell your mom you got your period

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If you prepare by asking for what’s coming, it will make your experience much smoother. The knowledge about menstruation is always quite complicated the first time, so you need to consult with adults. And sure, your mom will always be ready to respond to questions or opportunities, so don’t feel embarrassed.

You can ask your mom some of the basic questions with her suggestions such as below:

  • Signs to know when your periods are going to start
  • Reason for not your periods started yet
  • How to prepare for your period
  • How long the first or normal period last
  • How much you will lose your blood
  • How to handle if your blood leak to your clothes or something
  • How to manage any PMS symptoms or cramps

How To Tell Your Period Is Coming

The signs of the coming period sometimes make you think that your health is having an abnormal problem. So, thinking of how to tell your mom how to tell your mom you got your period is even more important.

You need to understand the signs of the coming months clearly so that you don’t feel unduly anxious. In fact, women usually notice unusual physical and mood changes about 1-2 weeks before the start of their period. Most women will experience this premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

The only difference is that some people experience more severe PMS symptoms than others. You don’t need to worry because these unpleasant symptoms usually end soon.

Common signs that your period is approaching are:


Acne is a common problem around the time of the upcoming period because of hormones. On those days, hormone levels are abnormally high, which leads to the stimulation of oil production in the skin that clogs pores and causes breakouts. The most obvious sign is that you will see acne on the chin and jawline.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that often causes migraines and headaches. Estrogen can increase serotonin levels and the number of serotonin receptors in the brain at certain times during the menstrual cycle. The interaction between estrogen and serotonin can trigger migraines in people who are prone to them.

The Neurology report found that a migraine was 1.7 times more likely to occur one to two days before a period and 2.5 times more likely to occur during the first three days of a period in women this population group.

how to tell your mom you got your period

Soure: Parents

Tired and hard to sleep

During the time of your period, you may often experience a lack of energy and fatigue. Estrogen and progesterone changes increase body temperature, which disturbs your sleep. In that situation, how to tell your mom you got your period to learn from your mother’s experiences to make you more comfortable.

Breast pain

Menstrual-related breast pain will often occur cyclically. Your breasts may be swollen or tight, which is a clear sign your period is coming. Changes in the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and even prolactin cause this phenomenon.


Cramps usually occur before or during menstruation and last quite a while. At this point, you should ask how to tell your mom you got your period to get over this annoying symptom.

Flatulence, bloating

When the hormones change, your digestive system also changes in the negative. Ask your mom and cut back on your salt intake or get some light exercise to help ease your discomfort.

Lower back pain

Premenstrual cramps not only affect the abdomen but also cause contractions that you may also feel in your back or thighs. Even before and during your period, there are inconvenient symptoms. So be prepared in advance about how to tell your mom you get your period.

How to Tell Your Mom You Got Your Period Without It Being Awkward

Funny ways to tell your mom you got your period

If it’s been a while since you’ve only told your mom that “I got my period” sounds too direct and serious, this how to tell your mom you got your period article from BestLifeTips is really for you. Sometimes, a little humor and creativity in the way you talk to your mother will create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Here are some methods for how to tell your mom you got your period that are both funny and impressive:

Mother nature is obsessed with me

You can make how to tell your mom you got your period a more interesting phenomenon. Menstruation here is mother nature. That she comes to see you every month is like she is obsessed with you.

If you’re a fan of the movie Mean Girls, you’ll quickly realize that using this phrase might make you feel like the legendary villain Regina George. It’s funny to tell your mom, but overdoing it isn’t good.

how to tell your mom you got your period

Source: Insider

My girl has started her monthly job

This is also a funny way for how to tell your mom you got your period which is used by many people. When you reference it being a certain time of “month,” everyone, especially your mother will certainly understand what you’re talking about.

So unless you have a daughter, your mom shouldn’t take long to figure out who your girl is. After all, they all have to deal with their own girls.

Tom’s in town

Tom sounds like a name, but the letters stand for time of month or also meaning your period. You can tell your mom in a little less obvious way about your situation by saying that Tom is in town.

I’m in shark week

You wouldn’t certainly want to swim in your period, especially in an ocean full of sharks. In this case, it also means that you’re attracted to blood, so the situation wouldn’t end well.

About you, what euphemism do you usually use for how to tell your mom you got your period?

How to Tell Your Mom You Got Your Period Over Text

If you have difficulty in how to tell your mom you got your period directly or you don’t feel confident doing that, you can tell her over text. Leave the note somewhere private that only she’ll definitely find it, like in her bag.

how to tell your mom you got your period

Source: NY Metro Parents

By that way, she can start the conversation with you next time together. You can even send mom a text message on her phone. You can write anything related to your problems related to your period. You can leave something like, “Mom, I’m on my period and I need your help to get over hurt. Can we talk about this tonight?”.

With this advance notice, it will also be easier for her to prepare the knowledge that equips you as well as to visit a certain store to buy something to help you get over your period pain quickly.

How To Hide Your Period From Your Parents

How do I hide my period of blood?

Whether it’s a sudden appearance or blood seeping through your clothes, these worries often stem from a lack of discussion about your period or your refusal to think about how to tell your mom you got your period.

Here are a few ways you can limit menstrual bleeding:

Wear dark clothes

If you are worried about accidents and leaks, some dark clothes will work perfectly. If you accidentally find yourself in a situation of unwanted menstrual bleeding, these are less likely to show permanent stains.

Use dark-colored towels

Beside clothes, you may need more dark items around, especially when you are first getting used to the rhythms of your period cycle because of leaking more overnight. Find a dark-colored towel that you do not mind staining in order to lay this across your bed.

Wear absorbent underwear

There are several clothing products that absorb period leaks and stains. The prominent one is absorbent underwear. If you are worried about your tampons, pads, or period cups leaking, absorbent underwear can control your menstrual well. Here, you can use how to tell your mom you got your period to have her support these good absorbents for you.

Talk to your doctor

If you have period leak accidents because you are bleeding heavily for long periods of time, discuss this matter with your physician to fix. You can also think of ways to tell your mom you got your period to go to the doctor if you can’t walk on your own.

While most women experience some heavy days of their period, experiencing very heavy bleeding for more than just a couple of hours is a signal that you should talk.

how to tell your mom you got your period

Source: Healthline

How long can I hide my period from my mom?

No definite number, but certainly not too long. You can’t hide her forever. But why would you choose to hide instead of thinking about how to tell you got your period?

When you reach your period, you will definitely need her. You also can’t hide until one day, you need her to help you access the drugs, products, and doctors you need, or the day when you want to use a tampon but can’t get in.

How To Tell Your Mom You Missed Your Period

Except for missing your period while on some contraceptives, missing periods is actually not that uncommon. If you are sick or highly stressed, it might make you miss a period.

Also, if you have conditions like PCOS, you are definitely going to have some missed periods. It’s abnormal to go without a period of several months. ​Just tell her you are worried it could be a health issue.

How to tell your mom you got your period which is missed? You need to be direct to talk. She will take you to visit your physician if your missed periods persist. Opposites, if you aren’t confident to be in person, just write it down.

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It could just be the idea of a big sit-down talk that’s intimidating. But, it’s time to think of how to tell your mom you get your period for her expert advice. BestLifeTips wishes you have comfort with any decisions.