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Top 5 Undeniable Signs a First Date Went Well

Top 5 Undeniable Signs A First Date Went Well

You don’t always make a good first impression on a first date. But what you should do if, after all, you may be dating the guy of your dreams. So how to tell if a first date went well? BestLifeTips will answer right now.

Luckily, there are always signs that let us know how to tell if a first date went well. How to tell if a first date went well? Read with BestLifeTips to look for the signs on a date that give you hope to see that person again.

Signs He’s A Good Guy First Date

  • He Makes An Effort On His Gentle Appearance

If a guy spends his time on making himself look nice, that’s certainly a huge plus in your eyes. It’s true. When he shows up, well-groomed means that he thinks that you deserve his time to impress.

Besides, it also gives you a chance to think deeply about this relationship or expect what is going to come with you.

However, if he doesn’t make an effort to dress politely or behave appropriately, something might be wrong. So, you should consider whether you want to meet him again or not.

  • He Pays Attention To You

It seems normal with every man on the first date. However, it says a lot. When he just asks but his eyes don’t glaze over as you’re telling him about yourself. Just common sense.

To figure out how to tell if a first date went well, just look at the way he pays attention to you. Does he really heartedly listen to you?

how to tell if a first date went well

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Does he remember what you say and stay involved in the conversation? If he’s not, it’s not going to get any better during the second date.

  • He Has A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is commonly a clear sign of a good guy. If you meet that guy on the first date, you may not wonder about how to tell if a first date went well.

But how to tell if he is a positive guy? Let’s watch whether he gives positive talking points or negative, he opens a conversation by talking about things that he likes or doesn’t like.

What positive things he says that can make a huge difference in how you are going to enjoy that conversation as well.

  • He Can Make You Laugh

On a first date, it’s great if he can make you laugh a lot to create a good chemistry. You don’t ignore this amazing guy.

Making someone laugh is possible, but it’s difficult if he doesn’t have a good sense of humor or he doesn’t make an effort to prepare these humorous things for you.

how to tell if a first date went well

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BestLifeTips also believes that finding a partner that can make you laugh for the rest of your life is certainly the best idea ever.

Now, we will turn to figure out how to tell if a first date went well to know more what you should do.

How To Tell If A First Date Went Well With A Guy?

  • The Date Went Longer Than Expected

The first one of signs of how to tell if a first date went well is time. When the date lasts longer than either of you planned, it may be rooted from both yours willingness.

A famous relationship expert once said that you will know you were on one of your best first dates when the time for you both just wasn’t enough.

  • You Both Added Each Other On Social Media

If a guy you went on a first date with thought your date was less-than-stellar, certainly he may delete your number or not follow you on Instagram.

So if you see a new friend request, it’s most likely a sign of how to tell if a first date went well for them on board to move forward with the second date.

  • You Each Made Eye Contact With One Another

Honestly speaking, eye contact is not just looking, but it’s also one of the most subtle signs you need to watch while wondering how to tell if a first date went well.

how to tell if a first date went well

Source: True Love Words

Some have a romantic interest that often focuses their eyes on someone’s face they impress. You can disguise it compared to when it was simply sexual. Their eyes went straight to the person’s body instead of eye contact.

  • He Remembers What You Told Them Earlier Details

When someone hears your story, it’s normal if they just smile and nod. Everyone can do that.

Nevertheless, you will identify a good date if that guy is truly listening and caring about what you’re saying if he refers back to something you said later in the conversation.

  • He Takes You To Next Place

If a guy wants to take you walking somewhere by any transportations or how far. It’s probably because he’s not ready to part ways.

how to tell if a first date went well

Source: LovePanky

For how to tell if a first date went well, an even stronger sign of that is if he wants to linger for a while on the first date. He prefers spending time with you than heading off his way.

First Date Went Well: Now What?

  • Reference What They Said

After finding out how to tell if a first date went well, suggest him going to do what he is really into. If he mentioned that he likes sci-fi movies, see if there’s anything playing you could go to.

  • Follow Up Your Way

There are no thumbnail rules about who calls who first. If you feel like a guy needs to call you first, you may be outdated dating standards.

how to tell if a first date went well

Source: LovePanky

If you really like that guy after a first date, don’t waste your time constantly checking your cell phone. Text them and let them know you’d like to wait for them to take you to a new destination.

  • Fulfill Any Promise You Made On The First Date

Just remember what they gave you any recommendations about next dates. Since first dates are all about getting to know what their favorite books or movies, a recommendation may have come your way.

First Date Went Well But Ghosted

What Counts As Ghosting In Dating?

Ghosting in dating happens when someone you are dating or just after the first date that disappears without a trace.

Ghosts just have disappeared from your life to who knows where that you can’t see them. But, you can see their social media pages.

Stan Tatkin, psychotherapist and author of Wired for Love, says that’s because apps have created a consequence-free environment or at least, the illusion of one.

Is Ghosting After The First Date Ok?

While wondering how to tell if a first date went well, you may also figure out if it’s OK to ghost after a first date.

The answer is fine. This could be because rejection is not easy.

If someone becomes a ghost in dating, even if it’s a good first date, he might not have a fine time. Also, he might not want to hurt your feelings, too.

how to tell if a first date went well

Source: The House of Wellness

Why Do Guys Ghost After A Good First Date?

According to the majority survey, many people confess that ghosting is a useful way to protect themselves from rejection.

This phenomenon may be true for those with an anxious or ambivalent attachment style. This is a sign he is ghosting as a sort of preemptive strike because of fear of disappointing in the future.

Besides, this is because of perceived slight related to whether you actually did anything wrong with him.

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You probably have some first date moves of your own that you bust out when you meet someone new. BestLifeTips have already given you what you want to know about how to tell if a first date went well. Check out and you will find your answer.