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Stop Snacking at Work in 7 Steps

Stop Snacking At Work In 7 Steps

Stopping snacking at work is never easy if you’re a snacker while the office is a breeding ground for bad eating habits. Read on this article of BestLifeTips to know how to stop snacking at work.

Do you want to end your workplace affair with snacks by forging healthier habits? BestLifeTips is here to show you how to stop snacking at work!

Why do I snack so much at work?

In fact, one of the most important predictors of “extra” food consumption is accessibility. In other words, when snacks are within easy reach, you’re more likely to eat them.

How to Stop Snacking at Work

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Besides, according to Jessica Methot, a professor at Rutgers University, we used to eat office snacks so much at work because it enables us to take “micro-breaks” from work. “Snacking gives us a chance to step back from the work that we’re doing and recuperate”.

Is eating snacks at work an unprofessional work habit?

It totally depends on your company’s culture!

In some working places, snacks are considered as something that can bring people together, so it’s natural that companies use food as a way to drive engagement and to foster company culture. However, you also make sure that do not eat stinky food or even chewing too loudly when everyone around you is working.

On the contrary, in some company’s culture, eating snacks is strictly forbidden because it looks quite impolite. So, when you go to work at these companies, absolutely do not eat snacks.

Then, if I have a habit of snacking, how to stop snacking at work? Is it hard?

Is it hard to stop snacking at work?

As mentioned above, it’s definitely up to you and how you arrange your workplace!

Not bringing food to work, not ordering food while working are two key factors in deciding whether you can stop snacking at work or not.

How to Stop Snacking at Work

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How to stop snacking at work?

The office is a breeding ground for bad food habits. Besides, to some company’s culture, snacking is considered an unprofessional work habit. So, how to stop snacking at work?

Here are seven effective tricks and tips for you:

Have a glass of cold water to kill cravings

Often when you think you are hungry and go looking for a snack, you’re actually just thirsty. It is a fact that the feeling of hungry can often be your brain misinterpreting a thirst, so next time, you can get a glass of cold water when you are tempted by the biscuit tin to see off your cravings. To prove this, according to a study published in the European Journal Of Nutrition, 500ml of water is enough to stretch your stomach and send signals to tell your brain you’re full.

Therefore, a glass of cold water is a simple way for how to stop snacking at work.

Start your day with a full stomach

An obvious fact is, prevention is always better than cure, and eating breakfast will keep you feeling full all morning and put snacking far from your mind.

Besides, plan what you are eating each day in advance and you will be able to control the number of snacks you consume at work.

Limit your exposure to stomach-rumbling food pics

Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat healthier more often, or even your working environment are not allow you to eat snacks, a sensible strategy is to get off social media.

According to a study published in the International Journal Of Obesity, just seeing food can stimulate your cravings, hunger, and even increase your portion size the next time. Therefore, try to limit your exposure to stomach-rumbling food pictures by unfollowing all the food accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media.

How to Stop Snacking at Work

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Therefore, the next step for how to stop snacking at work is to limit your exposure to stomach-rumbling food pics.

Keep snacks out of your reach

It is obvious that you can not stop snacking at work if you still keep a stash of office snacks in your desk drawer. Whenever your snacks are within reach, you will more easily grab them.

A study in Google’s New York offices determined that the location of the snacks affects how much people eat. Therefore, how to stop snacking at work? Keep unhealthy snacks out of sight, or at least out of your reach. A few candies may be a good idea at that time.

Make every calorie count

To tell the truth, office snacks can be a huge contributor to your calorie intake. However, they are nutritionally useless since they generally just add sugar to your diet and not many essential nutrients. So, when you’re on a weight loss plan but still crave junk food at work, count the calories for each food you want to eat. This will make your mouth lose its appetite since it makes you very conscious of what you eat. It is proven that whenever you keep track of the number of calories that you eat in a day, you will eat less.

How to Stop Snacking at Work

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So, how to stop snacking at work? Keep a diary and write down everything you eat and drink. In other words, make every calorie count.

Practice mindful eating

We’re all looking for ways to take better care of ourselves and practice mindfulness in our daily lives. So, you can also practice mindful eating since you can get to know when your body needs food and when you don’t need it. This will reduce your unnecessary eating at work.

Besides, how to stop snacking at work by telling your goals to your coworkers? Does it work?

Tell your coworkers about your goals

If you lack willpower, you can tell everyone around you about your goals and the rules you’ve created for yourself. Not only will this help you stay accountable, but it can also get people reminded when you’re planning to eat or order something.

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Above are about how to stop snacking at work by BestLifeTips. We do hope that you can get more suitable tips for your purposes, or if you have other ways to limit snacking at work, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to come back with BestLifeTips for more interesting articles!