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Apply these steps to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave

Apply These Steps To Sterilize Menstrual Cup In Microwave

Menstrual cup is getting common among girls of all ages. This trend is reasonable since there are several benefits come from this product. Relevant to this are some cleaning issues like how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave. You can find the answer in this article of BestLifeTips.

It is evidence that menstrual cup is useful for girl or you can say it is the best invention for girl. However, it is not all about its benefits. In order to use it effectively, we need to do some other involved works such as cleaning the cup after using it. Because of that reason, many people appear to have the question of how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave. BestLifeTips is here to answer all relevant questions in this article.

How to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave?

Can you sterilize menstrual cup in microwave?

To answer this question, you need to know that menstrual cup is normally made of silicone or medical grade plastic with high flexibility and durability. It is designed to be in human’s body so the material is important. It should be helpful for your period but also safe when stay in your body in an amount of time. This material is also heat resistant. Because of that, you can use heat to clean a menstrual cup.

Using the microwave is a great idea, but many people may feel worry and doubt about it. Girls also don’t know how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave. Anyway, let be sure, you can safely sterilize menstrual cup in microwave.

How to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave?

You may have a menstrual cup, a microwave at home but do not know how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave, this is helpful for you. Please noted, it is not really difficult. The tip is following these steps, keep doing it frequently and you will keep your cup good as new.

How to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave?

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Step 1. Wash the menstrual cup by water, make sure it is clean by naked eyes

This step is applied to those who have just used the cup and take it to clean immediately. In this case, washing the cup is important. After pouring the blood out, wash the menstrual cup under water using your finger or some other tools. Then put it somewhere to dry.

Step 2. Wash your hand carefully

You should know that keeping your hand clean is important. A clean hand is the key to do other steps. Wash your hand with hand sanitizer. Wash it carefully, don’t be lazy, this is important, keep it on your mind.

Step 3. Put the menstrual cup in microwave

This step is the most important one. You should repair a container with a cover for this step. Pour water in the container, no need to be full, 2/3 is perfect. After that, put your menstrual cup it, cover it. Then, put it in the microwave carefully, close the door.

Turn on the microwave and set it for 2-3 minutes so that the menstrual cup can be quickly boiled in water. Once you see the water boil, turn off the microwave.

Step 4. Take the menstrual cup out

Pay attention, use the gloves to take the container out of the microwave. After that, use the chopstick to take the cup out or any other ways. Dry the menstrual cup carefully, store it in a clean place for your next period.

By these steps, hope that you can answer the question of how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave from now on. Aside from this way, there are some other ways to clean menstrual cup in case your microwave is broken.

Some other methods

Use menstrual cup sanitizer

Use menstrual cup sanitizer

Source: WeVux

People who are similar to menstrual cup may know or heard about this product. It is a cleaning solution for menstrual cup. It is quite easy to use and save time. You can put the cleaning solution direct on your cup, massage it by your hand, make sure that all the plaque is gone.

Use menstrual cup sterilizer cup

This kind may be new to many people. There are some stores have the menstrual cup sterilizer cup nowadays, or you can go online to buy one. This seems to be a good choice for women who want to keep the menstrual cup clean but having no time or patience.

Use menstrual cup steamer

Use menstrual cup steamer

Source: Amazon

This product is quite similar to menstrual cup sterilizer cup which can help you save time. However, this one keeps your cup clean by steaming it. Sterilize menstrual cup in microwave or using menstrual cup steamer are the same, clean the menstrual cup by boiling water.

This product can save your time, and it is suitable for lazy person. If you are wondering how to use menstrual cup steamer, it is different from the question how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave. Just read the description, it is easy to use.

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Hope that you have already known how to sterilize menstrual cup in microwave now. In addition to that, this article also shows you some great methods to sterilize menstrual cup in case it is what you waiting for. Thank you for your concerns. Remember to visit BestLifeTips frequently to gain more information.